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Part Number and Description Price
Arcadian AP008 (Padilla, J.)
EL RELICARIO/ (pasodoble/ Spanish March), NATB, Intermediate
Arcadian AP014 (Scarlatti, A.)
SONATE/ quartet BBBB, Scarlatti's dates are 1660-1725. The work is in 3 movements with nice interplay between the parts, Intermediate
Arcadian AP016 (Telemann, GP)
LA CACCIA/ quartet BBBB, two movements (Pastorale & Vivace) by one of the greatest Baroque composers. Intermediate
Arcadian AP025 (Texidor, J.)
AMPARITO ROCA/ (Pasodoble/Spanish March), NSTB, Upper Intermediate
Arcadian AP035 (Aufderheide, M.)
RICHMOND RAG/ NATB, Intermediate and Up
Arcadian AP043 (Sousa, J. P.)
Arcadian AP049 (Aufderheide, M.)
DUSTY RAG/ NATB, Intermediate and Up
Arcadian AP051 (Tschaikowsky, PI)
OUVERTURE MINIATURE (From: 'Nutcracker Suite') / NATB
Arcadian AP092 (Sousa, J. P.)
THUNDERER, THE/ NATB, Upper Intermediate
Arcadian AP113 (Mozart, W.)
EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIC - The Allegro/ quartet BBBGb, from one of Mozart's most well-known compositions. Upper Intermediate
Arcadian AP168 (Harry Von Tilzer)
THE ALCOHOLIC BLUES, 1919 by Harry von Tilzer Blues, the American art form was born in the Mississippi delta around the turn of the 19th century. Stan Davis has arranged this for recorders ATBGB, program notes, Intermediate +, score and parts
Arcadian AP199 (Bartok)
BARTOK for BASSES Suite of six Hungarian & Rumanian folk songs and dances. Arranged by Stan Davis for recorder quartet of 2 Basses, Great Bass & Contra Bass, program notes,score & parts, Intermediate & up
AP220 ('Duke' Ellington)
IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD composed by Duke Ellington in 1935 and recorded it with his orchestra the same year. Lyrics were later written for the tune by Manny Kurtz. Ellington recorded his best-known version together with John Coltrane featured on the albums 'Duke Ellington and John Coltrane' and 'Coltrane for Lovers'. Arranged by Stan Davis for Recorder Quartet: ATBB Recorders. Includes: score with background notes and lyrics, and recorder parts. Upper Intermediate to Advanced.
Arcadian AP225 (Morgan Lewis & Nancy Hamilton)
HOW HIGH the MOON music by Morgan Lewis, lyrics by Nancy Hamilton A jazz standard. it was featured in the 1940 Broadway revue 'Two for the Show'. Recorded by the likes of Benny Goodman and his Orchestra, Les Paul and Mary Ford, and Ella Fitzgerald. Arranged by Stan Davis for Recorder Quartet:TTTB recorders. Includes: score with background notes and lyrics, and recorder parts. Intermediate to Advanced
DHP1064043 (Johann Strauss)
PIZZICATO POLKA by Johann Strauss arranged by Joris Van Geothem, member of the Flanders Recorder Quartet. This airy humorous polka requires a playful performance. Johann Strauss became known as the waltz king. He lifted the Viennese waltz from the dance hall to the concert stage. Arranged for recorder quartet SSAB or SSAT(an optional tenor part is included in place of the bass. Includes a 14 page score and the five recorder parts. Photo
DOL0116 (Bernstein)
THE MEDIEVAL COLLECTION arranged by Larry Bernstein 24 pieces from the 13th -15th centuries for 2 and 3 recorders. This anthology is intended to provide and easy introduction to the some-times inscrutable world of medieval music. There are pieces in many forms, both sacred and secular from across Europe. 8 duets, 15 trios, 1 AATT quartet Various combinations of soprano, alto & tenor, Intermediate and Up. score
DOL0305 (Telemann, GP)
Concerto in F (a strong & exciting piece) / score & parts, AAAA
DOL0315 (Boismortier)
Concerto Op. 15, No. 2 in C Minor / score & parts, AAAA (Bc)
ED10752 (Simpson, Kenneth)
DESCANTS IN CONSORT / Seven pieces in 2, 3, and 4 parts for sopranos. Range is up to high G, only F# is needed. Breaths and articulation are indicated. lower intermediate.
