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Shannon GSM1002 (Glen Shannon)
THE BLOOMBERG CODEX by Glen Shannon,published 2009. Mr Bloomberg is a recorder player in the San Francisco Bay area he asked Glen to write a piece in a swinging style applying modern affect to old-world structure. The 1st movement 'Aria' is inspired by the cantatas of Bach and Telemann. The 2nd movement is a 'Recitative' in the Baroque style starring the Soprano with the lower voices in the role of continuo. The 3rd movement is a Fugue, a whirlwind banquet of ensemble interaction, with small asides and private conversations scattered throughout. SATB recorder quartet, score and parts, Intermediate & Up
Shannon GSM1003 (Glen Shannon)
MUSES, PARTY OF FOUR by Glen Shannon A trio Sonata composed in 2011 for the Antwerp Ensemble in Michigan. A suite of movements inspired by the conversational style of Telemann's 'Paris' Quartets and Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #5. This work endeavors to retain old-fashioned Baroque rhetorical sensibilities, but looks forward to the piano quartet of later composers like Haydn and Boccherini. For two alto recorders, viola da gamba and harpsichord, Intermediate+, Score and parts Photo
Shannon GSM1005 (Glen Shannon)
SUSPICION by Glen Shannon published 2012. Commissioned by Alexandra Terhoff of Dortmund, Germany for two of her recorder ensembles. The music is intended to be energizing, accessible for intermediate players, and most importantly FUN for both the players and audience. Throughout the piece, threads of staccato eighth-notes infuse the music with anxiety, play these passages impatiently, with super-light tonguing. In the development the main theme alternately undergoes fragmentation, stretchy rhythmic distortion, and finally replacement with a new theme floating in the highest parts. The collective mood brightens which begins a brief conference of solo statements in the upper parts answered by chromatic gestures in the basses. This little chat ends with a series of 'bell-tone' arpeggios that run downward through the whole ensemble. After a final climactic moment the piece ends with a quite recap. For recorder septet: sopranino,Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Great Bass, Contrabass, score and parts, Intermediate and Up.
Shannon GSM1007 (Glen Shannon)
FRIETJES by Glen Shannon, published 2013. Composed in 2013 for the Dutch-language recorder magazine 'Blokfluitist'. The title is one of the regional names for French fries, sold in paper cones with tasty condiments by street vendors in Belgium and the Netherlands. A beautifully written 'overture-like' work based on a single note. The opening 4 measure single note theme is wonderfully transformed seven times from start to finish. One can imagine the sticks of fries, mayonnaise and pleasure of eating captured in the score. FUN! For SATB recorder quartet, score and parts, Intermediate. Photo
Shannon GSM1008 (Glen Shannon)
FEDERAL FANTASIA & FUGUE by Glen Shannon The first-prize winner in the Washington DC Recorder Society's 50th Anniversary Composition Contest in 2013. It is an English-style fantasia inspired by those of William Byrd (ca. 1540-1623), paired up with a Bach-style fugue. The fantasia (in the style of Byrd) begins simply growing more intricate as it progresses. The Fugue celebrates the Washington Society with an opening theme that is in the shape of a 'W'. A beautifully constructed fugue, fun to play and pleasing to listen to. Photo
Shannon GSM1019 (Glen Shannon)
FIPPALICIOUS, 2018 by Glen Shannon The name is a play on 'fipple' flute and 'delicious'. The structure of the piece vaguely follows a Baroque dance form. Influences on the piece are Holborne, JS Bach and contemporary modern composers. For ATTB recorder quartet with optional Great Bass and Contra Bass Recorders. Includes score and parts. Playing level is Advanced requiring very fast tonguing.
Shannon GSM1022 - Shannon Duos Vol. 2 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS Vol. 2 by Glen Shannon A wonderful new addition to the recorder duet literature. Glen's music is always full of life. The titles are Carefree Afternoon a fluffy dollop of spun sugar that should sound effortless when played in easy swing style, Broken Heirlooms is a klezmer-style dialoque that alternates between desolate bereavement and resigned endurance. Country Canzona views a Renaissance/early Baroque European musical form through a mountain bluegrass lens. Intermediate and Up. Duet playing score each duet is 3 pages, page turn problems have been avoided by included an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page For Soprano and Alto Photo Audio
Shannon GSM1024 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS for ALTO RECORDERS, VOL 4 (pub. 2014) by Glen Shannon The newest in this series, 3 duets each 3 pages long with a extra loose page to avoid page turns. 1. 'Gin Rickey' drives its name from the classical cocktail. Fun passages in unison alternate with dance-like sections, the players take turns being the melody and the accompaniment. This refreshing duet is not to be played in a swing style. 2. 'Canonic Sonata' is an homage to Georg Philipp Telemann. In the traditions of canons it is written on one staff with an * indicating when the 2nd player starts. The plaintive middle movement with ornaments is in French Baroque style. 3. 'Pentasm' is a high energy piece in 5/8. The uneven meter adds variety to an already varied series. Tension and anxiety drive the music, with close hocket-y interplay between the parts.
