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Courtly Music Unlimited CMUCD1
GLEN SHANNON DUOS FOR RECORDER Volume 2,7,8,6 Performed by Elaine and Richie Henzler of Courtly Music Unlimited. Recorders used are soprano, alto, tenor and Bass. Not since Georg P. Telemann has a composer set out to compose so many duets for recorder. Glen is composing a set of 24 duets for recorders in eight volumes grouped by instrument combination. He is a composer steeped in the past (Bach and the Baroque) yet in these duets he incorporates contemporary styles like Bluegrass, Country, Klezmer, Ragtime, Swing and Latin. As duet players Richie and Elaine were excited by the project and began recording as quickly as possible. Vol 2: Soprano and Bass Recorders Carefree Afternoon, Broken Heirlooms, Country Canzona Vol 7: Alto and Bass Recorders Alegria, Sonatina Invenzione, Dude Ranch Vol 8: Tenor and Bass Recorders Screen Door Rag, La Tristesse, Canned Yams Vol 6: Soprano and Bass Recorders East Bay Rag, Sheyne Meydele, Carnaval


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HL00175099 - SEFARAD (arranged by Velvel Paternak)
SEFARAD Sephardic Traditional and Ladino Songs compiled edited and arranged by Velvel Pasternak. Sephardic music is neither sad nor plaintive. It reflects the joy and happiness from Temple times and from the glorious period of the sojourning of the Sephardim on the Iberian Penninsula. The custom of singing table songs (Zemirot) on shabbat and holidays is said to be more than two thousand years old. The Sephardim, are proud of this tradition, and they adhere to their simple, but beautiful tunes with great precision. The same can be said of the may sacred synagogue hymns, which, in the course of the centuries have become an inseparable part of the Synagogue-liturgy. 198 pages Lyrics in both Spanish & English Some songs have piano or guitar accompaniment. For voice, playable on Soprano, Alto up 8va and Tenor Recorders. Photo


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Shannon GSM1022 - Shannon Duos Vol. 2 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS Vol. 2 by Glen Shannon A wonderful new addition to the recorder duet literature. Glen's music is always full of life. The titles are Carefree Afternoon a fluffy dollop of spun sugar that should sound effortless when played in easy swing style, Broken Heirlooms is a klezmer-style dialoque that alternates between desolate bereavement and resigned endurance. Country Canzona views a Renaissance/early Baroque European musical form through a mountain bluegrass lens. Intermediate and Up. Duet playing score each duet is 3 pages, page turn problems have been avoided by included an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page For Soprano and Alto Photo Audio
Shannon GSM1024 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS for ALTO RECORDERS, VOL 4 (pub. 2014) by Glen Shannon The newest in this series, 3 duets each 3 pages long with a extra loose page to avoid page turns. 1. 'Gin Rickey' drives its name from the classical cocktail. Fun passages in unison alternate with dance-like sections, the players take turns being the melody and the accompaniment. This refreshing duet is not to be played in a swing style. 2. 'Canonic Sonata' is an homage to Georg Philipp Telemann. In the traditions of canons it is written on one staff with an * indicating when the 2nd player starts. The plaintive middle movement with ornaments is in French Baroque style. 3. 'Pentasm' is a high energy piece in 5/8. The uneven meter adds variety to an already varied series. Tension and anxiety drive the music, with close hocket-y interplay between the parts.
