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Part Number and Description Price
Arcadian AP010 (Mozart, W. Gabrieli, D.)
TWO CANONS FOR BASSES/ 1 duo by Gabrieli for BB, 1 trio by Mozart for BBB/ Intermediate and Lower
Arcadian AP013 (Mattheson, J.)
SONATA/ trio BBB by an engaging Baroque composer, A suite of 5 movements Intermediate
Arcadian AP018 (Boismortier)
SONATA IN F/ trio BBB This French Baroque composer lived from 1691-1755 and his popularity continues today. Five movements, Intermediate
Arcadian AP019 (Quantz, J.J.)
SONATA A TRE/ trio BBB, Intermediate and Up
Arcadian AP040 (Hook, J.)
TRIO NO. 2/ for BBB, from the set of Six Flute Trios, Op. 83, 1797 Intermediate
Arcadian AP097 (Cornysh, W. Handel,G.F. Morley, H. Purcell, H.)
FOUR BASS TRIOS/ BBB, Robyn, Gentyl Robyn, Fear No Danger, Now Is The Month of Maying, March, for Intermediate and Lower
Arcadian AP106 (Cervantes, I.)
TANGOS FOR BASSES/ trio BBGb, 2 selections from 21 Danzas cubanas (1878-1895) by the Cuban pianist. They will add a new tonal dimension to the bass repertoire. Upper Intermediate
Arcadian AP118 (Hook, J.)
TRIO NO. 5/ for BBB, from the set of Six Flute Trios, Op. 83, 1797, Intermediate
CM01022 (Aichinger)
Five Sacred Canzonettas (Divinarum laudum...1608) / SSB - AAB - TTB Medium
DOL0310 (Hook)
Trio, Op. 83, No. 5 / ScP - AAA
DOL0322 (Dornel)
Two Sonatas, 1713 - 1723 (rather beautiful pieces) / ScP - AAA
DOL0327 (Fontana)
Sonata 16, (1641) / ScP - AAA
DOL0329 (Lupo)
Four Fantasias / ScP - AAB
DOL0336 (Gibbons)
3 Fantasias / ScP - AAB
DOL153 (Bernard Thomas, arr.)
THE RENAISSANCE TRIO BOOK - Sixty-nine PIECES FOR MIXED COMBINATIONS of THREE RECORDERS edited and arranged by Bernard Thomas. This book spans two centuries: the earliest is Dufay's 'Adieu ces bons vins de Lannoys' dated 1426 in the source. The latest is Erasmus Kindermann's 'Sonetta', published in 1642. Sometimes the version in the book is ATB & in the appendix SAT, sometimes it is the other way around. Included is a CD of a PDF format Appendix of Transposed versions, it also includes a digital copy of the entire book so you can print out extra pages to avoid page turns in longer pieces. 124 page, spiral bound, with Introduction & list of sources. Photo
EML0101 (Landini)
2 Ballate / set of scores - ATT
EML0107 (Dunstable)
O Rosa Bella - 2 settings / set of scores - ATT
EML0113 (Thomas (ed))
2 French Songs of the 15th Century / set of scores - ATT
EML0131 (Machaut)
2 Rondeaux / set of scores - ATT
EML0149 (Dufay - Frye)
3 Antiphons / set of scores - ATT
EML0161 (Landini)
Musica Son / set of scores - ATT
EML0167 (Thomas (ed))
5 English Songs of the 15th Century / set of scores - ATT
EML0174 (Busnois)
5 French Songs / set of scores - ATT
EML0179 (Vaillant)
Par Maintes Foys / set of scores - ATT
EML0183 (Blankes)
6 Fantasies / set of scores - SST
EML0191 (Dufay)
4 Italian Songs / set of scores - ATT
EML0197 (Ghizeghem)
2 Famous Songs / set of scores - STT
EML0198 (Lupo)
3 Pavans / set of scores - ATT
EML0203 (Thomas (ed))
4 French Songs of the 15th Century / set of scores - ATT
EML0215 (Binchois)
8 Chansons / set of scores - ATT
EML0221 (Landini)
4 Ballate / set of scores - ATT
EML0222 (Barbireau - Barbingnant)
5 Secular Pieces / set of scores - STB
EML0233 (Thomas (ed))
Chansons from the Wolfenbuttel Chansonnier / ATT
EML0239 (Machaut)
4 Ballades / set of scores - ATT
EML0275 (Anonymous)
5 Pieces from Formschneyder Trium Vocum.... 1538 / STB
EML0281 (Rari)
6 Instrumental Pieces, Florence MS Banco Rari 229 / STB
EML0282 (Weelkes)
7 Airs or Fantastic Spirits (1608) / set of scores - STB
EML0293 (Anonymous)
2 Anonymous Chansons Rustique (1541) / set of scores - STB
EML0324 (East)
4 Madrigals from The 2nd Book of Madrigals (1606) / rrr
EML0353 (Festa, Costanzo)
TWO CONTRAPUNTI / - sopra il canto fermo & La Spagne. An Italian composer (1490-1545). Rhythmically elaborate writing over the popular cantus firmus melody. One is for TTB the other TTT, Intermediate & up, three playing scores.