ED12329 (Bonsor)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas / score, SA x 2,Orff, Pf Easy
ED12329-01 (Bonsor)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas / set of parts, SA x 2,Orff, Pf
EML0132 (Broda, de)
Der Pfauen Schwanz / set of scores, SAAT
EML0144 (Dufay)
2 Rondeaux / set of scores, AATT
EML0146 (Mico)
2 Pavans / set of scores, SSAB
EML0156 (Machaut, de)
2 Rondeaux (Rose, Liz, Printemps, Tant doucement) set sc. / AATT
EML0272 (Taverner / Tallis)
Two In Nominee Settings / set of scores, rrrr
EML0283 (Moulu)
Quam Pulchra Es / set of scores, rrrr
EML0288 (Silva)
O Virgo Benedicta / set of scores, TTTB
EML0289 (LeJeune)
2 Chansons a 4 / set of scores, SAAT
GSM1034 (Glen Shannon)
MISSA SUPER-BREVIS 'Ave Barry, ursus coeli',2022 by Glen Shannon Commissioned by the Washington DC Recorder Society in memory of Barry Moyer (1944-2021). Barry was a beloved participant at Early Music Workshop in the US & Europe. Barry's favorite musical style was Renaissance polyphony of the '5th & 16th centuries. Glen composed a Mass with two Kyries, a 3-part Christe, a slow requiescat in pace, and a Gloria. Barry's name appears in solmization in all parts throughout the piece. There are two settings high (GSM1035) & low. This is the low version for ATBGb recorders, It includes score and parts, Intermediate to advanced. Photo
HARA057 (Purcell, H)
Chaconne / score & parts, SSAB
HARA058 (Clark)
Five Pieces from Piae Cantiones (1582) / ScP, SATB
HARA103 (Mozart, WA)
Rondo alla Turca / score & parts, NSAT
Geisler JE01 - Away in a Manger (traditional Normandy carol)
AWAY IN A MANGER - traditional Normandy carol, based on the choral arrangment by Reginald Jacques. If you want beautiful Christmas music, this lullaby along with the Willcocks are the ones. Arranged by R. Geisler for quartet SATB but may be played SA or ST. Lyrics included, four playing scores. This edition is out of print. Please refer to another arrangement 3 Ways to the Manger JE65
Geisler JE06 - Cradle Song (traditional Flemish Carol)
CRADLE SONG - Traditional Flemish Christmas carol. Based on the choral arrangement by John Rutter with permission of Oxford Univ. Press. This lullaby begins with the melody in the soprano then it passes to the tenor and bass, concluding in 5 parts SSATB. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quintet SSATB, may also be played SA, SAT or SATB. Includes lyrics and five playing scores.
LCC0025 (Perotin)
Viderunt/ Vide Prophecie (c. 1160-1238) / score & parts, SSSS- TTTT
VIDERUNT by Perotin (c. 1160-1238) Perhaps one of the earliest European carols - first performed on Fri. Dec. 25, 1198. Behold! The prophecy is finally fulfilled,For voices & or four tenor recordes, Intermediate, score & parts
LMP0010 (Whitney)
The Bass Quartet / score & parts, BBBB Easy
LMP0018 (Pachelbel)
Canon in D / score, TTTB Medium
LMP0036 (Whitney)
Mozart Rides Again / score & parts, AAAT-AATT Medium
LMP0046 (Bach, JS)
Brandenburg Concerto #6, B Major, Part 2 / score & parts, AABB (Pf) Easy-Medium
LMP0046P (Bach, JS)
Brandenburg Concerto #6, B Major, Part 2/ parts each, A-A-B-B-Cemb
LMP0046S (Bach, JS)
Brandenburg Concerto #6, B Major, Part 2 / score, AABB (Pf) Easy-Medium
LMP0087 (Phelps)
Quartet for Basses / score & parts, BBBB Easy
LMP0108 (Nanino)
Abounding Grace / score & parts, ATBB-TTBGb
LMP0117 (Billings)
3 Sacred Canons (New England Psalm Singer 1770) / score, SSSS-AAAA
LMP0143 (Anonymous)
Nastu Peu Veu la Mistodina (Canti C 1504) / score & parts, STTB
LPM0205 (Ghiselin)
La Spagna a 4 / score & parts, SATT-ATBB
LPM0509 (Festa)
Quam Pulchra Es / score & parts, AAAT
LPMDM05 (Zanetti)
Il Scolaro (1645), Vol. 1 / score, Var.:SSAB
LPMDM06 (Zanetti)
Il Scolaro (1645), Vol. 2 / score, Var.:SSAB
LPMVM19a (Canali)
Battaglia Francese - set of high parts / SAAT
MK00093 (Bresgen)