Shannon GSM1025 - Shannon Duos Vol 5 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS Vol. 5 by Glen Shannon Easy Breezy is a light bebop swing, to be played in a very relaxed but deliberate manner with the tenor acting like the double bass in a jazz duo. Two on a Raft a fun bluegrass-inspired song with bits of ragtime feel thrown in. The most technically challenging piece in the duet series. Papillons a two-part invention in quasi-Baroque style, evocative of frolicking butter flies flitting about in a game of tag. Upper Intermediate to Advanced Duet playing score each duet is 3 pages, page turn problems have been avoided by included an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page For Alto and Tenor Photo
Shannon GSM1026 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS Vol 6 by Glen Shannon EAST BAY RAG revisits the sounds of a Gold Rush saloon as imagined by Hollywood moviemakers, SHEYNE MEYDELE is a Klezmer-inspired story following three moods of a beautiful young girl- one is slow and sobbing, begging for poignant, wailing ornamentation, another is sparkly and petulant and a third mood might be a happy wedding dance, CARNAVAL is a rumba evoking imagery of a Cuban festival Intermediate & Up. Duet playing score each duet is 3 pages, page turn problems have been avoided by included an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page For Sop & Bass Photo Audio
Shannon GSM1028 - Shannon Duos Vol. 8 (Glen Shannon)
Shannon Duos Vol 8 by Glen Shannon SCREEN DOOR RAG evokes imagery of a youthful summer with warm breezes through the house, pies cooling on the windowsill, and daydreams of the country fair next week. Storm clouds may rumble through, but the gentle rain will soon give way to sun once more. LA TRISTESS is a slow dialogue, in a moody setting reminiscent of a Baroque-style ground bass. As the players search for meaning in tragedy, they console each other with the comforting resonance of their low notes. CANNED YAMS invites flippancy and thinly veiled conceit. Swing the 8ths and be sure to observe the staccato marks to add levity and cotrast to the swing. Take the repeat to prolong the fun! Intermediate and up. Duet playing score, each duet is 3 pages , page turn problems have been avoided by including an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page. Duet for tenor and bass recorders. Photo Audio
CELTIC RECORDER arranged by Florian Brambock who says 'The true secret of Celtic Music lies in the emotion - it's an instinctive kind of music. Melodies and lyrics are inseparably linked and reach out to the soul of every listener.' It's diverse with mysticism, catchy tunes and accentuated dance rhythms. The Golden Jubilee, The Foggy Dew, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, John Riley, The Wild Rover, Tax Free Should Be All the Music, Danny Boy, Molly Malone, The Old Triangle, The Great Silkie, Drink Your Mighty Lemonade, The Minstrel Boy, Auld Lang Syne, Slievnamon, My Luv is Like a Red, Red Rose, Dance on the Shannon, Loch Lomond. The arrangement are interesting for both lines with the melody passing between them. Intermediate and Up 33 page playing score. For Two Sop. or Tenors Photo Audio
MB97752 - THE SPRING GARDEN (arranger, Patricia M. O'Scannell)
THE SPRING GARDEN arranged by Patricia M. O'Scannell. Scottish & English Country Dances from Playford (17th cen.) to the 20th century for recorders. Patricia arranged these dances for workshops, balls and dances at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Included are her insightful comments about style & technique. There are 45 tunes arranged for various recorders from Sopranino to Bass Recorder. 27 Duets, 16 Trios, 2 Quartets. For Intermediate and Up, some selections are appropriate for beginners. 63 page book. Most pieces playable on Soprano and Alto Recorder. Photo
OFB0219 - 42 DUETTE (Johann Christian Schickhardt)
42 DUETTE from 'Principes de la Flute' by Johann Christian Schickhardt (ca 1680-1762) Newly published original duets for two Alto Recorders. A fabulos addition to the recorder duet repertoire. Schickhardt is the composer of the beautiful 'Six Concerti' for four alto recorders and continuo. He new how to compose for recorder. There are seven Suites of moderate difficulty arranged in a progressive order, the book is 47 pages. Intermediate Two Alto Recorders Photo
