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Richard Geisler has his own unique style of arranging that must be experienced either by playing or listening. In his JUBILO EDITIONS you will feel Reverence, Joy, Contemplation, Humor and Pageantry. Depending on length, all the selections listed below come as playing scores or score and parts. All include lyrics in English and lie within the SATB vocal range for singing. Most are for SATB Recorder Quartet (two are AATB), those indicated may be played as duets SA or trio SAT if you do not have a quartet to play with. Several are arranged as Quintets, Sextets, Septets, Octets and one for nine. Level of difficulty tends to be moderate.

We are now the official distributors of RICHARD GEISLER EDITIONS.

They are generally quartets but some are quintets and larger (such as the Grandioso Editions). The lyrics are always included. The format is either score with parts or multiple playing scores. They are reasonably priced and American made.

Many of the Series or Editions listed below are new to us and so are not yet on our web site. If there is a piece you know of and are looking for please contact us and we can supply it.

The various Series and Editions are:

  • Jubilo Christmas Editions
  • Accent on Early Music Series
  • American Renaissance Series - Barbershop & Early Pop
  • Americana Editions
  • The Folk Recorder Series
  • Madrigal Dolce Series
  • The Folk Spirit in Hymnody Book
  • Grandioso Editions
  • Romancing the Ladies, a 1900s medly for SATB by American composer La Verne Wagner
  • The Five Recreations, 1614 by Thomas Ravenscroft

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Part Number and Description Price
Geisler AE01 - American Love (Arranged by Richard Geisler)
AMERICAN LOVE from an earlier time: I'll Take you Home, Annie Laurie Clementine, Aura Lee A Medley of four traditional American folk songs of the 19th century. the complete lyrics for all four songs are included as well as suggestions for playing each tune. The alto player may switch to soprano to play in 'barbershop' fashion. Intermediate and Up. For SATB or S,A(S),T,B score and parts Photo
Geisler AE02 - Americana ex Machina (arranger Richard Geisler)
AMERICANA ex MACHINA a medley of songs that moved America Come Josephine, in My Flying Machine, 1910 - In My Merry Oldsmobile,1905 - The Gospel Train, 1860 A moving medley of happy old tunes that will surely bring a smile. The arrangement is excellent! Extra harmony included for a second alto and tenor player. Complete lyrics included, Intermediate to Advanced For SATB score and parts. Photo
Geisler AE03 - Medley Mockingbird Hill & listen to the Mocking Bird (arranger Richard Geisler)
MEDLEY of AMERICAN FOLK SONGS: Mockingbird Hill & Listen to the Mocking Bird. Mockingbird Hill was composed by Vaugh Horton in 1949 and became a hit in the 1950s, Listen to the Mocking Bird was one of the most popular ballads of the 19th century selling over twenty million copies of sheet music. It was a favorite of Abraham Lincoln who said it was 'as sincere as the laughter of a little girl at play.' Includes Lyrics & background notes, Intermediate to Advanced for SATB includes score and parts. Photo
Geisler AE04 - American Medley (arranger Richard Geisler)
AMERICAN MEDLEY: God Bless America, America the Beautiful, The Battle Hymn of the Republic - Finale: God Bless America To be played with a sense of dignity, a reverance for the land, a sense of purpose and in a grand manner. For 5 versatile players, the inner parts require the player to change recorders. sop., sop & alto, alto & tenor, tenor & bass, bass. A rousing arrangement lovingly harmonized. Intermediate to Advanced. The ultimate medley of American patriotic songs, perfect for July 4th celebrations! Includes lyrics, score and parts. Photo
Geisler AE05 - Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen)
OVER THE RAINBOW music by Harold Arlen lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. Judy Garland's signature song from the movie The Wizard of oz, 1939. An absolutely beautiful arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler. The harmonies are candy for the ears. Intermediate & Up Includes lyric sheet, score and parts. Photo
Geisler AE06 - Polly Wolly Doodle (arranger Richard Geisler)
POLLY WOLLY DOODLE An American folk song from the mid-19th century it remains a popular children's song today. This arrangement goes through 3 keys F, G & A increasing tempo and complexity with each change. Intermediate & Up. for SATB Includes a vocal part with lyrics, score and parts. Photo
Geisler AE07 (Geisler, Richard / arranger)
THE ANACREONTIC SONG-music by John Smith 1750-1836 The popular drinking song at the Crown & Anchor Tavern in London, c. 1776, which became the STAR SPANGLED BANNER. During the war of 1812 Francis Scott Key was inspired by the sight of the American flag still flying over Fort McHenry the morning after a 25 hour bombardment by the British. The poem was first printed in a handbill and then in the Baltimore newspaper. It soon became a popular song sung to the tune of 'To Anacreon in Heaven'. Pefect for your July 4th celebrations. For SATB recorders, Intermediate, Four playing scores, Lyrics included
Geisler AE08 - Ashokan Farewell (Jay Ungar)
