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Part Number and Description Price
Arcadian AP012 (Ferrabosco, A.)
DI SEI BASSI/ sextet BBBBBGb, from the English Renaissance, Intermediate
Arcadian AP038 (Gabrieli, G.)
EXAUDI DOMINE/ A motet for Sextet SSAATB, Intermediate and Up
Arcadian AP045 (M. Altenburg, M. Praetorius)
Arcadian AP098 (Franck, M.)
TWO INTRADAS/ Renaissance dances arranged for Sextet SSATTB, Intermediate
DOL0328 (Vitali)
Sinfonia a Sei (1684) / Score & parts, SSATTB
EM317 (Irnich, Herbert)
IMPROVISATIONS ON A HEBREW MELODY BY EMANUEL AMIRAN / Theme and variations composed in 1964. For Sextet SSAATT, Intermediate, score
EML0106 (Byrd)
Pavane & Galliard - set of scores / SSATTB
EML0117 (Altenburg)
2 Intradas - set of scores / SSATTB
EML0136 (Anonymous)
3 Instrumental Pieces from Durham - set of scores / SSATTGb
EML0171 (Thomas (ed))
2 Passamezzi from the Hessen Books - set of scores / SSATTB
EML0279 (White)
2 Pavans - set of scores / 6 r
EML0280 (Le Jeune - duCaurroy)
Prince, La France tu veut - 2 settings / set of scores - SSATB / SSATTB
EML0298 (Haussmann)
Paduan & Galliard (1604) - set of scores / SSATBB
EML0310 (Malvezzi)
2 Sinfonie (1589) - set of scores / SSATTB
EML0357 (Franck, Melchoir)
3 INTRADAS / from Musicalische Frolichkeit, 1610 Franck develops these pieces far beyond the normal limitations of the Intrada form. For SSATTB, Intermediate, 6 scores
Shannon GSM1031 (Glen Shannon)
RACLETTE, 2021 By Glen Shannon Composed for Manfred Harras, a distinguished Swiss recorder player, teacher and music editor. He requested a piece for tenor and bass recorders. Glen describes this piece as a close-harmony upbeat romp in a vaguely concerto grosso style. All three Tenor parts go up to high D. Includes score and parts. The playing level is Advanced. For TTTBBB recorder sextet. Photo
HACO008 (Touchin)
Staffordshire Festival / Score & parts, NSATBGb
HARA004 (Bach, JS - Victoria)
TWO CHRISTMAS PIECES In Dulci Jubilo by JS Bach for quintet SSATB, Intermediate & Up and O Magnum Mysterium by Spanish composer Tomas Luis de Victoria for quartet SATB, Intermediate, score and parts
HARA009 (Mussorgsky)
Gopak (Sorochintzy Fair) / Score & parts, NSAATB
HARA011 (Elgar)
Salut d'Amour / Score & parts, NSAATB
HARA019 (Schein)
Canzon a 6 / Score & parts, SSATTB
HARA038 (Faure)
Pavane / Score & parts, SSAATB
HARA049 (Palestrina)
Tu es Patrus / Score & parts, SSATTB
HARA054 (Purcell, H)
Rondeau from Abdelazer & Organ Voluntary Op6 - 5 / Score & parts, SSAATB; SSATB
HARA055 (Purcell, H)
Symphony / Score & parts, NSATBGb
HARA115 (Lewin)
Lincolnshire Poacher / Score & parts, SAATBGb
HARA117 (Palestrina / Byrd)
Two Settings of Haec Dies / Score & parts, SSATTB
HARA133 (Byrd)
Sing Joyfully / Score & parts, SSAATB
HARB030 (Alyson Lewin)
THREE WELSH PORTRAITS by Alyson Lewin to the Woodland Consort on the 75th Anniversary of The Clearing in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin. A trio of Welsh folksong settings - Y Mynach Du (The Black Monk) An elderly Benedictine monk listens to the bells as he goes about his day, and muses on their message. Dafydd y Garreg Wen (David of the White Rock) Dafydd the bard sets his affairs in order and bids farewell to those he loves. Rhyfelgyrch Capten Morgan (Captain Morgan's March) A stirring call to arms. Sextet: S,A,T,T,B,Gb, Intermediate, Score and parts
Geisler JE11 - A Mixolydian Fa La La (traditional)
MYXOLYDIAN FA LA LA - A Christmas 'classic' set for recorders after a vocal arrangement by Peter Ayer, 1983. This is Deck the Halls in an ancient mode. However, it is plenty modern in spirit and is perfect for those festive occasions. A SEXTET - SSTTTB or SAupTTTB for spice add glockenspiel and tambourine. Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler, Includes lyrics and score and parts.