SCHOTT RECORDER LIBRARY-The Finest Sonatas & Suites for 2 Alto Recorders edited by Elizabeth Kretschmann A selection of the loveliest works from the popular series 'Original Music for Recorder' published by Schott for over 50 years. A wide variety of composition from the Baroque Era. Duets in the elegant beauty of the French style, English composers inspired by the Italians and of course music by Telemann who succeeded in combining the passionate sounds of Italy with the natural style of France. Complete works by Jacques Paisible, Gottfried Finger, Daniel Purcell, William Croft, Robert Valentine, Georg P. Telemann, J.B. Loeillet de Gant, Phiibert Delavigne, J.B. Boismortier. 123 pages for Two ALTOS Photo


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ED8758 - Classic Hits for Three Soprano Recorders (Rainer Butz)
CLASSIC HITS for 3 SOPRANO RECORDERS (or Tenors) arranged by Rainer Butz. Original for classroom teaching it is excellent for students of any age. The easily remembered melodies open up the rich varied world of classical music. Fun for players of varied abilities. The pieces move chronologically Charpentier, Vivaldi, Handel, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Schumann, Wagner, Verdi, Smetana, Brahms, Bizet, Tschaikowsky ,Dvorak & Grieg 25 page playing score (no page turn problems) Photo
N2691 - Flotenclub Book 2 Three Alto Recorders (Hans Joachim Teschner)
FLOTENCLUB book 2 for 3 ALTO RECORDERS arranged by Hans Joachim Teschner. Proceeds progressivly continuing from book 1, again a wide variety of styles from the Renaissance to Twentieth century - folk, blues, swing, latin etc. Lots of fun! Intermediate, 32 page playing score There was a real need for an ensemble book just for alto players, these books are great. Photo
N2690 - FlottenClub Book 1
FLOTENCLUB book 1 for 3 ALTO RECORDERS arranged by Hans Joachim Teschner. A progressive 2 book series with a wide variety of styles classical, folk, pop, country, ragtime, blues. Our alto students gave these books a thumbs up! Lower Intermediate/Intermediate 32 page playing score Photo


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Shannon GSM1007 (Glen Shannon)
FRIETJES by Glen Shannon, published 2013. Composed in 2013 for the Dutch-language recorder magazine 'Blokfluitist'. The title is one of the regional names for French fries, sold in paper cones with tasty condiments by street vendors in Belgium and the Netherlands. A beautifully written 'overture-like' work based on a single note. The opening 4 measure single note theme is wonderfully transformed seven times from start to finish. One can imagine the sticks of fries, mayonnaise and pleasure of eating captured in the score. FUN! For SATB recorder quartet, score and parts, Intermediate. Photo
Geisler AE06 - Polly Wolly Doodle (arranger Richard Geisler)
POLLY WOLLY DOODLE An American folk song from the mid-19th century it remains a popular children's song today. This arrangement goes through 3 keys F, G & A increasing tempo and complexity with each change. Intermediate & Up. for SATB Includes a vocal part with lyrics, score and parts. Photo
Geisler AE07 (Geisler, Richard / arranger)
THE ANACREONTIC SONG-music by John Smith 1750-1836 The popular drinking song at the Crown & Anchor Tavern in London, c. 1776, which became the STAR SPANGLED BANNER. During the war of 1812 Francis Scott Key was inspired by the sight of the American flag still flying over Fort McHenry the morning after a 25 hour bombardment by the British. The poem was first printed in a handbill and then in the Baltimore newspaper. It soon became a popular song sung to the tune of 'To Anacreon in Heaven'. Pefect for your July 4th celebrations. For SATB recorders, Intermediate, Four playing scores, Lyrics included
Geisler ARSBSQ03 - Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home? (Hughie Cannon)
BILL BAILEY, WON'T YOU PLEASE COME HOME?, 1902 Words & music by Hughie Cannon. 'Bill' will forever come home to everyone who loves a good American tune. The tune resides in our cultural psyche. '...I know I'se to blame; well ain't that a shame? Bill Bailey won't you please come home?' This barbershop arrangement is pure fun to play on recorder. Arranged by Richard Geisler for QUARTET SATB, four playing scores, lyric sheet, Intermediate. Photo
Geisler FR01 - Shule Aroon (Irish Folk)
SHULE AROON - Irish Ballad 'Come, oh Love come quickly and softly.Come to the door and away we'll flee, And safe for aye my darlin' be.' One of the most widely sung songs in the Irish repertoire. Robert Louis Stevenson refers to the song twice in his novel 'The Master of Ballantrae' In 'Ulysees', James Joyce had Stephen Dedalus sing the song to Leopold Bloom in Bloom's kitchen.The old American song 'Buttermilk Hill' shares similar lyrics. Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet SATB. Four playing scores. Intermediate Photo