ASHOKAN FAREWELL by Jay Ungar arranged by Richard Geisler for recorder quintet. It is the musical theme for Ken Burns' documentary movie on the American Civil War, the only contemporary tuned used in the film. This is a mellow arrangement, of what has become a beloved American folk tune, for two altos, two tenors and bass recorders (no soprano) - AATTB. Included are a score with background notes and parts. Photo
Geisler AE09 (Moe Koffman)
SWINGING SHEPHERD BLUES by MOE KOFFMAN A 1957 hit on the US Billboard pop chart. Used as the opening and closing themes for the CBC radio show 'AS It Happens' for over 30 years and consequently probably his best know recording. Moe was a Canadian jazz musician and composer. He played the flute, soprano, alto & tenor saxophone and clarinet. Moe was appointed to the Order of Canada in 1993 and inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1997. Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quintet SATTB with optional Contra or Cello. Includes score with biographical notes and parts. Intermediate and Up. Photo
Geisler AE10 - Dandy Yankee Doodle
Dandy Yankee Doodle - A Revolutionary Tune arranged by Richard Geisler. The arrangement begins with 'Theo's Gender' an early American modal version of the well-known Yankee Doodle tune. This tune was discovered in a tunebook on the body of a fifer killed during the Revolutionary War. The arrangement begins with solo soprano then slowly builds up harmonically to full four part harmony on the well-known 'Yankee Doodle'. The name Yankee Doodle derives fron Yankee + tootle,the sound made in tonguing a fife or recorder, for which the tune was first written. The addition of drum is strongly encouraged. Arranged for SATB, score and parts, Intermediate Photo
Geisler AE11 - Shenandoah (Arranged by Richard Geisler)
SHENANDOAH - Traditional American Folk Song, also know as 'Across the Wide Missouri', dating to the early 19th century or earlier. Shenandoah refers to the native American chief Shenandoah (Oskanondonha)whose beautiful daughter a canoe-going trader wants to marry. It became a popular sailors' song. One of the most beautiful American folk melodies. Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler after a choral arrangement by James Erb. Octet: 2 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors, bass and Contra Bass. Intermediate. Photo
Geisler ARSBSQ01 - The Band Played On (Palmer / Ward)
THE BAND PLAYED ON, 1895 words by John F Palmer, Music by Chas B. Ward.Actual barbershop arrangement of early 19th century tunes, first arranged by Ozzie Westley in the early 1940s for barbershop singing. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, four playing scores,lyric sheet. Photo
Geisler ARSBSQ02 - A Bicycle Built for Two (Harry Dacre)
A BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO, 1892 words & music by Harry Dacre. Now lean over your recorder, take a good breath and start pedaling! You won't have played very many bars before a feeling of exhilaration wells up and urges you to break your pace by smiling...but keep pedaling. Arranged by R. Geisler in 'barbershop style' for recorder quartet SATB, four playing scores. Photo
Geisler ARSBSQ03 - Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home? (Hughie Cannon)
BILL BAILEY, WON'T YOU PLEASE COME HOME?, 1902 Words & music by Hughie Cannon. 'Bill' will forever come home to everyone who loves a good American tune. The tune resides in our cultural psyche. '...I know I'se to blame; well ain't that a shame? Bill Bailey won't you please come home?' This barbershop arrangement is pure fun to play on recorder. Arranged by Richard Geisler for QUARTET SATB, four playing scores, lyric sheet, Intermediate. Photo
Geisler ARSBSQ04 - Grandfather's Clock (Henry Work)
GRANDFATHER'S CLOCK words & music by Henry Work (1832-1884) Arranged for barbershop by Ozzie Westley in the 1940s. 'My grandfather's clock was too large for the shelf, So it stood ninety years on the floor - It was taller by half than the old man himself, Though it weighed not a penny-weight more...' Arranged by R. Geisler in 'barbershop style' for recorder quartet SATB, four playing scores, lyric sheet for singing. Intermediate Photo
Geisler ARSBSQ07 - Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (Willard & Knight)
ROCKED IN THE CRADLE OF THE DEEP, ca 1840 Words by Emma Hart Willard, Music by J.P.Knight. Emma wrote this poem while on an ocean voyage in 1829. It was included in her book of poetry 'The Fulfillment of a Promise'. J.P. Knight set the poem to music which became a very popular song of faith and hope. It was included in many hymnals from 1850 until the 1940s. Ozzie Knight arranged a barbershop version in 1935, Richard Geisler arranged it for Recorders in 1989. For QUARTET A,S or T,A,T or QUINTET A,Sor T,A,T,B four playing scores, lyric sheet with historical information. Intermediate Photo
Geisler ARSEPS01 - Come Josephine, in My Flying Machine (Fred Fischer/Alfred Bryan)
Come, Josephine, in My Flying Machine (UP SHE GOES!), 1910 Words by Alfred Bryan, Music by Fred Fischer arranged by Richard Geisler for recorder QUARTET: SATB. A song from a different era when the new thrill of flyer was pure joy. 'Come Josephine, in my flying machine, Going up, she goes! up she goes! Balance yourself like a bird on a beam, In the air she goes, there she goes! Up, up a little bit higher. Oh, my! the moon is on fire.--Going up, all on, Goodby!'. Includes four playing scores, piano score and lyric sheet. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS02 - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (Howard & Orlob)