EML0355 (Thomas, Bernard / editor)
EEN VROYLIC WESEN / (5 settings c. 1500) by various composers based on a popular song by Jacques Barbireau (c. 1420-1491) 2 trios, 3 quartets, various combinations of SATB, intermediate, 4 scores.
HAME001 (Perotin ?)
ORGANUM DESCENDIT DE CELIS: TAMQUAM SPONSUS/ c. 1200 This piece comes from a repertoire of three-part organa usually linked with the name 'Perotin' The text translates as: He comes down from Heaven Like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber. For TTT, Upper Intermediate, score
HARA010 (Lewin (ed))
Four 13th Century Motets / ScP - TTB
HARA015 (Machaut)
Two Pieces (c. 1350) / ScP - TTB
HARA016 (Lewin (ed))
13th Century French Motets / ScP - ATT - TTB
HARA029 (Byrd - Tomkins)
Byrd and Tomkins in three parts / ScP - SAB - TTB
HARA080 (Prez, des)
Two Trios, (Lewin ed.) / ScP - TTB Easy-Medium
HARA106 (Bach, JS)
3-Part Fugue / ScP - SAB
HARA126 (Mayes)
Selections from Buxheimer Orgelbuch / ScP - ATT, STT
IRCS020 (Anonymous)
15th Century Anonymous Chansons, Vol. II / Score & parts, rrr
IRCS021 (Anonymous)
15th Century Anonymous Chansons, Vol. III / ScP - rrr
Geisler JE06 - Cradle Song (traditional Flemish Carol)
CRADLE SONG - Traditional Flemish Christmas carol. Based on the choral arrangement by John Rutter with permission of Oxford Univ. Press. This lullaby begins with the melody in the soprano then it passes to the tenor and bass, concluding in 5 parts SSATB. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quintet SSATB, may also be played SA, SAT or SATB. Includes lyrics and five playing scores.
LCC20 (Loux, Joseph / arranger)
CHRISTMAS TRIOS/ Mary in the Thorn Wood STB, Coventry Carol - SAB, Celebrons la naissance, Fermarono I Cieli, In dulci jubilo, Drive the Cold Winter Away - SAT and Abbots Bromley Tune SATB (in unison or at octave) All with optional voice & percussion Lower intermediate to intermediate, score and parts
LMP0023 (Marenzio)
Spring Returns / ScP - AAA - TTB Easy
LMP0094 (East)
Songs Full of Spirit & Delight (1618) Vol. 1 / ScP - AAB Easy
LMP0095 (East)
Songs Full of Spirit & Delight (1618) Vol. 2 / ScP - AAB Easy-Medium
LMP0097 (East)
Songs Full of Spirit & Delight (1618) Vol. 3 / ScP - AAB Easy-Medium
LMP0098 (East)
Songs Full of Spirit & Delight (1618) Vol. 4 / ScP - AAB Easy
LMP0124 (Sears)
Jasmina / ScP - AAA Medium-Advanced
LMP0125 (Sears)
Skylark / ScP - SAA Medium
LMP156 (Purcell, H)
PUZZLE CHACONNE by Henry Purcell (1659-1695) Three Parts Upon a Ground - the 7th variation presents a musical puzzle, which if not solved by the alert musician leads to a musical joke. Blank measures are included for you to work out your own solution if you don't like the editor's. For 3 altos and basso continuo, Intermediate & Up, score and parts.