Shannon GSM1025 - Shannon Duos Vol 5 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS Vol. 5 by Glen Shannon Easy Breezy is a light bebop swing, to be played in a very relaxed but deliberate manner with the tenor acting like the double bass in a jazz duo. Two on a Raft a fun bluegrass-inspired song with bits of ragtime feel thrown in. The most technically challenging piece in the duet series. Papillons a two-part invention in quasi-Baroque style, evocative of frolicking butter flies flitting about in a game of tag. Upper Intermediate to Advanced Duet playing score each duet is 3 pages, page turn problems have been avoided by included an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page For Alto and Tenor Photo
Shannon GSM1026 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS Vol 6 by Glen Shannon EAST BAY RAG revisits the sounds of a Gold Rush saloon as imagined by Hollywood moviemakers, SHEYNE MEYDELE is a Klezmer-inspired story following three moods of a beautiful young girl- one is slow and sobbing, begging for poignant, wailing ornamentation, another is sparkly and petulant and a third mood might be a happy wedding dance, CARNAVAL is a rumba evoking imagery of a Cuban festival Intermediate & Up. Duet playing score each duet is 3 pages, page turn problems have been avoided by included an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page For Sop & Bass Photo Audio
Shannon GSM1027 - Shannon Duos Vol 27 (Glen Shannon)
Shannon Duos Vol 7 by Glen Shannon ALEGRIA is a fun Latin-inspired song, starting with the Bass laying down the 3+3+2 rhythm them the Alto joins in an floats a catabile melody above. This duet expresses joy. SONATINA INVENZIONE is a quasi-Baroque two-part invention. DUDE RANCH conjures up an image of lazy weekend cowboys in the sunshine with blue-grass infuse chord changes. Intermediate and Up. Duet playing score each duet is 3 pages, page turn problems have been avoided by including an extra loose page containing the 3rd page. For Alto and Bass. Audio
Shannon GSM1028 - Shannon Duos Vol. 8 (Glen Shannon)
Shannon Duos Vol 8 by Glen Shannon SCREEN DOOR RAG evokes imagery of a youthful summer with warm breezes through the house, pies cooling on the windowsill, and daydreams of the country fair next week. Storm clouds may rumble through, but the gentle rain will soon give way to sun once more. LA TRISTESS is a slow dialogue, in a moody setting reminiscent of a Baroque-style ground bass. As the players search for meaning in tragedy, they console each other with the comforting resonance of their low notes. CANNED YAMS invites flippancy and thinly veiled conceit. Swing the 8ths and be sure to observe the staccato marks to add levity and cotrast to the swing. Take the repeat to prolong the fun! Intermediate and up. Duet playing score, each duet is 3 pages , page turn problems have been avoided by including an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page. Duet for tenor and bass recorders. Photo Audio
Shannon GSM1031 (Glen Shannon)
RACLETTE, 2021 By Glen Shannon Composed for Manfred Harras, a distinguished Swiss recorder player, teacher and music editor. He requested a piece for tenor and bass recorders. Glen describes this piece as a close-harmony upbeat romp in a vaguely concerto grosso style. All three Tenor parts go up to high D. Includes score and parts. The playing level is Advanced. For TTTBBB recorder sextet. Photo
Shannon SMM100 - Prelude & Fugue #1 in d minor (Glen Shannon)
PRELUDE & FUGUE No.1 in d minor by Glen Shannon, inspired award winning American composer published 1999 A very pleasing piece! We've used it at numerous workshops with players of varying abilities and every one thoroughly enjoys this work. All parts are interesting, phrasing and articulation is clearly indicated. Quintet SSATB, Intermediate, Score and parts
Shannon SMM102 - Prelude & Fugue #2 (Glen Shannon)
PRELUDE & FUGUE #2 by Glen Shannon, an inspired awards winning American Composer. Grounded in Bach Glen has a neo-baroque style. The Prelude has a wonderful Slovonic Dance feel. The Fugue is absolutely beautiful, it builds with intensity then relaxes to the finish. Quartet - SATB, Intermediate and Up, Score and Parts
Shannon SMM103 - Prelude & Fugue #3 (Glen Shannon)
Prelude & Fugue #3 by Glen Shannon award winning American Composer. Influenced by Bach, he composes in a neo-baroque style with his own flair. The Prelude is evocative of a carousel. The Fugue builds with intensity then relaxes to the finish. Quartet - SATB, Intermediate & Up
Shannon SMM106 - Peanut Butter Prelude & Fugue (Glen Shannon)
