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Part Number and Description Price
0571507239 - PLAYFORD'S DANCING MASTER (editor, Jeremy Barlow)
PLAYFORD'S DANCING MASTER The Complete Country Dance Tunes (1651-ca. 1728) Edited by Jeremy Barlow. In its day it was the most popular collection of its kind. The tunes demonstrate the extraordinary richness and variety of popular melody in England during the late 17th & early 18th centuries. This book brings together under one cover, 535 tunes and their variants from the eighteen original editions. It provides a fund of musical material for performers, whether folk musicians or baroque instrumentalists and for class and instrumental music teachers. It is also an invaluable reference book for anyone interested in the history of English music. Playable on Soprano, Alto up 8va or Tenor Recorders, Intermediate, 136 pages Photo
AL25369 (Bach, JS)
SIX SUITES - Volume I by J.S. Bach. Initially composed for Cello between 1717 and 1723. Transcribed by Jean-Claude Veilhan for Alto Recorder it includes Suite I in G Major, Suite 2 in d minor, Suite 3 in C Major. The transcription keeps the original key and only some passages have to be played one octave higher than the original. The Prelude from Suite I is the most famous movement of the whole set of Suites and can be heard in many films, For ALTO Recorder in the treble clef, 28 pages. Upper-Intermediate to Advanced.
AL25421 (Bach, JS)
SIX SUITES - Vol II by J.S. Bach. The infamous Six Cello Suites are perfectly adapted for the Alto Recorder by Jean-Claude Veilhan. The second volume contains Suite 4 in F Major, Suite 5 in d minor, Suite 6 in Bb Major and includes phrase marks, dynamic markings, articulation, breath marks, and performance directions. For Alto Recorder in the treble clef. Upper-Intermediate to Advanced, 27 pages. Photo
AL27179 (Telemann, GP)
TWELVE NEW FANTASIAS (#13-24) by Georg Philipp Telemann Transcribed by Jean-Claude Veilhan for Alto Recorder, an instrument highly valued by Telemann, they were originally published in 1735 for violin. these are concise but varied compositions full of invention, with the element of fantasy pervading, the interpreter should respond accordingly. All dynamics & phrase markings are original. Truly beautiful music, a joy to play! For Alto Recorder solo, Upper-Intermediate to advanced, 25 page score. Photo
AL29100 (Bach, JS)
SIX SONATAS & PARTITAS - Vol 1 by J.S. Bach. BWV 1001, 1003,1005 Originally for solo violin, realized here by Jean Claude Veilhan for alto solo, Advanced
ASC0345 (Geysen,Frans)
KLEINE VEGETATIE (Small Vegetation),1974 & SOLO, 1992 were composed by Frans Geysen Frans says of 'Kleine Vegetatie': As do roots of a plant search their way and branches or tentacles explore space, here tones sway upward and downward effortlessly receding but never renouncing it's point of departure. 'Solos' feature is the intensified rhythm and dynamics, gradually receding. For SOLO ALTO RECORDER, The playing level is Advanced
ASC0348 (Geysen,Frans)
GEPROESTEROL (Titter), 1994 by Frans Geysen This is a piece to have fun with, as in a motion picture comedy in which the gaps are based on odd transitions and unpredictability. Continuity is assured in seven sequences with every time a different auditive surrounding, swaying back and forth, tumbling as in an amusement park. For ALTO RECORDER SOLO, Level is Advance.