I WONDER WHO'S KISSING HER NOW from 'The Prince of To-Night', 1909 Words by Will M Hough & Frank Adams, Music by Joseph Howard & Harold Orlob. The melody and lyric are simple, sentimental but with a wonderful sense of humor. 'I wonder who's kissing her now, Wonder who's teaching her now, Wonder who's looking into her eyes, breathing sighs, telling lies...' Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet SATB, Includes 4 playing scores and lyric sheet. Intermediate Photo
Geisler ARSEPS03 - Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Arranged by Richard Geisler)
LET ME CALL YOU SWEETHEART, 1910 by Beth Slater Whitson and Leo Friedman. For as long as romance be joined to love and lyric be joined to melody, just so long will this heart-felt song endure. This arrangement features an unusually lyrical bass line...a lower, less obvious melody that plays gently along with the soprano melody. It is quite possible to unite a tenor, which plays the soprano melody line, with a bass to create a love duet between two soft-spoken instruments: 'Let me hear you whisper that you love me too.' Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet: SATB, includes 4 playing scores, lyric sheet and optional keyboard part. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS04 - Oh You Beautiful Doll (Brown / Ayer)
OH YOU BEAUTIFUL DOLL, 1911, Words-Seymour Brown Music-Nat Ayer Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet. An energetic and syncopated melodic line. 'Let me put my arms about you, I could never live without you...' For SATB quartet, four playing scores, lyric sheet,bonus optional keyboard part, Intermediate and Up. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS05 - Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey (McCree / Von Tilzer)
PUT YOUR ARMS AROUND ME, HONEY,1910 Words-Junie McCree, Music-Albert Von Tilzer Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet. 'Hold me tight, Huddle up and cuddle up with all your might' Play relaxed on this one. Give ample treatment to the rhythmic figures. They should be fully packed and appreciably the Gibson Girl on the cover. For SATB recorders, four playing scores, lyric sheet and bonus optional keyboard part. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS06 - Meet me in St Louis (Sterling & Mills)
MEET ME IN ST LOUIS, 1904 Words by A Sterling, Music by Kerry Mills a popular song which celebrated the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904. The movie 'Meet me in St Louis'(1944)was a landmark among movie musicals. It was a period piece set in the American Midwest at the turn of the century and featured a typical upper-middle class family not Broadway people. Arranged for Quartet SATB, score, recorder parts, vocal part, lyric sheet with additional verses of fun and nonsense. Intermediate and Up. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS07 - Peg O' My Heart (Arranged by Richard Geisler)
Peg O' MY HEART, 1913 music by Fred Fischer, lyrics by Alfred Bryan '...Peg O' My Heart, Your glances with Irish art entrance me, Come, be my own, Come, make your home in my heart.' Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quintet: sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass with a vocal part included. To be played with an easy-going oh-so-fun swing! Score and parts Can also be played as a Quartet: SATB Photo
Geisler ARSEPS08 - In The Good Old Summer Time (Shields & Evans)
IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMER TIME - Waltz Song, 1902 words by Ren Shields and Music by George Evans 'In the good old summer time, Strolling thro' the shady lanes, With your baby mine; You hold her hand and she holds yours And that's a very good sign. That she's your tootsey wootsey in The good old summer time.' Nothing says summer like this popular American tune. A light-hearted song in which life is good. Arranged for Quartet SATB, score, parts and lyric sheet. The ending is virtuostic with sparklers and fireworks. Upper Intermediate to Advanced. Photo
Geisler ARSEPS09 - Yankee Doodle Boy (George M Cohen)
YANKEE DOODLE BOY, 1904 from the Broadway musical 'Little Johnny Jones' words and music by George M Cohen. Cohen incorporates snippets of several popular traditional Ameridan songs into his lyrics. James Cagney performed this song in the 1942 film 'Yandee Doodle Dandy'. Arranged for Recorders by Richard Geisler. Can be played as a Quartet SATB or Recorder Septet for SAATTBB. Includes score, parts, lyrics sheet and notes. Intermediate+ Photo
Geisler FR01 - Shule Aroon (Irish Folk)
SHULE AROON - Irish Ballad 'Come, oh Love come quickly and softly.Come to the door and away we'll flee, And safe for aye my darlin' be.' One of the most widely sung songs in the Irish repertoire. Robert Louis Stevenson refers to the song twice in his novel 'The Master of Ballantrae' In 'Ulysees', James Joyce had Stephen Dedalus sing the song to Leopold Bloom in Bloom's kitchen.The old American song 'Buttermilk Hill' shares similar lyrics. Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet SATB. Four playing scores. Intermediate Photo