Geisler JE22 - Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns)
AULD LANG SYNE (The Good Old Days) a song traditionally sung at midnight when horns are blown, confetti is thrown, and a general party atmosphere is created to ring in the New Year with happiness and hope for a bright and prosperous year. Robert Burns wrote the lyrics in the 1700's. Arranged by R. Geisler to be adaptable for various sizes from trio to octet, flexible score and parts, lyrics included.
Geisler JE53 - Tu Es Petrus (Palestrina, Giovanni)
TU ES PETRUS - Giovanni Palestrina (1525-1594). One of the great Renaissance composers. This motet is for the Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul text: Matthew 16:18,19 Text is on back cover. Arranged for recorders by R. Geisler, for Sextet SSATTB, score and parts.
LMP0015 (Whitney)
Gamut - 4 scores / NSATBGb Easy
LMP0022 (Lotti)
Truly He Hath Borne Our Grief / ATB Easy - 2 scores / AATTBB
LMP0045 (Bach, JS)
Brandenburg Concerto #6, B Major, Part 1 / Score & parts, AAATBB, Pf Advanced
LMP0045P (Bach, JS)
Brandenburg Concerto #6, B Major, Part 1 - parts each / AAATBB, Pf Advanced
LMP0045S (Bach, JS)
Brandenburg Concerto #6, B Major, Part 1 - score only / AAATBB, Pf Advanced
LMP0047 (Bach, JS)
Brandenburg Concerto #6, B Major, Part 3 / Score & parts, A-A-A-T-B-B-Cemb
LMP0047P (Bach, JS)
Brandenburg Concerto #6, B Major, Part 3 - parts each / A-A-A-T-B-B-Cemb
LMP0047S (Bach, JS)
Brandenburg Concerto #6, B Major, Part 3 - score only / AAATBB (Pf) Advanced
LPM0508 (Lassus, de)
Chi Chi Li Chi? / Score & parts, SSAATB
LPM0510 (Wilbye)
O Wretched Man / Score & parts, SSATTB
LPM0512 (Wilbye)
Draw on Sweet Night / Score & parts, rrrrrr
LPMDM18 (Allegri)
Dances from Il Primo Libro Delle Musiche (1618) -score / SSAATB
LPMEM07 (Philips)
Pavan Passamezzo / Score & parts, SSATTB
LPMEM09 (Anonymous)
In Nomine (1570) / Score & parts, SAATTB
LPMEM13 (Parsons)
The Song Called Trumpets / Score & parts, rrrrrr
LPMEM15 (Taverner)
Quemadmodum / Score & parts, SAATTB
LPMGM03 (Orologio)
12 Intradas (1597) / Score & parts, SSATTB
LPMGM05 (Orologio)
2 Intradas (1597) - set of scores / SSSSAA
LPMGM13 (Schein)
Canzon (bold theme) / Score & parts, SSATTB
LPMRB09 (Moulu)
2 Chansons / Score & parts, SAATTB
LPMRB10 (Corteccia)
2 Madrigals (1539) / Score & parts, SAATTB
LPMRB18 - Alma Redemptoris Mater (Ludwig Senfl)
ALMA REDEMPTORIS MATER by Ludwig Senfl Music from the Copenhagen Wind Collection. The basic plainsong is in the tenor part with the other lines playing leaborate counterpoint around it. Sextet, Score and parts. 1. Parts in orginal key-Alto up 8va,Alto up 8va,Tenor, Bass,Bass,Great Bass 2. Parts transposed, SSTTTB Photo
LPMREP8A (Willaert)
2 Chansons (A la fontaine du prez & Arousez vous) / Score & parts, SAATTB
LPMTM16 (Hassler)
Intradas and Gagliarda from Lustgarten, 1601 / Score & parts, SSATTB
LPMTM54 (Franck)
Seven Intradas (1608) / Score & parts, 5r, Bc - L ,
LPMTM70 ((various))
Twelve Dances from the Philidor Collection / Score & parts, 5-6 r