DOL104 (Thomas, Bernard editor)
THE CONCERTO COLLECTION Vol 1 edited by Bernard Thomas A wonderful collection of concerto parts provides a source of technical practice material for the baroque repertoire. The music follows the originals as closely as possible with a minimum of editorial markings. Included are Vivaldi Concertos #RV441 & RV445, Telemann Concertos in C & F majors & Concerto di camera, Graupner Concerto in F, Baston Concerto #1 & #3. Allesandro Scarlatti Sinfonie. Modern editions are listed if one wants the accompanying four part string band. For Alto, Advanced 46 page music book. Photo
DOL111 (Thomas, Bernard editor)
THE BAROQUE SOLO BOOK The Essential 18th Century Unaccompanied Repertoire for Alto Recorder edited by Bernard Thomas. Works included the complete 'Preludes & Volluntarys' (1708) the preludes from the 'Division Flute' (1706), Preludes & Traits from 'L'Art De Preluder' by Hotteterre (1719), Telemann-'12 Fantasias' TWV40/2-13 (1727),Jean Daniel Braun- pieces from 'Pieces sans Basse'(1740), Quantz-solos from the Giedde Collection, J.S. Bach-'Partita' BWV 1013 (1722), C.P.E. Bach, 'Sonata' Wq. 132 (1763) Book is spiral bound, 121 pages, excellent editorial, & performance notes. Upper Intermediate to Advanced Alto players. Photo
DOL501 (Thomas (ed))
Select Preludes and Voluntaries (1708) / A
DOL502 (Hotteterre)
Preludes & Traits (from: L'Art du Preluder, 1719 / A
DOL503 (Telemann, GP)
12 Fantasies (c. 1728) / A
DOL504 (Bach, CPE)
Sonata in C Minor (Wq 132; bold & original) / A
ED10113 ((various))
PRELUDES and VOLUNTARIES edited by Rene Colwell from a 1708 British manuscript entitled Select Preludes and Vollentarys for the Flute being made and contriv'd for ye improvement of ye Hand with variety of compositions by all the Eminent masters in Europe. Flute at this time in Britain meaning alto recorder. Some of the eminent composers include H. Purcell, Pepusch, Keller, Albinoni, Finger, Corelli and others. Alto recorder, Intermediate & up, 24 page score
ED11221 (Hunt, Edgar)
THE BASS RECORDER/ Contains written discussion of aspects of playing the bass such as: Notation, Holding the Bass, Historical Notes, Repertoire, Fingering - the wider span & in relation to notation. A few short exercises & 1 musical selection by J.B. Loeillet.
ED4241 (Hessenberg / arranger)
DER TAG, DER IST SO FREUDEN-REICH/ 10 German carols for Advent, 22 for Christmas with German text For Alto and piano, Easy, straight forward playing of melody score & part
EP8203d1 (J.S. Bach)
RECORDER REPERTOIRE from the CANTATAS and ORATORIOS by JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH This volume contains all the recorder parts from 21 Cantatas, the 'Magnificate BWV 243, 'St Matthew's Passion' BWV 244 and the 'Easter Oratorio' BWV 249. This is the fourth and final volume of Bach's Flute Repertoire. There are 13 movements for 1 recorder, 20 movements for two recorders and 1 for three recorders. All parts are ALTO RECORDER although in the trio and some duets the bottom line may be playable on tenor recorder. The music has been compiled in the manner of an urtext edition, articulation and dynamic marks are original The book contains 94 pages. A valuable resource for recorder players. Photo
GH11464 (Moser)
Alrune / A
HL00138905 (various)
THE NEW BROADWAY FAKE BOOK - 645 SONGS from 285 SHOWS The shows are from 1914 'The Girl from Utah' music by Jerome Kern to 2015 'HAMILTON' lyrics & music by Lin-Manuel Miranda and everything in between, one hundred years of musicals! Includes Melody, Lyrics, Chords for guitar or keyboard. It is for voice & all 'C' instruments. The music is playable on Soprano Recorder, Tenor Recorder and Alto Recorder up-an-octave. The book is a large-format spiral-bound book with 692 pages and includes background notes on all 285 shows. For recorder players the level is Intermediate to Advanced. Photo
HL00175099 - SEFARAD (arranged by Velvel Paternak)
SEFARAD Sephardic Traditional and Ladino Songs compiled edited and arranged by Velvel Pasternak. Sephardic music is neither sad nor plaintive. It reflects the joy and happiness from Temple times and from the glorious period of the sojourning of the Sephardim on the Iberian Penninsula. The custom of singing table songs (Zemirot) on shabbat and holidays is said to be more than two thousand years old. The Sephardim, are proud of this tradition, and they adhere to their simple, but beautiful tunes with great precision. The same can be said of the may sacred synagogue hymns, which, in the course of the centuries have become an inseparable part of the Synagogue-liturgy. 198 pages Lyrics in both Spanish & English Some songs have piano or guitar accompaniment. For voice, playable on Soprano, Alto up 8va and Tenor Recorders. Photo
THE REAL LITTLE CLASSICAL FAKE BOOK/ It's size is 6'x9', features multiple indexes, categorical listings, long-lasting plastic-comb binding. Includes nearly every famous classical theme ever written. This unprededented book is a virtual encyclopedia of classical music, in one complete volume. The only classical fake book that features: Over 165 classical composers, Over 600 classical themes in their original keys, Lyrics in original language, A time line of major classical composers. This is a C instrument melody book and is playable on recorders- some songs will work well on soprano or tenor and others work best on alto or alto (up an octave.) Various levels of ability
THE REAL LITTLE ULTIMATE FAKE BOOK- 4th EDITION/ Over 1200 songs! Features: guitar chord frames; plastic-comb binding; index by musical category: big band, Broadway, Christmas, inspirational, college, country, hits of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, singalongs, standards, jazz, polkas and more; This is a C instrument melody book and is playable on recorders- some songs will work well on soprano or tenor and others work best on alto or alto (up an octave). Various levels of ability
SACRED SONGS FOR INSTRUMENTS / arranged by Fred Bock 15 songs: Blessed Assurance, His Eye Is on the Sparrow, Softly and Tenderly, Thou Art Worthy and more. Melody and harmony for solo or duet oc. This is a C instrument book (recorder, flute, oboe, violin, viola) - some hymns will work well on soprano or tenor & others may work best on alto or alto (up an tave) or bass recorder. Other compatible editions in Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef are available.