Geisler FR02 - The Butterfly (Irish Folk)
THE BUTTERFLY - a Traditional Irish Slip Jig A fun arrangement. It starts with 3 instruments playing solo with their own melodies, first Bass followed by Alto then Tenor and when Soprano enters it becomes a full hrmonized quartet. Arranged by Richard Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score and parts, Intermediate Photo
Geisler FR03 - Scarborough Fair (arranger Richard Geisler)
SCARBOROUGH FAIR - English Folk Song This setting is based on Art Garfunkel's version of this popular folk tune. Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet SATB and optional voices, Score and parts, Lyric Sheet, Intermediate Photo
Geisler FR04
MORNING HAS BROKEN - Traditional Gaelic Folk Song arranged by Richard Geisler for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass Recorders. Comes with four playing scores, lyrics included on back page. 'Morning has broken like the first morning; Blackbird has spoken like to first bird. Praise for the singing! Praise for the morning! Praise for them, springing fresh from the Workd. Photo
Geisler FSH1 - Folk Spirit in Hymnody (world folk)
FOLK SPIRIT IN HYMNODY - 10 hymns with ethnic roots and Christian lyrics. 1. The Battle Belongs to the Lord (Israeli dance tune) 2. Be Thou My Vision (ancient Irish tune) 3. Let's Sing unto the Lord (Hispanic) 4. Come, All Christians, Be Committed (American, Sacred Harp,1844) 5. Dakota Hymn (native American,Sioux) 6. Here, Oh Lord, Your Servants Gather (Japanese) 7. Righteous & Just is the Work of Our Lord (Hispanic), 8. Morning Has Broken (Gaelic), 9. Mountains Are All Aglow (Korean), 10. The Trees of the Field (Israeli dance tune) Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, one is AATB). 32 page playing score
Geisler JE01 - Away in a Manger (traditional Normandy carol)
AWAY IN A MANGER - traditional Normandy carol, based on the choral arrangment by Reginald Jacques. If you want beautiful Christmas music, this lullaby along with the Willcocks are the ones. Arranged by R. Geisler for quartet SATB but may be played SA or ST. Lyrics included, four playing scores. This edition is out of print. Please refer to another arrangement 3 Ways to the Manger JE65
Geisler JE02 - Barbershop Jingle Bells (Pierpont, J.)
BARBERSHOP JINGLE BELLS - arranged by Richard Geisler for recorders after the barbershop version by Ozzie Westley. This unorthodox version of this classic Christmas tune throws an entirely new light on it! It's wild and fun, especially for the tenor and bass players.Quartet SATB score and parts
Geisler JE03 - Calon Lan (traditional Wales)
CALON LAN (Shining Heart) - A Welsh Christmas carol: 'Do not give me golden money For I want a heart that's happy honest a heart that shines.' Once played, always played. Arranged by R. Geisler for quartet SATB but may be played SA or SAT. Four playing scores. Lyrics included. Audio
Geisler JE04 (Williams, Ralph Vaughn)
COME, MY WAY, MY TRUTH MY LIFE tune by Ralph Vaughn Williams, poem by George Herbert. Composed in 1911 as a setting for a mystical poet's poem inspired by John 14:6. The beauty is transcendent. The tune repeated, becomes a meditation. Arranged by R. Geisler for quartet SATB but may be played SAT
Geisler JE05 - Come Ye Sons of Art (Purcell, Henry)
COME YE SONS OF ART by Henry Purcell (1659-1695) one of the greatest of English composers. The nature of this tune is ceremonial, processional brimming with pomp and circumstance. Arranged in a Baroque style with optional trills. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB but SA or SAT OK
Geisler JE06 - Cradle Song (traditional Flemish Carol)
CRADLE SONG - Traditional Flemish Christmas carol. Based on the choral arrangement by John Rutter with permission of Oxford Univ. Press. This lullaby begins with the melody in the soprano then it passes to the tenor and bass, concluding in 5 parts SSATB. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quintet SSATB, may also be played SA, SAT or SATB. Includes lyrics and five playing scores.
Geisler JE07 - Gloucestershire Wassail (traditional English Yuletide drinking song)
GLOUCESTER WASSAIL (Christmas)- Wassail, Wassail this is robust and contagious. This arrangements has all parts quaffing heady Yuletide rhythms and spirits. For SATB but may be played SA or SAT. Includes lyrics and four playing scores. Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler.
Geisler JE08 - God's Blessed Son today Is Born (Michael Praetorius)
GOD'S BLESSED SON TODAY IS BORN - Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) This is a Christmans lullaby rich in harmony. It begins as a SA duet, proceeds to a SAT trio, then fully blossoms by adding the bass. Arranged for recorder by Richard Geisler. Includes lyrics and four playing scores
Geisler JE09 - Infant Holy, Infant Lowly (traditional Polish)
INFANT HOLY, INFANT LOWLY a Polish Christmas carol. Set from a choral arrangement by David Willcocks with permission from Oxford Univ. Press. Yet another wonderful discovery awaits you. You will compare its reverence to Away In A Manger. Arranged by Richard Geisler for quartet SATB, but may be played SAT or SA, four playing scores, lyrics included.