LPMEM12 (Philips)
3 Trios (Institution Harmonique) / ScP - STB
LPMIM07 (Buona)
7 Fantasies (1592) / score - SST
LPMIM11 (Bassano)
Fantasie a Tres Voci / score - STB
LPMIM11-01 (Bassano)
Fantasie a Tres Voci / part - cantus
LPMIM11-02 (Bassano)
Fantasie a Tres Voci / part - tenor wind
LPMIM11-04 (Bassano)
Fantasie a Tres Voci / part - bassus wind
LPMMA02 (Festa)
15 Madrigals / score - Various
MK00243 (Purcell, H)
Trio Pieces / score - SST Medium
MK00249 (Handel)
From the Music for The Royal Fireworks / score - SST Medium
MK00261 (Handel)
7 Pieces (Monkemeyer ed.) / score - SAB (Bc) Medium
MK00264 (Schubert)
Dances / score - SAB, G Easy-Medium
MK00339 (Hohlfeld)
Eight Little Trios / score - SAA Medium
MK00342 (Praetorius)
THREE PART CHRISTMAS SONGS/ from Musae Sioniae IX, 1610, for SST recorders, Intermediate, score
MK00386.7 (Johnson, R)
Dances and Songs from Shakespeare's Time/ / SAB or S&Bc Medium, score
MK00402 (Stockmeir, Wolfgang)
FIVE INVENTIONS for CHRISTMAS TIME/ composed in 1971 in a free atonal style to reveal a fresh approach to Christmas music making. Loosely based on old Christmas chorals. For AAA, Upper Intermediate, score
MK00414 (Hechler, Ilse)
CHRISTMAS MUSIC from FORMER TIMES/ From the 17th century a Pastorell by Rathbeger, Paduan by Hammerschmidt & Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her by Zachow, For SA (up 8va) & B, Intermediate, score
MK00434.5 (Hoffmeister)
The Hen, The Cuckoo and the Donkey / score - AAA Medium
MK00439 (Monkemeyer, Helmut)
CHRISTUM WIR SOLLEN LOBEN SCHON/ Five tricinia from the 15th and 16th centuries. By Martin Agricola, Johann Walter and Anon. For SST, Intermediate, score
MK00451 (Cooke, Arnold)
VARIATIONS ON TWO ENGLISH CHRISTMAS CAROLS/ Composed in 1976 in a melodic 20th century style the variations are on God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and We Three Kings of Orient Are. For SST, Upper Intermediate. score
MK00462 (Werdin, Eberhard)
THE WAY TO BETHLEHEM - A Christmas Suite/ composed in 1977 each of the six short movements is based on a specific Bible reading, for example (Mathew 1,18-21) and uses an old carol (such as Von Himmel hoch, da komm ich her) around which the movement is composed in a 20th century melodic style. For SAA, Upper Intermediate, score
MK00490 (Praetorius)
Passion & Easter Hymns from Musae Sioniae 1610 / sc. - SST Medium
MK00497 (Holman (ed))
Music at the Royal Court of London, 1620 / Score, SSB(Bc) Medium
MK00529 (Werdin)
Five Fantasies / score - SAA Medium
MK00578.9 (Nitz (ed))
Quam Pulchra Es / score - ATT Advanced
MK00610 (Schop)
Six Allemanden / score - TTT Medium
MK00617.8 (Roos)
Artlander Bauerntanze - 1 / score - SAB Easy
MK00622 (Friederich)
Enigma Blues (very modern) / score - SST Medium
MK00638 (Friederich)
Jubilee Stomp, Op. 4 (contemporary) / score - NTB Medium-Advanced
MK00658 (Zaniol (arr))
Six French Folk Tunes / score - SAA Easy
MK00670 (Sanders)
L'il Brown Jug / score - SAB Medium
MK00720 .1 (Beutler, Irmhild)
THE GREAT PUMPKIN / , 1992 A contemporary trio composed for the trio Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin. A prize winner in two competitions. Can be heard on the CD Chips 'n' Chocolate (Hanssler Classic Label) Upper intermediate to advanced, AAB, score
MK00720.1 (Beutler)
The Great Pumpkin / score - AAB
MK01514 (Stockmeier)
Music with Folksongs / ScP - AAA
MK01556 (Thomas)
Changes (contemporary) / set of scores - BBB
MK01562 (Kroll)
Round of Talks (contemporary) / ScP - AAA
MK01566 (Maute)
Suitte en Trio (technical notes included) / ScP - TBGb
MK01572 (Maute)
Ciacona / set of scores - TBB
MK02504 (Gumbel)
Recorder Tales (modern) / ScP - SSS - AAA - TTT
MK02525 (Heider)
La Leggenda di Sant'Orsola / ScP - TTT
MK0295 (Witte, Gerd)
MINIATURES ON THE CHRISTMAS TALE/ composed in 1962/3 each of the short five movements is based on a specific verse from the Bible. Tonally it is similar to the Hindemith school. For SAA (up 8va), Upper Intermediate to advanced, score
MK03626 (Machaut)
Rondeaux & Balladen / score - ATT
