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Dear Customers, Students, Friends of CMU, and Website Visitors:

First of all, thank you with all our hearts to those of you who have been supporting us with generous gifts, care and concern since our car accident on January 7th. Your kindness, thoughtfulness and patience have enabled us to carry-on until we are able to go back to the store and resume teaching. We greatly appreciate all you are doing.

We're coming along well according to our doctors and hoping to resume our usual routines in another month or two.

Therefore we've postponed the CMU President's Weekend Workshop and look forward to celebrating together when we hold it in the near future.


In the meantime, although we will not be able to respond to your inquiries or fill any open or new orders, you can leave messages for us on our email and Facebook page. We deeply regret the inconvenience this causes and ask you to please be patient. Thank you for your continuing support and loyalty.

Richie and Elaine Henzler

Richie and Elaine

Please explore our new Mobile-Ready website on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. It is designed to simplify the location and purchase of the instruments, music, and accessories which will expand your musical world. We hope to hear from you soon!

We are Richie and Elaine Henzler, two recorder players and teachers who are passionate about recorder and music.

We both started playing recorder as young children and have never stopped. In our teen and college years we both played bassoon, graduating from The Juilliard School with BM & MM degrees and all the while, continuing to play (and teach) our true musical love, the recorder. Our goal is to help as many people as possible experience the same joy from playing recorder and making music with others. We are not just out to sell you something. With our depth of knowledge we can advise you about method books, all styles of music, instruments and general musical question you may have. Recorder is a melodic wind instrument that can play any period or style of music from medieval to contemporary.

More about us...

Need a teacher? Consider a Skype lesson with Elaine or Richie, two of the most patient Juilliard grads around, with over 25 years of experience with all age groups. Our rates are reasonable and the scheduling is flexible. Consider joining us at one of our workshops. If you are vacationing in the Adirondacks, stop by the store for a live lesson.

We may not have the financial resources to keep a large inventory of recorders in stock but it is worth the wait and here's why - we provide value added service. Because wood is a dynamic material, every wooden recorder is slightly different; so, before sending a recorder out it is checked for speaking and tuning by Elaine with any necessary adjustments made. When you receive an instrument from us you'll be well satisfied. And remember, if you can't find what you are looking for here on our website, please contact us and let us find it for you.

We are now the official distributors of RICHARD GEISLER EDITIONS.

They are generally quartets but some are quintets and larger (such as the Grandioso Editions). The lyrics are always included. The format is either score with parts or multiple playing scores. They are reasonably priced and American made.

Many of the Series or Editions listed below are new to us and so are not yet on our web site. If there is a piece you know of and are looking for please contact us and we can supply it.

The various Series and Editions are:

  • Jubilo Christmas Editions
  • Accent on Early Music Series
  • American Renaissance Series - Barbershop & Early Pop
  • Americana Editions
  • The Folk Recorder Series
  • Madrigal Dolce Series
  • The Folk Spirit in Hymnody Book
  • Grandioso Editions
  • Romancing the Ladies, a 1900s medly for SATB by American composer La Verne Wagner
  • The Five Recreations, 1614 by Thomas Ravenscroft

Featured Recorders


Mollenhauer Denner - magnificent and expressive

A sophisticated ensemble based on original instruments by Jacob Denner (1681-1735) in the important musical instrument collections in Nurenberg and Copenhagen

Elegant, resonant sound - balanced baroque timber, with agile, quick response in all octaves
Undercut finger holes for stable tones
Visually striking with masterly wood turnings, surface treated with vegetable oil

5120 Denner soprano in rosewood (palisander) curved windway, 3 pieces, double holes, soft case. Price $ 381.00
5220 Denner alto in rosewood (palisander) curved windway, 3 pieces, double holes Soft case. Price $688.00
5430 Denner tenor in rosewood (palisander) curved windway, 3 pieces, double holes D/D#, double keys C/C# Price $885.00
5430C Denner tenor in rosewood (palisander) curved windway, 3 pieces, with G-Key, F-Key, and C/C# key, double holes D/D# The two additional keys reduce the stretch of the hands making playing easy. The ergonomically designed C/C# keys relieve the little finger of any strain when playing lowest notes. Price $1125.00


Mollenhauer Kynseker - heavenly sounds in perfect harmony

Versatile instruments after Hieronymus f. Kynseker (Nuremberg, 1636-1686) based on the original instruments kept at the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg. These instruments remain faithful to the most important characteristic of the originals: the outer form and its strong sound, full of personality. This renaissance consort come in 8 sizes from Garklein to Great Bass.  Start building your collection with these two fine instruments

4002 Kynseker Garklein in C, C3, plumwood   Price $449.00
4108 Kynseker Soprano in C, C2, plumwood   Price $515.00