Geisler JE10 - Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake (traditional Irish)
MISS FOGARTY'S CHRISTMAS CAKE - An Irish folk tune full of Irish wit! Here's a funny musical comedy experience with optional hatchet, saw and dramatic vocals. 'You see... the crust was nailed on with glue'. SATB but may be played SA or SAT Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler, includes lyrics and score and parts.
Geisler JE11 - A Mixolydian Fa La La (traditional)
MYXOLYDIAN FA LA LA - A Christmas 'classic' set for recorders after a vocal arrangement by Peter Ayer, 1983. This is Deck the Halls in an ancient mode. However, it is plenty modern in spirit and is perfect for those festive occasions. A SEXTET - SSTTTB or SAupTTTB for spice add glockenspiel and tambourine. Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler, Includes lyrics and score and parts.
Geisler JE12 - People Look East (words by Eleanor Farjeon,tune French traditional)
PEOPLE LOOK EAST - The tune is a traditional Advent/Christmas carol from Bescancon, France. This is likely another that will be new to many but one that you will continue to play. Arranged for recorder quartetSATB or quintet SATTB recorders by Richard Geisler but may be played SA or SAT. Five playing scores, includes lyrics.
Geisler JE13 - A Very English Jingle Bells (Pierpont, J.)
A VERY ENGLISH JINGLE BELLS - This is the Victorian version of this Christmas tune, definitely recognizable but harmoniously different -very attractively so. For 4 (SATB)to 6 NSATTB) recorders but may be played SA or SAT. Arranged by Richard Geisler, score and parts, includes lyrics. Audio
Geisler JE14 - All Ye Who Music Love (Donato, Baldassare)
ALL YE WHO MUSIC LOVE - a madrigal by Baldassare Donato who live 1548-1603. You'll love its spirit and 3 against 2 rhythms. Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler to be the theme song of The Village Early Music Society of Grass Valley, CA. Quartet SATB, four playing scores, English lyrics.
Geisler JE15 - If It Be Thy Pleasure (Tobis, Abe)
IF IT BE THY PLEASURE by Abe Tobis, the composer of this beautiful and expressive melody, is a member of the world-wide Bahai faith, a faith that originated in Persia in the mid nineteenth century. His music give reverent expression to the prayer of Baha'u'llah, the religion's spiritual leader. Arranged for SATB (but may be played SA or SAT)by Richard Geisler. four playing scores,includes lyrics.
Geisler JE16 - Hosts of Heavenly Angels (Handl, Jacob)
HOSTS OF HEAVENLY ANGELS (Regem natum angelus annuntiavit) by Handl (1550-1591) This is a wonderful polyphonic Christmas piece that ends with a robust and joyous 'Noel, Noel, Noel'. Arranged by Richard Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, four playing scores, includes English lyrics.
Geisler JE17 - Hail Him Triumphant! (Merritt, Thomas)
HAIL HIM TRIUMPHANT by Thomas Merritt (1862-1908) - a Christmas carol from Cornwall, England. Cornish carols are lustily sung and played -'Come let us all with one accord'. Arranged by Richard Geisler for recorder quartet SATB (but may be played SAT). Four playing scores with lyrics.
Geisler JE18 - Noel Nouvelet/Now the Green Blade Riseth (traditional old French carol/ English Easter carol)
NOEL NOUVELET/NOW THE GREEN BLADE RISETH - A traditional French Christmas carols or English Easter Carol. This arrangement requires much finesse and feeling to play well. Worth the effort. Arranged by Richard Geisler (after an arrangement by Alastair Cassels-Brown) for recorder quartet AATB score & parts. Includes English Easter lyrics and French Christmas lyrics (in French and English). Audio
Geisler JE19 - There Is a Season (Seeger, Pete)
THERE IS A SEASON (...for everything under heaven), tune by Pete Seeger, verse from Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. This four-part arrangement by Richard Geisler passes the Seeger melody through out the ensemble. For recorder Quartet AATB. score and parts, lyrics included.
Geisler JE20 - There Was a Pig - Children's Christmas Ditty (traditional English)
THERE WAS A PIG - English children's Christmas ditty. 'There was a pig went out to dig, Chris-i-mas Day, Chris-i-mas...' Repeat 12 times each with a different animal. Lyrics included. It will make a child of you. Arranged by Richard Geisler for recorder quartet SATB,score and parts, lyrics. Audio
Geisler JE21 - Won't You Buy (English street cry)
WON'T YOU BUY MY SWEET BLOOMING LAVENDER? - This arrangement is exceedingly the point of being haunting in its simple, delcate beauty. An evocative arrangement of an old English street cry. To produce the gentle frangrance and to weave the gossamer fabric,the recorders must play with sensitivity,control & balance. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartetSATB with optional quartet of 2 solo tenor and 2 solo soprano voices with percussion, full score,four playing scores with lyrics
Geisler JE22 - Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns)
AULD LANG SYNE (The Good Old Days) a song traditionally sung at midnight when horns are blown, confetti is thrown, and a general party atmosphere is created to ring in the New Year with happiness and hope for a bright and prosperous year. Robert Burns wrote the lyrics in the 1700's. Arranged by R. Geisler to be adaptable for various sizes from trio to octet, flexible score and parts, lyrics included.