MP01000 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - bound score / 3-5 Various
MP01001 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Cantus all instr
MP01002 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Medius all instr
MP01004 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Altus, recorder
MP01006 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Tenor recorder
MP01007 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Bassus all instr
N2231 - Music Playing Book for Three Alto Recorders
MUSIC PLAYING BOOK FOR THREE ALTOS arr. by Peter Heilbut A delightful collection of works by great composers of the Baroque, German folk songs, American Spirituals and a few pieces by 20th century composers. Included is a Suite in g minor by Francois Couperin (8 movements), a Suite in F Major by G.P Telemann (6 movements), Suite in F Major by A. Corelli (4 movements). Folk song of the 4 seasons, 8 Spirituals and more. For 3 ALTO RECORDERS. The book is a 32-page playing score. The level of difficulty is Easy to Medium Photo
N2690 - FlottenClub Book 1
FLOTENCLUB book 1 for 3 ALTO RECORDERS arranged by Hans Joachim Teschner. A progressive 2 book series with a wide variety of styles classical, folk, pop, country, ragtime, blues. Our alto students gave these books a thumbs up! Lower Intermediate/Intermediate 32 page playing score Photo
N2691 - Flotenclub Book 2 Three Alto Recorders (Hans Joachim Teschner)
FLOTENCLUB book 2 for 3 ALTO RECORDERS arranged by Hans Joachim Teschner. Proceeds progressivly continuing from book 1, again a wide variety of styles from the Renaissance to Twentieth century - folk, blues, swing, latin etc. Lots of fun! Intermediate, 32 page playing score There was a real need for an ensemble book just for alto players, these books are great. Photo
N3828 (Vivaldi)
TRIO in A MINOR by Antonio Vivaldi arranged for recorders by Ulrich Herrmann originally for flute, violin, bassoon in g minor. Three substantial movements. The 1st alto is similar to a solo concerto part and is upper intermediate/advanced. The 2nd alto & bass are intermediate & up. AAB, score and parts.
N3993 (Beethoven)
TRIO Bb MAJOR / originally for 3 flutes this work in 3 movements (Allegro-Andante-Allegretto) has been arranged by Ulrich Herrmann. Lots of fun! Upper intermediate to advanced, score and parts.
N4726 (Uwe Heger)
CHRISTMAS STREET MUSIC for 2 or 3 ALTO RECORDERS - Fifty American and European carols arranged in a canon format to be played in a swing style. The basic carol melody is followed by two harmonized swing accompaniments. This canon book works for ensembles with various levels of ability, beginners may play the melody (1st part) with more advanced players playing the 2nd & 3rd harmonized parts. As is usual with a canon (round) the music starts over & over again until after an agreed-upon signal it ends at the fermata. Chord symbols above the 1st part allow for the addition of a guitar or keyboard, adding percussion is also encouraged. Compatible w/ Sop. book Photo
OFB0084 (Scherer)
Sonatas from Op. 1, No. 1 & 2 / score - AAA Medium
OFB0133 (Linde)
Amarilli mia bella: Hommage a Jacob van Eyck / S, A, B Very Advanced
OFB0192 (Eggert)
Breathless (3 recorders, ONE player!) / S,A,A Advanced
OFB1009 (Mattheson)
8 Sonatas, Op. 1, Vol. 1 #3-6 / score - AAA Medium
OFB1010 (Mattheson)
8 Sonatas, Op. 1, Vol. 2 #7-10 / score - AAA Medium
OFB1012 (Finger)
2 Suites: #1: C Major; #2: G Major / score - AAA Easy-Medium
PAN0262 (Harras)
English Rounds, Book 2 / score - AAA
PAN0263 (Harras)
English Rounds, Book 3 / score - BBB
PAN0308 (Chemin-Petit)
Kleine Suite in alten Stil / SAB
PAN0311 (Schroder)
Spielerein (contemporary music for recorder) / score - AAA
PAN0815 (Jarzebeski)
Chromatica / Score & parts, SAB, Bc
PDL0007 (Bach, JS)
Three Trios ( C Minor, BWV 585; G Major BWV 586...) / SSB
PP00031 (Handel)
Pastoral Symphony from Messiah / ScP - AAB Medium
PP00042 (Morley)
Though Philomela Lost Her Love / ScP - TTB Medium
PP00051 (Weelkes)
Come, Sirrah Jack, Ho! / ScP - STB Medium
