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Yamaha YRS402B (Plastic) Soprano
YRS402B ECO SOPRANO RECORDER by YAMAHA A Plant-based plastic 'boxwood looking' soprano recorder - Gentle on the Earth...' The soprano recorder is made of plant-based PLA the world's first application of environmentally friendly plant based material in a musical instrument. The change in material has resulted in mellow, centered tone that is similar to that of wood recorders, plus improved breath response and high-register control. The case is made from environmentally friendly natural cotton. Includes fingering chart, cleaning rod and joint grease. Photo


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Recorder Rack
RECORDER RACK - A NEW! style of recorder stand. The recorder rack attaches directly to your music stand (fits most stands) and holds a Soprano, Alto and Tenor Recorders. Loosen knob to an open position, place Recorder Rack in a horizontal position onto the pole of the music stand at desired height, tighten knob until the end of the bolt presses firmly to pole of stand. Place recorder vertically into the appropriate slot several inches below the mouthpiece, gently lower recorder until the collar rests on the edge of the slot. To remove, gently lift the recorder about an inch, and remove from slot. Your recorders will be easily within reach when you need to change instruments. For Soprano, Alto and Tenor Recorders Photo


Part Number and Description Price
PRM552 (Marg Hall)
ONE ON THE COOL SIDE composed by Marg Hall Four Jazzy Solos for Alto Recorder 1. The Twinkle in John's Eye (Fast 4/4, Swung eighth notes), 2. Waltz for Jackey (fast 3/4, swung eighth notes, finger vibrato, Taking It Easy (moderate 4/4 swung eighth notes, glissando, finger vibrato), 4. In The Fast Lane (Very Fast 4/4, swung eighth notes, finger vibrato). Challenging and fun to play! for Alto Recorder, Playing score, Upper-Intermediate to Advance Photo
THE BEATLES 18 Fab-Four Hit Songs including lyrics. 'All My loving', 'And I Love Her','The Ballad of John & Yoko', 'Can't Buy Me Love', 'Come Together', 'Day Tripper', Eight Days A Week', 'Here, There & Everywhere', 'Hey Jude', 'In My Life', 'Let It Be', 'Michelle', 'Norwegian Wood', 'Ob-La-Di...', 'Paperback Writer', 'Penny Lane', 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. 31 pages, For Soprano or Tenor Recorder, Level: Intermediate Photo
OFB147 (Boismortier)
6 Suites, Op. 35 (1731) by Joseph Bodin Boismortier For Alto Recorder, transposed, as was the common practice in the 18th century, from the original flute edition. These are some of the most beautiful and satisfying Baroque solo pieces to practice. Boismortier said of his SIX SUITES 'that they were furnished with all the necessary ornaments.' A popular genre of this time was nature, in Suite VI there are 2 movements titled a 'chorus of birds' that is a gem and works beautifully on recorder. For ALTO RECORDER, 24 pages, Intermediate to Advanced. Photo
UE37222 (Tilmann Dehnhard)
EASY JAZZ STUDIES for ALTO RECORDER Listen, Learn, Play by Tilmann Dehnhard Ten compositions providing the ideal entry point into Jazz. The pieces are based on chord progressions of well-known standards. Articulation markings and phrasing help you get into the Jazz style. The accompanying CD features multiple recordings at various tempos for each piece as well as versions without the soloist. Acoustic guitar is the accompanying instrument. Included in the preface is information on off-beat articulation, straight and swing eighths, ornamentation. For ALTO RECORDER, Includes 18 page recorder party and CD Intermediate to Advanced Photo
HL00138905 (various)
THE NEW BROADWAY FAKE BOOK - 645 SONGS from 285 SHOWS The shows are from 1914 'The Girl from Utah' music by Jerome Kern to 2015 'HAMILTON' lyrics & music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and everything in between, one hundred years of musicals! Includes Melody, Lyrics, Chords for guitar or keyboard. It is for voice & all 'C' instruments. The music is playable on Soprano Recorder, Tenor Recorder and Alto Recorder up-an-octave. The book is a large-format spiral-bound book with 692 pages and includes background notes on all 285 shows. For recorder players the level is Intermediate to Advanced. Photo


Part Number and Description Price
PRM716A (Marg Hall)
SEA BASS for TWO by Harg Hall, Five Jazzy Duets for Two Great Bass Recorders. 1. Dogfish Duo (Fast 4/4, swung eighths, finger vibrato) 2. All At Sea (Very fast 3/4, swung eighths, shifting time signature) 3. Beachcombing (Moderate 4/4, swung eighths, finger vibrato) 4. Plain Sailing (Very Fast 4/4, swung eighths), 5. Sailor's Swing (Fast 4/4). A very fun addition to this limited repertoire, written in bass clef. A treble clef version is available for two Tenors. Playing score, Upper Intermediate, Two great bass recorders Photo
TANGO by CARLOS GARDEL arranged by Diego Collati for either two ALTO RECORDERS or ALTO & TENOR RECORDERS. The name Carlos Gardel is still inextricably linked with tango music because of his numerous compositions, his charismatic voice and acting talents. Gardel, as performer of his own works, became one of the most important musical personalities of the early 20th century. A legend far beyond his home of Argentina. Five tangos-'Melodia de arrabal', 'Por una cabeza', 'El ida que me quieras', 'Mi Buenos Aires querido' & 'Volver'. Upper Intermediate to Advanced Well worth the effort! Lots of fun! NEW! Photo