Geisler JE23 - Lord of the Dance (traditional Shaker song)
LORD OF THE DANCE (Christmas) - The music is by Joseph Brackett (1797-1882) and became known as the tune to the old Shaker Hymn 'Tis The Gift To Be Simple. Geisler's recorder setting is based the melody adapted by Sidney Carter and vocal arrangment by David Willcocks. The melody passes through the ensemble. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB with optional 5th recorder score and parts
Geisler JE24 - While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (Handel, George F.)
WHILE SHEPHERDS WATCHED THEIR FLOCKS (Christmas)- You can't help but admire Handel's artful integration of stately form and joyful content. Includes four playing scores and lyrics.R. Geisler arranged it for recorder quartet SATB but may be played SA or SAT
Geisler JE25 - The Prince of Life (traditional)
PRINCE OF LIFE - Cornish miners who came to Grass Valley, CA. to work the deep-down gold mines were hardy men. They sang their Christmas carols in the lusty way they ate and drank! Rejoice! play the tune boldly, with no hesitation to engage the simple harmonies. Four playing scores with lyrics. Arranged by r. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB,but SAT OK
Geisler JE26 - O Magnum Mysterium (Victoria, Tomas Luis de)
O MAGNUM MYSTERIUM (Christmas) - Tomas Luis de Victoria lived 1549-1611. This is most reverent and beautiful music, which dwells upon the mysteries of Christ's birth. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score with lyrics and parts
Geisler JE27 - Once in Royal David's City (Alexander & Gauntlet)
ONCE IN ROYAL DAVID'S CITY (Christmas)- Words by C.F. Alexander 1818-1895 and music by H.J. Gauntlet 1805-1876. A stately English tune used as the processional that begins Cambridge College's annual Nine Lessons and Carols. Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler. Page one begins as SATB, page 2 builds to SSAATTB. Five playing scores with 7 verses if lyrics. Audio
Geisler JE28 - Kling Glockchen (traditional)
KLING GLOCKCHEN a traditional German Christmas Carol. This delightful arrangement passes the melody between tenors and soprano while the other parts provide harmonies & bell-like interludes. Score with English lyrics and recorder parts. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quintet SATTB plus glockenspiel and bells. May be played SA or SAT Audio
Geisler JE29 - Patapan 1st version (traditional French)
PATAPAN 1st version - A traditional Burgundian Christmas carol by Bernard de la Monnoye (1641-1728) Arranged by Richard Geisler in an old style with bagpipe imitations, high-pitched bombardes and a fugue of the tune. Recorder quartet SATB with optional percussion, score and parts. Audio
Geisler JE30 - O Little Town of Bethlehem (traditional)
O LITTLE TOWN OF BETHLEHEM - A traditional English Christmas carol arranged by Ralph Vaughn Williams. This version is often included in Cambridge College's annual broadcast of Nine Lessons and Carols. Five playing scores with five verses of lyrics. Arranged by Geisler for quartet SATB plus optional descant; may also be played SA or SAT.
Geisler JE31 (traditional)
LULLAY MY LIKING - A medieval English Christmas lullaby. Set for recorders after a vocal arrangement by Gustave Holst. Each of the five verses express a different mood and alternates with the loveliest of refrains. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, four playing scores with lyrics. Audio
Geisler JE32 - Over the River and Through the Woods (Child, Lydia Maria)
OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS - A charming American school song often sung at Thanksgiving. Set By Geisler for recorders from a charming and catchy choral arrangement by Wendy William. Quartet SATB,score with lyrics and 4 recorder parts.
Geisler JE33 - There's a Song in the air (Josiah Holland / Karl Harrington)
THERE'S A SONG IN THE AIR - a Victorian Christmas hymn. Plays happily and melodiously on recorders. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quintet SATTB, score with lyrics, five parts.