PP00057 (Mendelssohn)
Lift Thine Eyes, from Elijah / ScP - SAA Easy
PP00062 (Goldstein)
Trios for Basses / ScP - BBB Easy-Medium
PP00080 (Handel)
Three Fugues / ScP - ATGb - ABGb Advanced
PP00089 (Bach, JS)
Fuga XXI from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol. I / ATGb Advanced
PP00105 (Prokofiev)
Marche, from The Love for Three Oranges / ScP - TTB Medium
SP02320 (Buona)
Four Trios / score - SST Medium
ST02439 (Giesbert)
Ein Altes Spielbuch, #1 (c. 1500) / score - Var.:SATB Medium
ST02440 (Giesbert)
Ein Altes Spielbuch, #2 (c. 1500) / score - Var.:SATB Medium
ST02708 (Giesbert)
We Play Folksongs / score - AAA
ST04892 (Knab)
Kleine Musik / score - AAA Medium
ST05298 (Runge)
Aus Barock & Rokoko (Corelli, Couperin+) / score - AAA Medium-Advanced
ST05468 (Clemens)
Old Flemish Folktunes / STB
ST07316 (Delius)
52 Catches (Kanons) / A
ST11508 (Hofhaimer)
Fantasy on a Song Tune / score - STB Medium
ST11527 (Wesley)
2 Short Pieces / score - SAB
ST11574 (Gibbons)
Fantasia No. 2 / score - SST Medium
ST11575 (Gibbons)
Fantasia No. 3 / score - SAT Easy-Medium
ST11613 (East)
3 Fancies / score - SST Medium
ST11623 (Pepusch)
Trio Sonata in F Major / score - AAB Medium
ST11628 (Mattheson)
Sonata, Op. 1, No. 6 in B Flat / score - AAA Medium-Advanced
ST11630 (Mattheson)
Sonata, Op. 1, No. 4 in C Minor / score - AAA Medium-Advanced
ST11633 (Mattheson)
Sonata, Op. 1, No. 10 in F Minor / score - AAA Medium-Advanced
ST11634 (Mattheson)
Sonata, Op. 1, No. 7 in G Major / score - AAA Medium-Advanced
ST11637 (Handel - Purcell)
Air from Giustino & Symphony for Flutes / AAB Medium
ST11651 (Quantz)
Sonata a 3 / score - AAA Medium
ST11653 (Boismortier)
Sonata in F Major, Op. 7, No. 1 / score - AAA Medium
ST12443 (Meech)
Dances from Playford / ScP - SST - SAA
TR00016 (East)
The Muses: 3-part Fancies from 7th Set of Books, # 1 / TTB Medium-Advanced
TR00017 (East)
The Muses: 3-part Fancies from 7th Set of Books, # 2 / TTB Medium-Advanced
TR00018 (East)
The Muses: 3-part Fancies from 7th Set of Books, # 3 / TTB Medium-Advanced
UE18703 (Bartles)
CHRISTMAS CAROLS for 2 or 3 Cellos arranged by Alfred Bartles Old European Carols: 13 playable as Duets for Bass & Great Bass recorders or (2 Basses) & 4 Trios for 2 Basses & Great Bass Recorder A mellow sound for Silent Night, Intermediate
UE31480 (JS Bach)
EIGHT LITTLE THREE-PART PIECES by J.S. Bach arranged by members of Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin - Sylvia Rosin & Irmhild Beutler for Recorder Trio The selections are Menuette BWV 929, 2 dances from Anna Magdalena Bach's Notebook,2 movements from English Suite BWV 808, 2 movements from English Suite BWV 811, Gavotte from French Suite BWV 816, Gavotte from French Suite BWV 817. The trio can either be played Soprano, Alto & Bass Recorder or Soprano, Tenor & Bass Recorder. Score and parts, Level is Intermediate. Photo
UE31481 (Rosin)
RECORDER TRIOS A LA CARTE arranged by Sylvia C Rosin of Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin. Three popular songs of Spanish origin. 1. 'La Paloma' (The Dove) by Sebastian de Yradier the melody was used by Bizet in his opera 'Carmen'. A melody known around the world. 2. 'Carmela' is a traditional folk song from Latin America 3. Tango Op. 165 #2 by Isaac Albeniz This famous tango comes from 'Espana-Six Album Leaves' Very enjoyable music to play. These lovely trios are arranged for: Soprano, Alto and Bass Recorders. Score and Parts, Level is Intermediate Photo
UE35731 - Recorder Trio Junior (Irmhild Beutler / Sylvia Rosin)
RECORDER TRIO JUNIOR arranged by Irmhild Beutler and Sylvia Rosin of Ensemble Dreklang Berlin. Interesting selections intended for those new to ensemble playing. The pieces are the beautiful Scottish folk song LOCH LOMOND, the syncopated swing of PARROTS OF THE CARRIBEAN, SALTARELLO a medieval dance, four Folk Songs set by Johannes Brahms and a Dance (1600)by Valentin Haussmann. Four selections are for SSA, four selections are for SAA recorders. Easy - Intermediate, 3 playing scores Photo