LPMVM12 (Gussago)
2 Sonatas (1608): La Badina, La Facca / Score & parts, SSAATT
MK00317 (Irnich, Herbert)
IMPROVISATIONS ON A HEBREW MELODY BY EMANUEL AMIRAN / Theme and variations composed in 1964. For Sextet SSAATT, Intermediate, score
MK00368 (Franck)
Five 6-Part Intradas / Score, SSATTB Medium
MK00401 (Zangius)
Dialogus, 1617 (double choir) / Score, ATB & SST Medium
MK00428.9 (Philips)
Pavan Passamezzo Deo fratiae (Monkemeyer ed.) / SSATTB
MK00463 (Altenburg)
TWO CHRISTMAS INTRADAS/ Nun komm der Heiden Heiland from Cantiones de Adventu, 1620 and Allein Gott in der Hoh sie Her from Newe Liebliche und Zierliche Intrade, 1620 For sextet S,S,A(8va),T,T,B, Intermediate, score
MK00522.3 (Altenburg)
SIX-PART CHORALES for ADVENT and CHRISTMAS/ Nun komm der heiden Heiland from Cantiones de Adventu, 1620 (which goes with the intrada in EM463) & Ein wunderschones Kindelein from Musicalische Weynacht - Zierde, 1621. German text in all parts of score. For sextet SSATTB, Intermediate, score
MK01550 (Kaser)
Dupuy Tren / ScP - 3-6 r
MK02137 (Fortin)
Lambsborner Nusse / Score, SSATBGb
MK02137P (Fortin)
Lambsborner Nusse - parts each / S-S-A-T-B-Gb
MK02140 (Teschner)
The Singing Mackerel (Die Singende Makrele) / Score & parts, SAATTB
MK03106 (Ferrabosco)
Two Fantasies (Nos. 3 & 6) / Score & parts, SSAABB
MP03000 (Brade)
Pavans and Galliards (1614) - bound score / 6 Various
MP03001 (Brade)
Pavans and Galliards (1614) - part book / Canto, all instr
MP03002 (Brade)
Pavans and Galliards (1614) - part book / Quinto, all instr
MP03003 (Brade)
Pavans and Galliards (1614) - part book / Alto recorder
MP03005 (Brade)
Pavans and Galliards (1614) - part book / Tenor recorder
MP03007 (Brade)
Pavans and Galliards (1614) - part book / Sesto recorder
MP03009 (Brade)
Pavans and Galliards (1614) - part book / Basso, all instr
N2859 (Raphael Benjamin Meyer)
SAFARI by Raphael Benjamin Meyer A Recorder Sextet for 6 WILD RECORDER PLAYERS! There are five sections to the composition: 'Sunrise on the African savannah', 'A flock of birds at the watering hole', Gazelles fleeing', 'A lion strolling at noon', 'The march of the elephant herd'. The many interesting rhythms found in traditional African music are used and the piece uses special effects to depict a certain tonal color or scene. The effects used are explained in the score. FOR: SSAATB RECORDERS (the first Sop.,Alto & Bass parts are more difficult than the 2nd Sop.,Alto & Tenor parts). Includes an 18 page score and recorder parts. Upper Intermediate to Advanced Photo
SINFONIA in d minor by Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848) arr. By Ulrich Hermann. A lively Classical work originally for oboes, clarinets, horns and bassoons. Our sight-reading group enjoyed it very much. Adding a contra-bass recorder to the bass line would be a very nice touch. SnoSAATB Score and Part, Upper Intermediate
NRJW6RE (Byrd)
Fantasia a 6, No. 2 / Score & parts, SSAATB-SSATTB
PAN0306 (Maasz)
Flauto a Sei, Book 6 / Score, SSSAAT