Geisler JE34 - Go Tell It On The Mountain / African Noel (traditional and Liberian folk chant)
GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN and AFRICAN NOEL -A Christmas medley. This is a fun and exciting version of the well known Afro-American carol combined with a Christmas folk song from Liberia. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score and parts, percussion ad. lib. Audio
Geisler JE35 - Child's Christmas Medley (Hanby, B.R./ Goats & Gillespie)
CHILD'S CHRISTMAS MEDLEY of UP ON THE HOUSE TOP and SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN. A lot of textural interest as it begins SATB, goes to a low trio ATB, back to SATB then to a playful duo and ends with SATB. score and parts Arranged for recorder by R. Geisler Audio
Geisler JE36 - Frosty the Snow Man (Nelson, Steve & Rollins,Jack)
FROSTY THE SNOW MAN, Set for recorders after a choral arrangement by Rob Campbell. This American children's tune is treated in an appropriately flippant barbershop-like style with 'jing-a-ling' interludes. A Delight! Score with lyrics and separate recorder parts. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB Audio
Geisler JE37 - Kommet, Ihr Hirten (Come, You Shepherds) (traditional Bohemian)
KOMMET, IHR HIRTEN (Come, You Shepherds) traditional Bohemian Christmas carol. This arrangement for recorders by R. Geisler builds from duet, to trio (where the melody is played in octaves by tenor and bass) and finally matures in a SATB harmonization that will fetch you back to play it again and again. Score and parts Audio
Geisler JE38 - Masters in this Hall (traditional French)
MASTERS IN THIS HALL - Ancient French Christmas carol, processional in nature. English words added circa 1860 by William Morris. Set by R. Geisler for recorders after a vocal arrangement by Gustav Holst. It will provide noteworthy fun in 12/8 for all parts and comers! Quartet SATB, score and parts Audio
Geisler JE39 - O Magnum Mysterium (Morales, Cristobal de)
O MAGNUM MYSTERIUM - Morales lived c. 1500-1553. Along with Victoria this is the other great Spanish Christmas work, requiring sensitivity, breath control and feeling for Spiritual reality. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score with lyrics and parts.
Geisler JE40 - Over All the Land (traditional)
OVER ALL THE LAND - A traditional Catalonian Christmas carol set for recorders after a choir arrangement by Goff Richards. This is a 'Shepherd' song. It comes from the less known Spanish repertoire. The arrangement by R. Geisler begins with a tenor solo before the entrance of the full quintet SATTB. Five playing scores with English translation on the back cover.
Geisler JE41 - Riu, Riu, Chiu (traditional)
RIU, RIU, CHIU - An anonymous Spanish Christmas carol from the Renaissance, 1556. You must be very familiar with this rhythmically catchy, meter-maddening tune. Arranged by Geisler for Quintet SATTB and tambourine. Applause will follow! score and parts Audio
Geisler JE42 - Shepherd's Carol (Billings, William)
SHEPHERD'S CAROL(Shiloh),An Early American Christmas carol by W. Billings (1746-1800). From the book Suffok Harmony,1787. You've probably played some version of this simple tune if not be sure to add it to your Christmas repertoire. Arranged by R. Geisler for quartet SATB, four playing scores with lyrics.
Geisler JE43 - Song of the Birds (El Cant des Aucells) (traditional Spanish)
SONG OF THE BIRDS (El Cant des Aucells). A Spanish carol from Catalonia. It is said, Pablo Casals played this tune at every performance to publicly acknowledge his Catalonian heritage. Find out why! Arranged by R. Geisler for quartet SATB score and parts. Audio
Geisler JE44 - We Wish You A Merry Christmas (traditional English)
WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS - Traditional English (West Country) carol. Arranged after Arthur Warrell's choral arrangement. All parts hurry and scurry about as the melody is bunted about between Soprano, Alto and Tenor while the Bass is ever busy fingering its own delectable part. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score and parts,with lyrics. Audio
Geisler JE45 - O Beatum Et Sacrosanctum Diem (Philips, Peter)
O BEATUM ET SACROSANCTUM DIEM (O, blessed and most holy day) - A Christmas Motet for the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord. Peter Philips lived 1581-1628. Play expressively. Arranged by R. Geisler for quintet SSATB, score and parts
Geisler JE46 - Christmas ins Coming (traditional English)
CHRISTMAS IS COMING (Psst! The Goose is Getting Fat) - a round about Christmas. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, lyrics included. 4 scores with lyrics.
Geisler JE47 - Coventry Carol (traditional English)
COVENTRY CAROL - This beloved Christmas carol is from both the Pageant of the Shermen and Tailors, 1591 version, and from the Martin Shaw (1875-1958) arrangement. One of the most beautiful and enduring Christmas melodies. Arranged by R. Geisler for Quintet SATTB, score and parts, lyrics in the score. Begins quietly as trio then becomes a full quintet.
Geisler JE48 - Fum, Fum Fum (traditional Spanish)
FUM, FUM, FUM - A Spanish Christmas carol from Catalonia. To be played with a jaunty spirit. This arrangement contains 2 versions, one to be sung to and one instrumental only. Arranged by R. Geisler for quintet SATTB, score with lyrics and parts Audio
Geisler JE49 - Joseph, Lieber Joseph Mein (Walter, Johann)
JOSEPH, LIEBER JOSEPH MEIN, by Johann Walter 1544 - This Christmas lullaby is arranged in a gentle 2. Lyrics are on the back page. Arranged by R. Geisler for Quintet SSATB, score and parts.
Geisler JE50 - How Great Our Joy (traditional German)
HOW GREAT OUR JOY - This joyous Christmas Carol comes with two versions, one for singing (lyrics are on the back cover) and one recorders only. Arranged by R. Geisler for quartet SATB, score and parts
Geisler JE51 - O Come All Ye Faithful (Wades, J.F.)