The Times of the Day (contemporary) / score, SSSA Easy
MK00144 (Oberborbeck)
A Short Christmas Oratorio / score, SAT - SSA - SAAT+ Medium
MK00152 (Unger (ed))
Hungarian Folk Songs: collections of Bartok & Kodaly / SSSA Easy
MK00279 (Beethoven)
Allegro & Minuet for a Flute Clock / score, SATT Medium
MK00346 (Serocki)
Serene Suite (contemporary) / score, SAAT Advanced
MK00354 (Staeps)
Christmas Music / score, SAAT Medium
MK00358 (Bruckmann)
Ornithological Suite (contemporary) / score, SSAA Medium
MK00418 (Fegers)
Suite after Scottish Folk Tunes / score, SSAB Easy-Medium
MK00476.7 (Frescobaldi)
Fantasia (1608) / score, SAAB Advanced
MK00491 (Agricola)
Four Fugues (1532) Musica spiritualis / score, SAAB Medium
MK00494.5 (Senfl)
Tandernaken (Dutch Folksongs) / score - ATB, STTB Advanced
MK00548.9 (Mortaro)
Canzoni da Sonare a Quattro Voci, 1600 / score, SAAT Easy
MK00601 (Staden)
Balli, Couranten & Gagliarden, 1606 (Monkemeyer ed.) / NSAT Easy
MK00681 (Dadiani)
Two Georgian Ecclesiastical Songs / score, SAT; SAAT
MK00702 (Maute)
Ricercar / score, AAAB
MK00708.9 (Laburda)
Holidays in the Country / score, SSAA
MK01515 (Stockmeier)
Structures & Refrains / score & parts, SAAA
MK01574 (Dorwarth)
Das Grosse Lalula / set of scores, AAAA
MK01577 (Huisman)
A Short History of Life / score & parts, AAAA
MK01582 (Dorwarth)
Der Hecht (The Pike) / set of scores, AAAA
MK01583 (Thomas)
Inherent Patterns (short self-repeating motifs) / score & parts, TTTT
MK01599 (Schollhorn)
Windmaschine (modern notation!) / set of scores, SSSS
MK02802 (Steenhoven)
Wolken / score & parts, AAAA
MK02805 (Mancini)
On The Trail of the Pink Panther / score & parts, ATBGb-ATTGb
MK02807 (Purcell, H)
Pavane in C Minor & Fantasie in A Minor / score & parts, AAAB
MK02810 (Manneke)
Loeki Stardust Quartet's Archipel I / score & parts, TTBB
MK02816 (Rose, Pete)
TALL P./ by Pete Rose, It was first performed at the 1990 Internationales Blockfloten Symposion in Karlsruhe, Germany. Written in Jazz idiom known as Bebop and dedicated to Paul Leenhout, a member of the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet. The heartbeat of the piece can be found in the Great Bass part. For A, T, B, GB, Upper Intermediate/Advanced, score and parts
MK02821 (Lasso, de)
Susana un Jur / score & parts, TBGbCb
MK02822 (Crequillon)
Un Gay Bergier / score & parts, TBGbCb
MP01000 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - bound score / 3-5 Various
MP01001 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Cantus all instr
MP01002 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Medius all instr
MP01004 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Altus, recorder
MP01006 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Tenor recorder
MP01007 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Bassus all instr
MP07000 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621 / Score, 4-5 r (Bc)
MP07002 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book / Quinta
MP07003 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book / Altus wind
MP07004 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg,1621 - part book / Altus string
MP07005 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book / Tenor wind
MP07006 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book / Tenor string
MP07007 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book / Bassus
MR00059 (Tschaikowsky, PI)
Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy / score, SAAT Medium
N2783 (Martina Bergmann)
CHRISTMAS WITH A DIFFERENCE arranged by Martina Bergmann for LOW RECORDERS ATTB (or GB) European and American carols. Jazz harmonies and rhythms accompany the carol melody in the top part - Alto recorder (Soprano may be substituted, part included) Martina creates fresh new harmonies for old and traditional carols. Some carols are: Ihr Kinderlein kommet, 1794, Es is ein Ros entrprsprungen, 16th ce., Angels We Have Heard on High, Kling, Glockche, 19th cen., O Come All Ye Faithful, Daughter of Zion by GF Handel etc. Includes 24-page score and parts. Intermediate and Up Photo