Geisler FR03 - Scarborough Fair (arranger Richard Geisler)
SCARBOROUGH FAIR - English Folk Song This setting is based on Art Garfunkel's version of this popular folk tune. Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet SATB and optional voices, Score and parts, Lyric Sheet, Intermediate Photo
Geisler AE01 - American Love (Arranged by Richard Geisler)
AMERICAN LOVE from an earlier time: I'll Take you Home, Annie Laurie Clementine, Aura Lee A Medley of four traditional American folk songs of the 19th century. the complete lyrics for all four songs are included as well as suggestions for playing each tune. The alto player may switch to soprano to play in 'barbershop' fashion. Intermediate and Up. For SATB or S,A(S),T,B score and parts Photo
Geisler AE10 - Dandy Yankee Doodle
Dandy Yankee Doodle - A Revolutionary Tune arranged by Richard Geisler. The arrangement begins with 'Theo's Gender' an early American modal version of the well-known Yankee Doodle tune. This tune was discovered in a tunebook on the body of a fifer killed during the Revolutionary War. The arrangement begins with solo soprano then slowly builds up harmonically to full four part harmony on the well-known 'Yankee Doodle'. The name Yankee Doodle derives fron Yankee + tootle,the sound made in tonguing a fife or recorder, for which the tune was first written. The addition of drum is strongly encouraged. Arranged for SATB, score and parts, Intermediate Photo
Geisler ARSEPS02 - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (Howard & Orlob)
I WONDER WHO'S KISSING HER NOW from 'The Prince of To-Night', 1909 Words by Will M Hough & Frank Adams, Music by Joseph Howard & Harold Orlob. The melody and lyric are simple, sentimental but with a wonderful sense of humor. 'I wonder who's kissing her now, Wonder who's teaching her now, Wonder who's looking into her eyes, breathing sighs, telling lies...' Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet SATB, Includes 4 playing scores and lyric sheet. Intermediate Photo
Geisler ARSEPS06 - Meet me in St Louis (Sterling & Mills)
MEET ME IN ST LOUIS, 1904 Words by A Sterling, Music by Kerry Mills a popular song which celebrated the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904. The movie 'Meet me in St Louis'(1944)was a landmark among movie musicals. It was a period piece set in the American Midwest at the turn of the century and featured a typical upper-middle class family not Broadway people. Arranged for Quartet SATB, score, recorder parts, vocal part, lyric sheet with additional verses of fun and nonsense. Intermediate and Up. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS09 - Yankee Doodle Boy (George M Cohen)
YANKEE DOODLE BOY, 1904 from the Broadway musical 'Little Johnny Jones' words and music by George M Cohen. Cohen incorporates snippets of several popular traditional Ameridan songs into his lyrics. James Cagney performed this song in the 1942 film 'Yandee Doodle Dandy'. Arranged for Recorders by Richard Geisler. Can be played as a Quartet SATB or Recorder Septet for SAATTBB. Includes score, parts, lyrics sheet and notes. Intermediate+ Photo
Geisler FR02 - The Butterfly (Irish Folk)
THE BUTTERFLY - a Traditional Irish Slip Jig A fun arrangement. It starts with 3 instruments playing solo with their own melodies, first Bass followed by Alto then Tenor and when Soprano enters it becomes a full hrmonized quartet. Arranged by Richard Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score and parts, Intermediate Photo
Geisler AE03 - Medley Mockingbird Hill & listen to the Mocking Bird (arranger Richard Geisler)
MEDLEY of AMERICAN FOLK SONGS: Mockingbird Hill & Listen to the Mocking Bird. Mockingbird Hill was composed by Vaugh Horton in 1949 and became a hit in the 1950s, Listen to the Mocking Bird was one of the most popular ballads of the 19th century selling over twenty million copies of sheet music. It was a favorite of Abraham Lincoln who said it was 'as sincere as the laughter of a little girl at play.' Includes Lyrics & background notes, Intermediate to Advanced for SATB includes score and parts. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS01 - Come Josephine, in My Flying Machine (Fred Fischer/Alfred Bryan)
Come, Josephine, in My Flying Machine (UP SHE GOES!), 1910 Words by Alfred Bryan, Music by Fred Fischer arranged by Richard Geisler for recorder QUARTET: SATB. A song from a different era when the new thrill of flyer was pure joy. 'Come Josephine, in my flying machine, Going up, she goes! up she goes! Balance yourself like a bird on a beam, In the air she goes, there she goes! Up, up a little bit higher. Oh, my! the moon is on fire.--Going up, all on, Goodby!'. Includes four playing scores, piano score and lyric sheet. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS03 - Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Arranged by Richard Geisler)