PEANUT BUTTER PRELUDE & FUGUE by Glen Shannon The name arises from the contrast between the mood of the 'crunchy' Prelude and that of the 'smooth' Fugue. The Prelude has a repetitive staccato (crunchy) rhythmic motif with a beautiful flowing melody soaring above the rhythm. The melody is passed from the soprano to the alto and tenor. The Fugue is a fun, jazzy be-bop played with smooth legato swing. Quartet for SATB, Upper Intermediate, Score and parts
Shannon SMM112 - Quartet #1 in g minor (Glen Shannon)
QUARTET #1 in G MINOR by Glen Shannon A spectacular composition in three movements. 1. Andante in a flowing 12/8 2. Dance - a lively allegro in 4/4 3. Fugue - a tour de force of susatained intensity in 6/8 Quartet for SATB, Advanced, score and parts
Shannon SMM113 (Glen Shannon)
QUARTET #2 in a minor 'WANDERLUST' by Glen Shannon Composed in March 2001 for the 7th Bienneal Composition Competition of the Chicago ARS Chapter - it won first prize! The name 'Wanderlust' grew from the titles of the first two movements, which describe motion from one place to another. The three movements are 1. Beeline Rondo, 2. Stroll, 3. Fugue Glen says this piece is about having a great time making music! SATB recorder quartet, score and parts, Intermediate
Shannon SMM120 - Die Brittlein, Sie Muss Uns Lassen (Glen Shannon)
DIE BRITTLEIN, SIE MUSS UNS LASSEN by Glen Shannon dedicated to Britt Ascher. It begins with an opening chant which is followed by an Andante movement composed in a renaissance ricercar style moving from 4/2 to 3/2 back to 4/2. The hauntingly beautiful andante is based on the opening chant. Loved by all who've played it. Quartet - SATB, Intermediate & Up, score and parts
Shannon SMM130 - Canterbury Trio (Glen Shannon)
CANTERBURY TRIO by Glen Shannon, an inspired award winning American Composer. The inspiration for this 3 movement work is from Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales' 1. Pilgrymes Fantasye - based on a pseudo-madrigal 2. Lullabye - a hint of Brahms? 3. Myrie jigge - a lively fugue with various incarnations. Trio for ATB, Intermediate +, score and parts
Shannon SMM140 (Glen Shannon)
'LA FOLLIA' VARIATIONS FOR RECORDER QUINTET by Glen Shannon In the 16th cen. the practice of composing counterpoint over a repeatd bass pattern became popular in Italy and Spain. Well-known grounds such a follia took their names from popular dances. All such grounds involved unchanging harmonic patterns that provided ideal frameworks for improvisation. Glen originally composed this work for recorder orchestra but wanted to make it available to smaller groups as well. In order to maintain the spirit of the full version the soprano, alto and tenor players must switch instruments at least once. The bass player remains on bass. Instrumentation for the quintet is: Si/S, S/A, A/T, T/B, B Includes full score and parts, Upper Intermediate
Shannon SMM200 - Concerto L'Estro Armonico Op 3 #11 (Vivaldi/Glen Shannon/)
CONCERTO from L'ESTRO ARMONICO Op. 3 No. 11 by Vivaldi arranged by Glen Shannon for Quartet SATB expandable to 8 or more as there are 'Solo & Tutti' indications. This arrangement incorporates many of the 'improve-ments' made by J.S. Bach. For the recorder, Glen has broken long passages into smaller pieces and distributed them among the parts, solo and ripieno. This helps players keep from running out of breath and also helps less-advanced groups develop ensemble skills. Intermediate-Upper Intermediate, Score and parts. Another winner - enjoyed by all.
Shannon SMM202 - Lute Suite BWV 996 (Bach,JS/Glen Shannon/)
LUTE SUITE BWV 996 by JS Bach arranged by Glen Shannnon for recorder Quartet SATB, Six movements - Passaggio, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Bouree, Gigue. In this arrangement Glen has attempted to capture the flavor of the lute chords with single and arrpeggiated grace notes. The Passaggio: is a fantasia, with solo scale passages punctuated by homophonic statements. This piece rates an Advanced indication because counting and teamwork are critical. For SATB, Upper Intermediate, score and parts.
Shannon SMM400 (Glen Shannon)
'LA FOLLIA' VARIATIONS for RECORDER ORCHESTRA by Glen Shannon Based on the well-known 'La Follia ground' pattern. In this new work the basic chord progression in its unadorned entirety begins the piece, then come 14 variations ranging from high drama to light fluff to schmaltzy kitch. Different sections of the orchestra are featured. The piece builds in intensity to the exciting climax. Intermediate to Advanced. For Si,SS,AAA,TTT,B,Gb,Cb recorders Score & parts