INSTRUMENTS IN PRAISE / arranged by Lloyd Larson. Eight songs: 1. Come, Thou Fount 2.Come, We That Love the Lord 3. Day by Day 4. With Each Passing 5. Moment 6. Deep River 7. Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us 8. Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus. Melody and harmony for solo or duet. This is a C instrument book (recorder, flute, oboe, violin, viola) - some songs will work well on soprano or tenor & others may work best on alto or alto (up an octave) or bass recorder. Other compatible editions in Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef are available.
INSTRUMENTAL PRAISE & WORHIP / arranged by Fred Bock 15 songs: As the Deer, Give Thanks, He Is Exalted, His Name Is Wonderful, How Majestic Is Your Name, Our God Reigns, We have Come into His House and more. Melody and harmony for solo or duet. This is a C instrument book (recorder, flute, oboe, violin, viola) - some hymns will work well on soprano or tenor & others may work best on alto or alto (up an octave) or bass recorder. Other compatible editions in Bb, Eb, and Bass Clef are available.
LMP0064 (Krahmer)
18 Studies from Neuste Theo. Practische Csakan... / A Easy-Medium
LPMREP1 (Virgiliano)
13 Ricercate from Il Dolcimelo / r
LPMREP10 (Bassano)
8 Ricercari (1585) / r
O'CAROLAN'S TUNES for ALTO RECORDER 44 tunes arranged for Alto Recorder by Richard Voss Some tunes are: John Drury, Carolan's Night Cap, Carolan's Welcome, Dr. John Stafford, One More bottle, Mrs. Maxwell, Sheebeg and Sheemore, Planxty Burke, George Reynold's Advice, Ode to Whiskey, All alive, Kitty Magennis, Captain Dudley, Planxty Drew, Baptist Johnston. The playing book is 33 pages includes historical notes and a fingering chart for ALTO RECORDER. Intermediate
MK00047 (Moeck)
Three Suites from a Recorder Book (about 1700) / A Easy
MK00247 (Barthel, Rudolf)
CHRISTMAS TUNES with VARIATIONS/ very satisfying variations on carols such as Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen, In dulci jubilo & Still, still, still and 3 others. For solo soprano or alto recorder, Upper Intermediate, score
MK00484 (Nobis)
Seven Phases / A Easy
MK00498 (Cooke)
Inventions / A Easy
MK00532 (Carr - Salter)
The Delightful Companion / A Medium
MK00536.7 (Salter)
The Genteel Companion / A Medium
MK00542.3 (Ariosti)
Arias from the Operas Vespasian & Coriolanus / A Medium
MK00559 (Lolkes)
Impressions / A Medium-Advanced
MK00566.7 (Handel)
Arias from Operas / A Medium
MK00730 (Roberts-James)
Variations on Daphne, Op. 5 / S, A
MK01504 (Roeseling)
2 Sonatas (contemporary) / A
MK01520 (Gieseler)
Breviarium / A
MK01522 (Du Bois)
Pastoral VII (contemporary) / A
MK01534 (Riehm)
Gebraiechliches (contemporary) / A
MK01535 (Kroll)
Con Licenza / A
MK01549 (Hashagen)
Gesten, (with cassette) contemporary / r, tape
MK01559 (Szalonek)
The Head of Medusa / 1-3 A
MK01560 (Witzenmann)
Rastermodell II / A
MK01567 (Tsoupaki)
Charavgi (Early Dawn) for Renaissance Alto / A
MK01575 (Dorwarth)
Talk With a Snail's House & Himself / A
MK01578 (Polacchi)
Memoria / A
MK01584 (Braun)
Albumblatter / A
MK01585 (Heider)
3 Solos: Encounters (Walter Hekster), Siri (Steenhoven), Hot Stones (Will Sism) for alto solo, difficult
MK01590 (Coates)
Breaking Through / A
MK01591 (Lara)
Icaro / A
MK01594 (Roberts-James)
Fiddlesticks, Op. 2 Homage to the Violin / A
MK02507 (Braun)
Schattenbilder / A
MK02510 (Lorenz)
Dances of the Jongleurs of Mediaeval Italy, Vol. 1 / r
MK02515 (Lorenz)
Dances of the Jongleurs of Mediaeval Italy, Vol. 2 / r