Part Number and Description Price
PRM732 (Marg Hall)
THE DASHING WHITE SERGEANT AND OTHER SCOTTISH DANCE TUNES by Marg Hall, Four Scottish Trios for SAT Recorders. 1. The Dashing White Sergeant - dance tune from 1826 2. Orange and Blue - Highland Scottish dance 3. The Cock o' the North - tune is over 300 years old, 4. Scotland the Brave - dance tune from the late 19th century, It has become an unofficial Scottish national anthem, second only to Flower of Scotland. For SATB recorder trio. Includes score and parts. The Playing level in Intermediate. Photo


Part Number and Description Price
TSM104 (Tom Sears)
SALT and PEPER, 2020 by Tom Sears A short, fun jazzy number. It requires all players to have excellent rhythm especially the bass player! An excellent encore piece. For SATB recorder quartet. Includes score and parts. The playing level is Upper-Intermediate. Photo
TSM101 (Tom Sears)
PAVANE'S DELIGHT, 2020 by Tom Sears A modern take on the Renaissance dance the pavane. There are lovely harmonies and ornamentations in the various parts. Based in Eugene, Oregon, Tom's compositions are a welcome addition to the recorder repertoire, his works have a lush harmonic sound. For SATB recorder quartet. Includes score and parts. The playing level is Intermediate and Up. Photo
TSM102 (Tom Sears)
SOMETHING'S CALLING, 2020 by Tom Sears An original work composed with a Latin flavor, a beautiful melody in the style of Carlos Gardel, and Latin rhythms. There are lovely duets incorporated within the quartet. For ATTB recorder quartet. Includes score and parts. The playing level is Upper Intermediate. Photo
TSM103 (Tom Sears)
SERENADE, 2020 by Tom Sears Like his previous work 'Something's Call' this original piece is also a beautiful lyric Latin work. The melody is played in harmony by the two alto recorders while the tenor and bass recorders are a duet as the rhythm section. One can almost see the dancers dancing. For AATB recorder quartet, Includes score and parts. The playing level is Upper-Intermediate. Photo
TSM105 (Tom Sears)
BLUE BOAT HOME, 2020 arranged by Tom Sears The melody is the tune Hydrofol a well-known Welsh tune by Rowland Pritchard (1811-87). It is a beloved hymn in many churches and has been arranged for a wide variety of instruments. 'Though below me I see no motion...and the earth is my blue boat home.' An absolutely lovely arrangement of this tune. You can feel the rocking of the waves. For SATB recorder quartet. Includes score and parts. Playing level is Intermediate and Up. Photo
PRM613 (Marg Hall)
CAMBRIDGE PRELUDE, INTERLUDE and FUGUE by Marg Hall Composed for the national recorder festival in Cambridge, England April 2017. She successfully incorporates her jazzy swing style into a Baroque form. The parts are well balanced and solos are passed around through all the instruments. For SATB recorder quartet Includes scores and parts. The playing level is Upper Intermediate. Photo
PRM708 (Marg Hall)
HEDGEHOG STOMP & OTHER QUARTETS by Marg Hall Two pieces composed during the COVID-19 year 2020 and two revised during that time. The new works are Hedgehog Stomp and Lockdown Blues. The revised works are More Monkey Business (appeared in the Recorder Magazine in 2018 as Monkey Business) and Hunky-Dory (appeared in the Recorder Magazine in 2012 as 'Happy Birthday'. All are composed in jazz styles For SATB recorder quartet. Includes score and parts. The playing level is Intermediate to Advanced Photo
PRM724 (Marg Hall)
FOUR LITTLE SOMETHINGS by Marg Hall Four quartets composed in Marg's delightful swing style. The movements are: 1. Something Cheeky 2. Something Slow, 3. Something Spiky, 4. Something Happy. The title of the pieces tells you the mood to aim for in your musical interpretation. For SATB recorder quartet, Includes score and parts, The playing level is Intermediate to Advanced. Photo


Part Number and Description Price
Shannon GSM1031 (Glen Shannon)
RACLETTE, 2021 By Glen Shannon Composed for Manfred Harras, a distinguished Swiss recorder player, teacher and music editor. He requested a piece for tenor and bass recorders. Glen describes this piece as a close-harmony upbeat romp in a vaguely concerto grosso style. All three Tenor parts go up to high D. Includes score and parts. The playing level is Advanced. For TTTBBB recorder sextet. Photo