PAN0304 (Maasz)
Flauto a Quattro / score, SSAA
PP00002 (Palestrina)
Adoramus te / score & parts, TTBGb Easy
PP00004 (Vivaldi)
Allegro, from Opus 3, No. 11 / score & parts, SAAB Advanced
PP00006 (Bach, JS)
Aria / score & parts, ATBB Medium
PP00012 (Vivaldi)
Largo from Concerto in F Minor / score & parts, NATB Medium
PP00027 (Schubert)
In Memoriam / score & parts, TTTB Easy
PP00037 (Mozart, WA)
Rondo - Sonata No. 1 / score & parts, AAAT Advanced
PP00046 (Bach, JS)
Allegro from Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 / score & parts, AAAT Very Advanced
PP00048 (Bach, JS)
Fuga VII from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol. II-/ score & parts, SAAB Medium
PP00049 (Bach, JS)
Andante from Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 / score & parts, SAAB Medium
PP00088 (Goldstein)
Quartets for Basses / score & parts, BBBB-TBBB Easy-Medium
PP00090 (Frescobaldi)
Ricercare Primo / score & parts, SAAB Medium
PP00094 (Handel)
Fugue in D Minor (G 163) / score & parts, SATGb
PP00095 (Handel)
Fugue in A Minor (G 194) / score & parts, ATBCb Advanced
PP00096 (Handel)
Fugue in D Minor (G 17) / score & parts, ATBGb Advanced
PP00097 (Handel)
Fugue in D Minor (G 27) / score & parts, ATBCb Advanced
PP00098 (Handel)
Fugue in D Minor (G 264) / score & parts, ATBGb Advanced
PP00115 (Frescobaldi)
Ricercare Nono / score & parts, SAAB Medium
PP00116 (Bach, JS)
Badinerie (from Orchestral Suite, No. 2 in B minor/ score & parts, SAAB Medium
PP00130 (Wilbye)
Lady When I Behold / score & parts, SSTB Medium
PRB3 (Jenkins, Leonie)
SHORELINE SUITE / by Leonie Jenkins Composed in the 1980's this charming suite is America's answer to the out-of-print English work Beach Comber. Inspired by the California coastline the title of the movements are: 1. Sandpipers 2.Tidepool 3. Sandcrab Canon 4.The Otter. For Quartet SAAT, Intermediate and Up, score and parts
RCE0019 (Charlton)
Blues in Retrospect - performance / score, SAAT
RCE0027 (Koch)
God Bless the Prince of Wales & 26 other Melodies / score, SAAT
ST06388 (Reichelt (ed))
Musical Forms: Middle Ages to Classical Period / score, 2-4: SATB
ST07316 (Delius)
52 Catches (Kanons) / A
ST07317 (Delius)
52 Catches (Purcell, Blow, Clarke...) / S
ST07405 (Playford)
Contradances from The English Dancing Master / score, SSAA
ST07631 (Susato)
Danserye 3rd Music Book, Vol. 1 (25 pieces) / score, rrrr
ST10713 (Baines)
Quartet / score & parts, AATT Medium-Advanced
ST11139 (Hand)
Fenland Suite / score, SAAT Medium
ST11515 (Monte)
Canzona / score, SAAT
ST11516 (Macque)
Canzon a la Francese / score, SAAT Medium
ST11543 (Byrd)
7 Pieces / score, SAAT Medium
ST11577 (Sweelinck)
Variations on an Old German Song Mein junges Leben / SAAT Medium
ST11578 (Frescobaldi)
Canzona / score & parts, SAAT Medium
ST11579 (Frescobaldi)
Ricercare on 4 Subjects / score, SAAT Medium
ST11799 (Purcell, H)
Second Set of Pieces from The Faerie Queen / score, SSAB Medium
ST11824 (Champion)
Chorale / score, AAAA-SAAT-SATT+ Medium
ST11830 (Meech)
Two Pieces / score, SSAA Medium
ST12157 (Dinn)
Nine 16th Century Dances / score, SAAT-SAAB Easy-Medium
TR00008 (Palestrina)
Two Motets (Ave Regina..., Alma Redemptoris..) / score & parts, TTTB-AAAT Medium
TSM102 (Tom Sears)
SOMETHING'S CALLING, 2020 by Tom Sears An original work composed with a Latin flavor, a beautiful melody in the style of Carlos Gardel, and Latin rhythms. There are lovely duets incorporated within the quartet. For ATTB recorder quartet. Includes score and parts. The playing level is Upper Intermediate. Photo