LET ME CALL YOU SWEETHEART, 1910 by Beth Slater Whitson and Leo Friedman. For as long as romance be joined to love and lyric be joined to melody, just so long will this heart-felt song endure. This arrangement features an unusually lyrical bass line...a lower, less obvious melody that plays gently along with the soprano melody. It is quite possible to unite a tenor, which plays the soprano melody line, with a bass to create a love duet between two soft-spoken instruments: 'Let me hear you whisper that you love me too.' Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet: SATB, includes 4 playing scores, lyric sheet and optional keyboard part. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS04 - Oh You Beautiful Doll (Brown / Ayer)
OH YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL, 1911, Words-Seymour Brown Music-Nat Ayer Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet. An energetic and syncopated melodic line. 'Let me put my arms about you, I could never live without you...' For SATB quartet, four playing scores, lyric sheet,bonus optional keyboard part, Intermediate and Up. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS05 - Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey (McCree / Von Tilzer)
PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND ME, HONEY,1910 Words-Junie McCree, Music-Albert Von Tilzer Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet. 'Hold me tight, Huddle up and cuddle up with all your might' Play relaxed on this one. Give ample treatment to the rhythmic figures. They should be fully packed and appreciably rounded...like the Gibson Girl on the cover. For SATB recorders, four playing scores, lyric sheet and bonus optional keyboard part. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS08 - In The Good Old Summer Time (Shields & Evans)
IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMER TIME - Waltz Song, 1902 words by Ren Shields and Music by George Evans 'In the good old summer time, Strolling thro' the shady lanes, With your baby mine; You hold her hand and she holds yours And that's a very good sign. That she's your tootsey wootsey in The good old summer time.' Nothing says summer like this popular American tune. A light-hearted song in which life is good. Arranged for Quartet SATB, score, parts and lyric sheet. The ending is virtuostic with sparklers and fireworks. Upper Intermediate to Advanced. Photo
Shannon GSM1008 (Glen Shannon)
FEDERAL FANTASIA & FUGUE by Glen Shannon The first-prize winner in the Washington DC Recorder Society's 50th Anniversary Composition Contest in 2013. It is an English-style fantasia inspired by those of William Byrd (ca. 1540-1623), paired up with a Bach-style fugue. The fantasia (in the style of Byrd) begins simply growing more intricate as it progresses. The Fugue celebrates the Washington Society with an opening theme that is in the shape of a 'W'. A beautifully constructed fugue, fun to play and pleasing to listen to. Photo
Geisler AE02 - Americana ex Machina (arranger Richard Geisler)
AMERICANA ex MACHINA a medley of songs that moved America Come Josephine, in My Flying Machine, 1910 - In My Merry Oldsmobile,1905 - The Gospel Train, 1860 A moving medley of happy old tunes that will surely bring a smile. The arrangement is excellent! Extra harmony included for a second alto and tenor player. Complete lyrics included, Intermediate to Advanced For SATB score and parts. Photo
CHIEF O'NEILL'S FAVOURITE & OTHER GREAT IRISH TUNES arranged by Marg Hall Five tunes artfully arranged for SATB Quartet. The tunes are: 'Chief O'Neill's', 'Old Maids of Galway', 'The Silkedy Scissory Happy Little Song', 'The Big Airy Hill and the Little Fairy Hill', 'Gareth's Wedding. Composed for the Scottish Recorder Festival of 2010. Includes background notes for each tune. Comes with Score and SATB Recorder parts, Level ins Intermediate. Fun music to play. Photo
PRM434 - FOUR PLAYFORD DANCES (arranger, Marg Hall)
FOUR PLAYFORD DANCES arranged for SATB Recorder Quartet by Marg Hall. Marg Hall is one of the best arrangers there is for recorders. Here she has arranged four tunes from Playfords's publication 'The English Dancing Master', 1651. The tunes used:'Dicks Maggot', 'Staines Morris', 'Confesse' & 'Scotch Cap'. Scotch Cap won the arranger's competition at the Irish Recorder & Viol Course in 1987, this is a 2011 revision. All parts are interesting, the melody passes between the four parts. Includes Full Score & SATB Recorder parts. The level is Intermediate & Up. Photo