PAN0823 (Schuyt)
Padovane and Gagliarde, Vol. 1 - score & 3 part books / SSATTB
PAN0824 (Schuyt)
Padovane and Gagliarde, Vol. 2 - score & 3 part books / SSATTB
PEL0863 (Demantius)
New and Pleasing Intradas, Vol. 1 / Score, SSAATB
PEL0864 (Demantius)
Intradas, Galliards and Polish Dances / Score, SSAATB
PEL2032 (Altenburg)
Intraden, Vol. 1, I - IX / Score, SSATTB
PEL2033 (Altenburg)
Intraden, Vol. 2, X - XVI / Score, SSATTB
PP00047 (Bach, JS)
Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 / Score & parts, AATTBB Very Advanced
PP00067 (Byrd)
Christ Rising Again / Score & parts, AAATTB Medium
PP00070 (Byrd)
This Sweet and Merry Month of May / Score & parts, SSATTB Medium
PP00076 (Black)
Paper Doll (classic swing tune) / Score & parts, SATTBB-SATTBGb Medium
PP00100 (Morley)
Hard by a Crystal Fountain / Score & parts, SSATTB
PP00102 (East)
Quick, Quick, Away, Dispatch! / Score & parts, SSATTB Medium
PP00103 (East)
No Haste But Good! / Score & parts, SSATTB Medium
PP00123 (D'Ayer)
Oh! You Beautiful Doll! / Score & parts, SATTBB
PP00125 (Goldstein)
Isaiah 2: 2-5 / Score & parts, NSATBGb
PP00131 (Tomkins)
Music Divine / Score & parts, SSATTB
PP00134 (East)
Poor Is The Life / Score & parts, SSATTB
PP00141 (Bizet)
Galap from Jeux d'enfants, Op. 22 / Score & parts, NSAATB Advanced
PP00142 (Chopin)
Etude, Op. 10, No. 3 / Score & parts, NSATBGb Advanced
PP00153 (Mendelssohn - Bartholdy)
Pilgrims' Chorus from Italian Symphony, Op. 90 / Score & parts, NSATTB
PRBCCS62 (Harald Owen)
IN NOMINE FANTASIA (2008) by Harold Owen American composer, Based on the 16th century English composer Taverner's chant 'Gloria tibi Trinitas' from his mass of the same name. The In Nomine theme is presented in several ways. 1. in a quick, rhythmic version by the Alto and Bass recorders 2. by the lowest lines in long notes 3. another quick version in the soprano & tenors 4. a chorale-style version. It is a well-composed contemporary work for recorders & viols. FOR: SATB Recorders with Tenor & Bass Viols, works equally well with Great Bass Recorders on the viol lines. Includes Score and Parts, Intermediate and Up. It has a companion piece called 'Prelude' Photo
PRBCCS68 (Harold Owen)
PRELUDE (2009) by Harold Owen this piece is a companion piece to 'In Nomine Fantasia' also by Owen. Both can stand alone but make a lovely paring. The Prelude is a free-flowing piece in the manner of a baroque prelude and should be played in a relaxed gentle manner. For: SATB Recorders and Tenor and Bass Viols or works very well with two Great Bass Recorders. Intermediate and Up. Score and Parts. Photo
RFS0040 (Harris)
After The Ball (1892) / ScP - SATTB Easy
ST11581 (Wilbye)
Fantasia a 6 / Score & parts, SSAATB Medium
ST11814 (Hand)
Fanfare for a Festival, Op. 64 / Score & parts, SSATTB
ST12272 (Delius)
Sung of a Summer Night on the Water / Score & parts, SAATTB Medium
ST12388 ((various))
Recorder Consort Anthology, Vol. 2, French & Spanish
ST12392 (Thomas (ed))
Recorder Consort Anthology, Vol. 6, English Music