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Here are comments submitted by our customers:


The recorder arrived this afternoon and we've just finished playing a little with the harpsichord. It sounds wonderful; we're very pleased Thanks for your help with this purchase.                                

All the best, PP


That (lesson) was really exhilarating. Like flying. Hugs, JO


The bass recorder is working very well, and it really helps me play - thanks for your suggestion about using direct blow instead of using the bocal. I'm really having fun playing and relearning bass clef, last experienced in my high school band days as a trombone player. Cheers, EF


Really Fun pieces!...and with extensive repetition of short theme patterns repeated over and over, music becomes part of one's ear...That's what I have been working on...so one can play the ideas without the sheet music in front of one...ie jamming improv. Running the music backwards forward sideways and upside down over and over Etc. Memory play...really, cool it's rather liberating.      Such constructed pieces as these really 'cement' the patterns in one's psyche...!!! Nifty                    Thanks, MAT


Just got my beautiful sopranino recorder! What a beauty! Sounds even better. Thanks to Elaine for the tuning. Will be forever grateful for your lessons. Cheveville i getting better all the time! 

Thanks again for everything, TF


Hi Richie, 

My sister has arrived in Buenos Aires on her visit, so my friend Mario and I have received our Denner and Dream recorders. We are so very happy with them!  Thanks again, LP


I want to thank you for the great job packing the music. Came in perfect condition.

Be well...Celeste

Dear Richie and Elaine,
Many thanks for a fabulous Music Workshop. Nothing compares to making music with you live and in person.
Thanks too for arranging lunches both days.
Our best wishes,  R & D

Hello Richie and Elaine! I was here to sign for the recorders and the Grenadilla modern Alto is everything Richie promised and megatons more!!! What a strong, rich, powerful tone!!! You were right! It's going to sing out over the worship team with its amazingly beautiful voice! It is sooo worth the money. It blows me away! I'm sticking to the rules in fact for the first week I'm playing 5 mins. A day with no upper register. I know you said 15 but I want to err on the side of caution. I had trouble stopping; I would have played for hours! I gave cpr, swabbed it, and left it to dry in an open case. boh, and I didn't Grease the joints as you asked. BTW, does someone sell caps for the joints to protect the beautiful case? Can't wait to play again tomorrow.

The Haka is going to be great while I'm conditioning the Mollenhauer. It blows my Yamaha away! I has a sweet strong tone. It will be great when playing outdoors. The little red flute is neat sounds good and I wanted it for the carefree novelty of using it in small groups outside and at picnics. I'm even playing the plastics in!!! Well, thanks again and thank Elaine for her masterful tuning. This modern Alto will be a pleasure to all!  FM

from Neuroscience News 4/18/23

Listening to or practicing music has positive implications on cognitive decline in older adults by stimulating the production of gray matter in key brain areas. a new study reveals.

These results show that practicing and 'actively' listening to music promotes brain plasticity and cognitive reserve. The authors of the study believe that these playful and accessible interventions should become a major policy priority for healthy aging.

Thank you so much for your help. The recorder is a wonderful instrument! CW

Hi Richie,

The tenor just arrived. It's Beautiful!! Thank you to Elaine! It sounds great. And thank you for free shipping! Looking so forward to getting to try out the Bass!

Best! BW

I am SO happy you were able to fix my Zen-on tenor; I love that instrument and I am so glad I will still be able to play it 

Warmly, PR

Thanks for the fun time playing! And see you in March, CS

I really had a good time in all four sessions. I was challenged by all of them. I started each session wondering if I could play well enough to hear the trios as a musical composition and finished each session playing well enough to hear the pieces as music. Thanks for pulling up my level of playing all these years.
bests, AM

Thanks very much for an enjoyable afternoon. I liked getting into more depth on the music. KF

The new bass arrived today. It is so beautiful and has
a wonderful sound. Low notes and high notes just
pop right out. Our old Yamaha basses now seem
muddy :-(!

Thanks to you and Elaine for helping us get this
awesome new instrument.

Thank you so much for the music stand that I need without even realizing it! 

Thank you for being a fabulous teacher- what could be better than the gift of music?

One of the things I'm most grateful for is having you and CMU in
my life with all the beautiful music, leadership, knowledge and 
joy you give us. Here's to more - in good health!

I will be attending the February workshop.

A happy and healthy New Year to you both! I'm so looking forward to another in-person workshop; all the virtual play-alongs, while nice, don't hold a candle to the in-person music-making experience (especially at Courtly Music)!