PRM481 - FOUR SCOTTISH SEA SONGS (arranger, Marg Hall)
FOUR SCOTTISH SEA SONGS wonderfully arranged for recorder quartet by Marg Hall. The songs are: 'Migulay Boat Song', 'The Banks of Newfoundland', 'The Sailor's Life', 'The Bonnie Ship The Diamond'. Marg has written background notes on each tune. Incudes Full Score and SATB Recorder parts, Level is intermediate. Photo
PRM341 - BLUE SPECTRUM (Marg Hall)
BLUE SPECTRUM original compositions for SATB Recorder Quartet by Marg Hall. This is one of Marg's most popular and well-loved compositions. Four jazzy quartets each a different color of blue. 1.Cobalt Blue, 2. Ultramarine, 3. Prussian Blue, 4. Greeny-Blue. In each work she captures the mood of each bluesy blue, players love the imagery. Includes Full Score and SATB Recorder parts. The level is Intermediate and Up. Photo
PRM512 - KLEZMER COLLECTION (arranger, Marg Hall)
KLEZMER COLLECTION excellent arrangements by Marg Hall for recorder quartet. There are five tunes: 'Valodya's Farewell to Odessa', 'Dobranotsch', 'Odessa Bulgar', 'Papirosn'. Marg includes background notes on each piece. Both fun to play and listen to. Includes Full Score and SATB Recorder parts, level is Intermediate and Up. Photo


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Geisler ARSBSQ07 - Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (Willard & Knight)
ROCKED IN THE CRADLE OF THE DEEP, ca 1840 Words by Emma Hart Willard, Music by J.P.Knight. Emma wrote this poem while on an ocean voyage in 1829. It was included in her book of poetry 'The Fulfillment of a Promise'. J.P. Knight set the poem to music which became a very popular song of faith and hope. It was included in many hymnals from 1850 until the 1940s. Ozzie Knight arranged a barbershop version in 1935, Richard Geisler arranged it for Recorders in 1989. For QUARTET A,S or T,A,T or QUINTET A,Sor T,A,T,B four playing scores, lyric sheet with historical information. Intermediate Photo
Geisler AE04 - American Medley (arranger Richard Geisler)
AMERICAN MEDLEY: God Bless America, America the Beautiful, The Battle Hymn of the Republic - Finale: God Bless America To be played with a sense of dignity, a reverance for the land, a sense of purpose and in a grand manner. For 5 versatile players, the inner parts require the player to change recorders. sop., sop & alto, alto & tenor, tenor & bass, bass. A rousing arrangement lovingly harmonized. Intermediate to Advanced. The ultimate medley of American patriotic songs, perfect for July 4th celebrations! Includes lyrics, score and parts. Photo
Geisler AE08 - Ashokan Farewell (Jay Ungar)
ASHOKAN FAREWELL by Jay Ungar arranged by Richard Geisler for recorder quintet. It is the musical theme for Ken Burns' documentary movie on the American Civil War, the only contemporary tuned used in the film. This is a mellow arrangement, of what has become a beloved American folk tune, for two altos, two tenors and bass recorders (no soprano) - AATTB. Included are a score with background notes and parts. Photo
Geisler AE05 - Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen)
OVER THE RAINBOW music by Harold Arlen lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. Judy Garland's signature song from the movie The Wizard of oz, 1939. An absolutely beautiful arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler. The harmonies are candy for the ears. Intermediate & Up Includes lyric sheet, score and parts. Photo
Geisler AE09 (Moe Koffman)
SWINGING SHEPHERD BLUES by MOE KOFFMAN A 1957 hit on the US Billboard pop chart. Used as the opening and closing themes for the CBC radio show 'AS It Happens' for over 30 years and consequently probably his best know recording. Moe was a Canadian jazz musician and composer. He played the flute, soprano, alto & tenor saxophone and clarinet. Moe was appointed to the Order of Canada in 1993 and inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1997. Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quintet SATTB with optional Contra or Cello. Includes score with biographical notes and parts. Intermediate and Up. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS07 - Peg O' My Heart (Arranged by Richard Geisler)
