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Part Number and Description Price
ADC0011 (Vecchi)
Amor e Focoa 7 / Score & parts, SST & ATTB
ADC0022 (Lappi)
Canzone Decimaquinta L'Arborea a 8 / Score & parts, SSA & ATTB
ADC0026 (Bassano)
Hodie Christus Natus Est a 7 / Score & parts, SSA & SATB
ADC0053 (Grillo)
Canzon Quarta / Score & parts, SSAATTB
Arcadian AP067 (traditional)
A FRENCH NOEL (Traditional) / NSATTBGb
DOL0314 (Schutz)
Du Schalksknecht (expressive dissonances) / Score & parts, AATTTBBBc
DOL0320 (Schutz)
Auf dem Gebirge (a dramatically expressive piece) / Score & parts, AATTTBB
EML0292 (Ferretti)
2 Canzoni a 6 - set of scores / SAATTTB
EML0316 (Morley)
Phillis, I Fain Would Die Now - set of scores / SSA & ATTB
Shannon GSM1005 (Glen Shannon)
SUSPICION by Glen Shannon published 2012. Commissioned by Alexandra Terhoff of Dortmund, Germany for two of her recorder ensembles. The music is intended to be energizing, accessible for intermediate players, and most importantly FUN for both the players and audience. Throughout the piece, threads of staccato eighth-notes infuse the music with anxiety, play these passages impatiently, with super-light tonguing. In the development the main theme alternately undergoes fragmentation, stretchy rhythmic distortion, and finally replacement with a new theme floating in the highest parts. The collective mood brightens which begins a brief conference of solo statements in the upper parts answered by chromatic gestures in the basses. This little chat ends with a series of 'bell-tone' arpeggios that run downward through the whole ensemble. After a final climactic moment the piece ends with a quite recap. For recorder septet: sopranino,Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Great Bass, Contrabass, score and parts, Intermediate and Up.
HACO004 (Baker)
When I Learn to Fly, Op. 19 / Score & parts, SSAATTB
HACO007 (Lewin)
The Ladies of the Vale / Score & parts, SSAATTB
HARA008 (Joplin, Scott)
The Entertainer / Score & parts, NSAATTB
HARA035 (Beethoven)
Allegretto Scherzando / Score & parts, SSATTBGb
HARA065 (Praetorius)
Resonet in Laudibus / ScP, SSSSATB
HARA097 (Schutz)
DER ENGEL SPRACH ZU DEN HIRTEN/ set for 7 recorders SATTTBB by Greg Lewin. A Christmas motet from 1648 the words begin The Angel spoke to the shepherds: 'I bring you new of great joy. For septet SATTTB, Intermediate and Up, score and parts
HARB004 (Lewin)
Midsummer Morris / Score & parts, SSAATTB
Geisler JE27 - Once in Royal David's City (Alexander & Gauntlet)
ONCE IN ROYAL DAVID'S CITY (Christmas)- Words by C.F. Alexander 1818-1895 and music by H.J. Gauntlet 1805-1876. A stately English tune used as the processional that begins Cambridge College's annual Nine Lessons and Carols. Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler. Page one begins as SATB, page 2 builds to SSAATTB. Five playing scores with 7 verses if lyrics. Audio
LPM0506 (Gabrieli, G)
Exaudi Deus a 7 / Score & parts, AATTTBB
LPM0507 (LeJeune)
Susanne un Jour a 7 / Score & parts, SAATTTB
PP00068 (Bach, JS)
Sheep May Safely Graze / Score & parts, SAATTTB Advanced
PP00147 (Grieg)
Ave Maris Stella / Score & parts, SAATTBGb
TM00114 (Hold)
Rutterkin / Score & parts, SAATTBB