MK02524 (Bach, JS)
Partita in C Minor / A Advanced
MK02530 (Handel)
Stay Shepherd Stay-Overtures & Arias from Operas, Vol. 1 / A Medium
MK02540 (Handel)
Stay Shepherd Stay-Overtures & Arias from Operas, Vol. 2 / A Medium
MK02542 (Bach, JS)
Sonata in F Major (BWV 1033) / A Advanced
MK02561 (Thorn)
The Voice of the Crocodile / B Advanced
MK02817 (Hekster - Steenhoven+)
3 Solos: Encounter, Siri & Hot Stones / A
MM00018 (Bixler (ed))
American Folksongs from the Southern Mountains (18 songs) / A Easy
MM00021 (Bergmann)
For the Sopranino Recorder Player (16 pcs. Vivaldi +) / N Medium
MM00023 (Bergmann)
For the Alto Recorder Player (15 pcs. Bach, Handel+) / A Medium
MM00025 (Bergmann)
For the Bass Recorder Player (18 pcs. Faber, Telemann+) / B Medium
N3926 (Ulrich Herrmann)
SONATAS, SONATINAS, FANTASIAS for ALTO SOLO/ Six new neo-Baroque solo works by this contemporary composer and the editor of C.F. Peters
OFB016 (Carr)
THE DELIGHTFUL COMPANION, 1686 by Robert Carr, published both by Carr and John Playford. Music from a time when the recorder was enjoying great popularity. This edition contains a selection of 50 short ornamented tunes from what was originally a method book. For Alto Recorder, 10 pages, The playing level is Intermediate. Photo
OFB021 (Ruf)
SOLO PIECES AND SUITES (from 18th Century collections)The first 12 solo pieces in the book are from two publishers one in London and one in Amsterdam. These tunes are not difficult and were composed for alto recorder. The majority of the book contains seven Suites for Alto Recorder in a minor, g minor, F Major, D Major, g minor, e minor & d minor by Daniel Demoivre. Daniel was a professional recorder player and teacher in London in the 18th Century. These Suites are of great musical and technical value. The movements in the Suites are the perfect length & difficulty for Intermediate players, which makes them very satisfying. For Alto Recorder, 24 pages, Easy to Intermediate
OFB046 (Linde)
OFB048 (Linde)
Music for a Bird / A Advanced
OFB095 (Staeps)
VIRTUOSO SUITE (1961) by HANS ULRICH STAEPS for ALTO RECORDER SOLO Playing level is advanced
OFB101 (Telemann, GP)
SIX FANTASIAS by Georg Philipp Telemann Numbers 1-C Major,3-d minor,7-F Major,8-g minor,10-a minor & 11-Bb Major from Telemann's first 'Twelve Fantasias'. Originally for flute, they have been transposed up a minor third for recorder which was a common practice endorsed by Telemann other composers of his day. The particular attraction of these masterful pieces lies in the alternation of rhythmically and melodically free forms with definite dance movements. Only subtle and careful articulation will do justice to the musical riches of these fantasias. The slurs are original by Telemann. For Alto Recorder Solo, 15 pages, Intermediate to Advanced Photo
OFB126 (Hotteterre)
48 Preludes / A Medium
OFB147 (Boismortier)
6 Suites, Op. 35 (1731) by Joseph Bodin Boismortier For Alto Recorder, transposed, as was the common practice in the 18th century, from the original flute edition. These are some of the most beautiful and satisfying Baroque solo pieces to practice. Boismortier said of his SIX SUITES 'that they were furnished with all the necessary ornaments.' A popular genre of this time was nature, in Suite VI there are 2 movements titled a 'chorus of birds' that is a gem and works beautifully on recorder. For ALTO RECORDER, 24 pages, Intermediate to Advanced. Photo
OFB154 (Linde)