Peg O' MY HEART, 1913 music by Fred Fischer, lyrics by Alfred Bryan '...Peg O' My Heart, Your glances with Irish art entrance me, Come, be my own, Come, make your home in my heart.' Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quintet: sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass with a vocal part included. To be played with an easy-going oh-so-fun swing! Score and parts Can also be played as a Quartet: SATB Photo


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Geisler AE11 - Shenandoah (Arranged by Richard Geisler)
SHENANDOAH - Traditional American Folk Song, also know as 'Across the Wide Missouri', dating to the early 19th century or earlier. Shenandoah refers to the native American chief Shenandoah (Oskanondonha)whose beautiful daughter a canoe-going trader wants to marry. It became a popular sailors' song. One of the most beautiful American folk melodies. Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler after a choral arrangement by James Erb. Octet: 2 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors, bass and Contra Bass. Intermediate. Photo


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ED13567 - English Folk Tunes (traditional English)
ENGLISH FOLK TUNES FOR RECORDER-62 Traditional Tunes for Solo Recorder compiled by Peter Bowman, tunes on CD played by Kathryn Bennetts The various types of dance presented in this collection represent a broad range of rustic dances that were common prior to the industrial revolution. Of the dances from Playford's 'Dancing Master' included are 'longwayes' dances for couples dancing in lines as well as square or round dances. Dance types are Hornpipe, Jig, Maggot, Morris Dance also included are Songs (love, laments, lullabies, drinking songs, ballads). Some of the well-know tunes are Rufty Tufty, The Blue-eyed Stranger, Greensleeves, Daphne, Scarborough Fair, All in A Garden Green, Early One Morning, The Oak and the Ash, The Sailors Hornpipe, Rosalinda, Gathering Peascods. Introduction includes definition of dance types. 44 page book with CD with recording of all 62 tunes. For SOPRANO or TENOR RECORDERS Photo
DHP1043688 - PLAY HANDEL (George F. Handel)
PLAY HANDEL This wonderful book contains twelve of George F. Handel's most famous works for you to play along with the accompaniment CD. The accompaniment was recorded using organ and cello for an authentic sounding performance. Contents include Largo from Xerxes, Sarabande in d minor, He Shall Feed His Flock and Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion from Messiah, four selections from the Water Music and three from the Royal Fireworks. For Soprano or Tenor Recorder, Intermediate Music & CD Photo
ED13592 - RENAISSANCE RECORDER ANTHOLOGY 2 (editor, Kathryn Bennetts & Peter Bowman)
RENAISSANCE RECORDER ANTHOLOGY 2 - 32 Works selected and edited by Kathryn Bennetts & Peter Bowman. Selections are by William Byrd, John Dowland, Giles Farnaby, Anthony Holborne, Robert Johnson, Thomas Morley, Pierre Phalese, Michael Praetorius, Ludwig Senfl, Tielman Susato, Philippe Verdolet and others. Includes notes on the Renaissance Dances and other musical forms also notes on each musical selections. For Soprano Recorder with CD accompaniment (there are also 32 MP3 files stored in a separate folder on the CD.) or keyboard Intermediate, 65 page keyboard score, 20 page recorder part and CD. Photo
DHP1064140 - PLAY MOZART (Mozart, W. A.)
PLAY MOZART - A selection of 24 of the most popular themes by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Some selections are March of the Priests, Ave Verum Corpus, A Little Night Music, Movement 1 from Symphony #40, Horn Concerto #1 1st movement. The Pieces have been shortened to ensure playability, making Mozart's magical music available to the widest audience. Includes a CD with accompaniment, each song has two tracks - 1. complete and 2. accompaniment only. For Soprano or Tenor Recorder, 25 pages, Level is intermediate. Photo
F912400 - WORLD FAMOUS FOLKSONGS (arranger, Andrew Watkin)
WORLD FAMOUS FOLKSONGS 22 Easy Folk Songs from around the world, arranged by Andrew Watkin. Includes a CD with piano accompaniment, each song has two tracks - 1. complete 2. accompaniment only. Some of the tunes are: Mexican Hat Dance (Mexico), Oh Susannah (USA), Skye Boat (Scotland), Banana Boat Song (Jamaica), Sakura (Japan), Santa Lucia (Italy), Donna, Donna (Israel), Un poquito cantas (South America) Katusja (Russia) 24 page book with CD, For Soprano or Tenor Recorder, Lower Intermediate Photo

Recorder(s) & Keyboard

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Z14187 - 34 ENGLISH AIRS (various)
34 ENGLISH AIRS - Selections from George Bingham's four books 'Airs Anglois' published in Amsterdam between 1702 & 1706. On the Continent music lovers were interested in the English and Schottish tunes. Bingham arranged the pieces by various composers according to their keys. Some of the composers are Henry and Daniel Purcell, Godfrey Finger, Andrew Parcham, Thomas Williams, George Bingham. A lovely collection of moderate difficulty. Includes: a 56 page keyboard score, a 23 page Alto Recorder part & a 31 page Basso Continuo part. Intermediate. Photo
SCHOTT RECORDER LIBRARY - The Finest Sonatas for Treble and Basso Continuo A selection of the loveliest works from the popular series 'Original Music for Recorder' published by Schott for over 50 years. Ten musically delightful Sonatas of various levels of difficulty. Composer represented are: Diogenio Bigaglia, Giovanni Battista Bononcini, Nicolas Chedeville, Gottfried Finger, Georg Friedrich Handel. Jean-Baptiste Loeillet, Benedetto Marcello, Johann Christop Pepusch, Georg Philipp Telemann, Antonio Vivaldi. Includes a 44 page Alto Recorder part and 111 page keyboard part. Intermediate & Up. Photo
N2759 - ORIENT-EXPRESS (Raphael Benjamin Meyer)
ORIENT-EXPRESS for SATB Recorders & Keyboard by Raphael Benjamin meyer (b. 1987) A musical journey based on a holiday diversion for rich Europeans on the Orient Express from Paris to Constantinople. The musical style is popular swing or jazz. Includes making fun 'whistle stop' sounds (directions provided). Includes Keyboard Score - 42 pages plus notes and instruction. SATB Recorder parts. Level is Upper Intermediate. NEW!!! Photo


Part Number and Description Price
DOL112 - The Recorder- A Basic Workshop Maual (Adrian Brown)
THE RECORDER A Basic Workshop Manual by Adrian Brown The book for handy recorder players who want to care for their recorder themselves. Topics covered: Playing a new instrument, Daily care and maintenance: oiling, clogging, removing the block, cleaning the block and windway areas, replacing the block etc. Tuning: general priciples, fingerholes, forked fingerings, fingerhole modifications, hole chart, the bore, bore chart, bore modifications, manometers, tuning meters, typical tuning problems etc. Voicing, different woods, testing recorders, tools & materials. 47 page book Photo
G7955 - The Musician's Breath (James Jordan)
THE MUSICIAN'S BREATH The Role of Breathing in Human Expression by James Jordon with Mark Moliterno & Nova Thomas James Jordan examines why and how the breath is the 'delivery system' for human and musical ideas in performance. 'The breath,' Dr. Jordan writes, 'is the most magical and human thing we can engage as artists.' This book makes a compelling case for the power of the breath and the power of submitting oneself to its miracles. The first part discusses the 'why' of breathing, while the second part provides the 'how' with practical applications for singers, instrumentalists and conductors. Photo
G8812 - DISCOVERING CHANT (James Jordan)
DISCOVERING CHANT Teaching Musicianship and Human Sensibilities Through Chant by James Jordan & James Whitbourn This book asks all musicians to reconsider the use of plain chant as an essential tool for teaching intonation, phrasing and understanding of musical line - while building community within an ensemble. It also develops music reading and listening skills & the CD provides an aural model which aids in learning chant. Grammy-nominated conductor James Jordan is Professor of Conducting and Senior Conductor at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ. James Whitbourn is a composer & research scholar at Oxford. BOOK & CD Photo
MGM5080 (Mather / Lasocki)
FREE ORNAMENTATION IN WOODWIND MUSIC 1700-1775 Anthology with Introduction by Betty Bang Mather and David Lasocki Part I: 30 Examples from works by Italian, English and German Composers, Part II: 36 Examples from works by French Composers 132 pages. A 'must have' for anyone interested in Baroque ornamentation. The companion book to INTERPRETATION OF FRENCH MUSIC. FREE ORNAMENTATION was first published in 1976 and is again available Photo
MGM5085 (Betty Bang Mather)
INTERPRETATION OF FRENCH MUSIC FROM 1675 TO 1775 For Woodwind and Other Performers by BETTY BANG MATHER One of the most comprehensive books on the art of French Baroque ornamentation. Topics covered include: 1. Rhythmic Inequality and its relation to various time signatures, 2. Articulation - syllables, slurring practices, new tongue strokes, 3. Ornamentation - port de vois, flattement, treblement, pince, tour de Gosier, accent, Chute, Tour de Chant, Coulade, Passage, Diminution 4. Additional comments on German and Italian Music. Published in 1973 it had become difficult to get but is now readily available again!!! Photo