Marchen (Fairy Tales), 1981 composed by Hans-Martin Linde for ONE RECORDER PLAYER The work is based on text from Marchen 'Der metaphysische Kanarienvogel' by Hans von Flesch-Brunningen, 1919. There are seven movements each one is to be played on a different recorder #1. voice, #2. Tenor Recorder #3. Alto Recorder #4. Bass Recorder #5. Sopranino Recorder #6. Tenor Recorder #7. Alto Recorder. The movements are short in length. The entire piece requires the use of numerous contemporary techniques as described by Linde in the Performace Directions. Playing level is Advanced Photo
OFB155 (Delius)
Cibells, Divisions & Other Old English Pieces / A Medium
OFB156 (Linde)
OFB165 (Linde)
Una Follia Nuova / A Advanced
OFB180 (Regner)
Meditationen (3 Pieces for Treble Recorder) / A
PAN0213 (Handel)
Pieces for a Musical Clock / A
PAN0312 (Hess)
Partita / A
PAN0880 (Vivaldi)
Sonata G Minor / S, A
PAR0101 (Robinson)
TRADITIONAL IRISH MUSIC FOR ALTO RECORDER edited by Andrew Robinson, Includes information on ornaments, slurs & breathing 21 pieces, Intermediate
PEL0750 (Schoch)
My Solo Alto Recorder / A
PEL0975 (Bassano)
Ricercate, Passaggi et Cadentie 1585 / A
PP00019 (Handel)
Four Sonatas (G minor, A minor, C Major & F Major) / A Advanced
PP00019CD (Handel)
Four Sonatas, CD with the harpsichord accompaniment / CD
PRM552 (Marg Hall)
ONE ON THE COOL SIDE composed by Marg Hall Four Jazzy Solos for Alto Recorder 1. The Twinkle in John's Eye (Fast 4/4, Swung eighth notes), 2. Waltz for Jackey (fast 3/4, swung eighth notes, finger vibrato, Taking It Easy (moderate 4/4 swung eighth notes, glissando, finger vibrato), 4. In The Fast Lane (Very Fast 4/4, swung eighth notes, finger vibrato). Challenging and fun to play! for Alto Recorder, Playing score, Upper-Intermediate to Advance Photo
RCE0014 (Tucker)
Sonata & Romanza / A
RGS0003 (Castle)
Suite in Spanish Style / A,G
SP02328 (Krahmer)
Twelve Divertimenti for Solo Czakan / A Advanced
ST04248A (Rohr - Lehn)
Treble Recorder Pieces / A Easy-Medium
ST04375 (Rein - Lang)
German Folksongs (German text), score / r Easy Special Import
ST04514 (Maasz)
Kleine Suite / Score & parts, S or A, Pf
ST04796 (Runge)
Solo Book for Alto, Book 1 / A Easy
ST05241 (Runge)
Solo Book for Alto, Book 2 / A Medium
ST06351 (Rohr - Lehn)
Vortragsbuchlein fur die Schule / A
ST06605 (Doflein - Delius)
The Flute Master / A Medium
ST07316 (Delius)
52 Catches (Kanons) / A
ST07781 (Linde)
Bach (JS & CP) for Treble Recorder ( 5 movements) / A
ST07782 (Linde)
Solo Pieces of Old Masters (12 selected pieces) / A
ST10113 (Colwell)
Preludes & Voluntaries (1708; Pepusch, Finger & others) / A Medium-Advanced
ST10492 (Bramley)
Garland of Melodies / A Easy
ST10788 (Godman (ed))
22 Tunes for Treble Recorder (from Compleat Tutor, 1770) / A Medium
ST11631 (Hotteterre)
Echos (1708) / A Medium
ST11666 (Cooke)
Serial Theme and Variations / A
ST12148 (Quantz)
Caprices and Fantasias / A Medium-Advanced
ST12154 (Bach, JS)
Partita (BWV 1013) / A Medium
ST12216 (Giesbert)
15 Solos by 18th Century Composers / A Medium-Advanced
ST12217 (Bramley (ed))
A Garland of Melodies (78 short pieces, Purcell + others) / A Medium
ST12266 (Capek)
50 Renaissance Dance Tunes / A Easy-Medium
TMR0001 (Du Bois)
Music for Treble Recorder (contemporary) / A Advanced
TMR2 (Andriessen)
SWEET, 1972 composed by 20th-century Dutch composer Louis Andriessen for the preeminent recorder player, Frans Bruggen. Andriessen studied with Luciano Berio and was influenced by Cage and Stockhausen. No contemporary techniques are required however, it is virtuostic.
UE30214 (Pete Rose)
I'D RATHER BE IN PHILADELPHIA,1992 by 20th-century American composer PETE ROSE. Commissioned by recorderist Judith Linsenberg. It was meant to be a lighthearted musical memento of an informal get-together that took place while she was visiting her parents in Philadelphia. There are 3 movements. The first is 'Optometrist' a written-out jazz solo on the chord progression of the popular song 'Them There Eyes.' The second is 'Lunch' which ends with a similar jazz solo on the chords of 'Tea for Two'. 'Shoe Store' is based on the traditional 12-bar blues, it has a melodic motive from the American folk song 'Old Joe Clark'. For ALTO RECORDER SOLO, requires humming while playing, Playing level is Advanced Photo
UE31222E (Fortin, Viktor editor)
RECORDER MUSIC FOR YOUNG PLAYERS / This collection taken from the extensive catalogue of Universal Editions is meant to arouse curiosity, by providing a musical bite from various styles and eras. There are 6 soprano solos, 6 alto solos, 17 duets, 26 pieces for 1 recorder & keyboard or guitar. Ranging in periods from medieval to the 20th century, composers include Handel, Mozart, Pete Rose, Dieupart, Chedeville, Hans Ulrich Staeps and many more. An excellent way for teachers to introduce many styles of music to their students or the amateur who wants to experience this also. Intermediate to upper intermediate, score & part.
UE31970 (Irmhild Beutler Martin Ripper Sylvia Rosen)
BASS RECORDER WORKSHOP Vol 1/ Learn to play bass recorder in ensemble with Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin.. Contains a bass workbook with exercises that introduce the notes in the bass clef, excellent articulation exercises and advice for improving technique (that applies to any size recorder). All the exercises are on the CD along with demonstrations, so you are working along with the teacher. Also included are a score and complete set of parts for the ensemble music. The pieces are Ungaresca, Petrushka, Les Bouffons, The Washerwomen's Bransle, Scarborough Fair. Informative background notes are given for each piece. It is recorded twice on the CD - with and without the bass part. Having all the parts mean you can play along with theses wonderfully, enthusiastic performers on any of the recorder parts or work on the music with your own recorder group. One of the most complete teaching systems to come along in years!
UE31971 (Irmhild Beutler Martin Ripper Sylvia Rosen)
BASS RECORDER WORKSHOP Vol 2/ Continues from volume 1. In the bass workbook the remainder of the notes are added and indepth attention is given to breathing and intonation on recorder. This is the best discussion of intonation I have ever come across. All recorder players should read this advice. Then, like in book 1 the CD contains all the exercises and demonstrations of the topics discussed in the book. Included are a score and complete set of parts. The ensemble pieces are Dindiridin, Greensleeves, Un poquito canto, a Menuet by Mattheson and Pari intervallo by Estonain composer Arvo Part. Both a 'high' and 'low' version of the Arvo Part are included. Informative background notes are given for each piece. It is recommended that both books be purchased together to receive the full benefits of this great teaching package.
UE31972 - Bass Recorder Workshop vol 3 (Beutler/Ripper/Rosin/)
BASS RECORDER WORKSHOP VOL 3 by Irmhild Beutler, Martin Ripper & Sylvia Rosen of Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin. The Bass work book 3 deals with the lowest, highest and troublesome notes on bass - Low F#,G#, high G', C#' G', F#', Ab' with numerous exercises, scales with emphasis on the chromatic scale. The ensemble pieces are: 1. a selection from Mendolssohn's oratorio Elijah, a beautiful work arranged for three Basses. 2. A jazzed up version of the spiritual Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho for 2 Altos & Bass 3. Andante from Telemann's duet Sonata II arranged for two Basses. Included is A full score, bass exercise and technique workbook, 3 parts for the ensemble music, CD with full demonstration performances and play-along tracks. Well worth the price!
UE37222 (Tilmann Dehnhard)
EASY JAZZ STUDIES for ALTO RECORDER Listen, Learn, Play by Tilmann Dehnhard Ten compositions providing the ideal entry point into Jazz. The pieces are based on chord progressions of well-known standards. Articulation markings and phrasing help you get into the Jazz style. The accompanying CD features multiple recordings at various tempos for each piece as well as versions without the soloist. Acoustic guitar is the accompanying instrument. Included in the preface is information on off-beat articulation, straight and swing eighths, ornamentation. For ALTO RECORDER, Includes 18 page recorder party and CD Intermediate to Advanced Photo