O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL - Words and melody by J.F. Wades 1711-1786. This version is taken from David Willcocks choral arrangement For Octet SSAATTB, Arranged for recorders by R. Geisler,score and parts.
Geisler JE52 - Patapan - version 2 (traditional French)
PATAPAN - version two of this French Christmas Carol. Arranged for Quintet SSATB and drum, Arranged by R. Geisler,he gives suggestions on how to orchestrate the piece when it is played with multiple repeats,five playing scores
Geisler JE53 - Tu Es Petrus (Palestrina, Giovanni)
TU ES PETRUS - Giovanni Palestrina (1525-1594). One of the great Renaissance composers. This motet is for the Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul text: Matthew 16:18,19 Text is on back cover. Arranged for recorders by R. Geisler, for Sextet SSATTB, score and parts.
Geisler JE56 - Now Is Born (Il est ne) (Old French)
NOW IS BORN (Il est Ne), French carol, 17th century. If you don't yet know this exuberant carol, now is born a curiosity in you to have it and play it. It will become one of you favorites! Arranged by R. Geisler for Quartet SATB, 4 playing scores, lyrics in English and French. Audio
Geisler JE57 - Sans Day Carol (Traditional English)
SANS DAY CAROL (Now the holly bears a berry), Traditional Cornish Christmas carol, arranged to take the joyous melody through all parts. Arranged by R. Geisler for Quintet SATBB, score and parts
Geisler JE58 - Hodie Christus Natus Est (Today! Christ is Born) (Sweelinck, Jan Pieters 1562-1621)
HODIE CHRISTUS NATUS EST (Today! Christ is Born) by J. P. Sweelinck, 1562-1621 The music shouts in joy at the news. It is full of 'Noels' and 'Hallelujahs'. Play exuberantly! Make your recorder sing and resonate with the breath of joy. Latin lyrics included. Transcribed by R. Geisler for recorder quintet SSATB & optional cello, score & parts
Geisler JE59 - Ding Dong Merrily on High (after Arbeau)
Ding Dong Merrily on High - the tune for this cheerful popular English Christmas carol is from an old French dance, the Bransle de L'Officiel by Arbeau, the French Renaissance dancing master. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB plus optional drum, four playing scores
Geisler JE60 - Alma Redemptoris Mater (Loving Mother of our Saviour) (Palestrina, Giovanni 1525-1594)
ALMA REDEMPTORIS MATER (Loving Mother of our Saviour) Perfect for the Christmas season. There can be no more evocative exaltation of the Mother of Christ than this expressive music of Palestrina's, one of the great Renaissance composers. Arranged by R. Geisler for quartet SATB Four playing scores, Latin lyrics under all parts
Geisler JE61 - God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen (traditional English)
GOD REST YOU MERRY, GENTLEMEN (Let nothing you dismay). Traditional English Christmas carol. And nothing will you dismay when this you play. Plenty of zesty movement in all parts with an optional key change. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, four playing scores, first verse of lyrics included in score, other verses printed on back page.
Geisler JE62 - A Meditative Medley (Holst, & traditional)
A MEDITATIVE MEDLEY for Christmas or Advent. In the Bleak Mid-Winter-Gustave Holst, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel-Latin, 'Twas in the Moon of Wintertime-French Iroquois Song Complete lyrics to each song are include on the back of the score. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, four playing scores. He also suggests how to orchestrate the three carols. Photo Audio
Geisler JE63 - Noe, Noe, Noe, Psallite Noe (Mouton, Joannis 1475?-1522)
NOE, NOE, NOE, PSALLITE NOE (Noel, Noel, Noel, Sing Noel), Joannis Mouton, a highly regarded composer, was a pupil of Josquin des Pres. Born in Somme, France he was one of the great composer teachers of his time, ranking with Despres & Willaert. A joyous Christmas piece evidenced by the several 'Noel' sections throughout, the polyphonic interplay contributes to this joyousness. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score and parts, latin lyrics included both score and parts.
Geisler JE64 - Rocking (Hajej, Nyjej) (Czech)
ROCKING (Hajej, Nynjej), Czech Christmas carol. This simple, childlike lullaby will win your heart. It is the Eastern European equivalent to Away in a Manger. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, four playing scores, lyrics in English
Geisler JE65 - Three Ways to the Manger (traditional)
THREE WAYS TO THE MANGER Three versions of the lovely Christmas lullaby are included in this edition. Away in the Manger - American(19th century tune by J. Murray), English (originally by W.J. Kirkpatrick (1838-1921) set for recorders from the choral arrangement by David Willcocks) and the Traditional Normandy Carol(originally arr. for choir by Reginald Jacques) Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, four scores include 3 verses of lyrics. Audio
Geisler JE66 - O Holy Night (Dwight, J.S. & Adam, A.)
O HOLY NIGHT - Cantique de Noel/ lyrics by John S. Dwight music by Adalpe Adam. This is a very effective arrangement of this beautiful Christmas melody with moving triplets in the tenor and bass lines. The five scores include lyrics with the first verse under the soprano line. Lyrics for remaining three verses are on the back page. A wonderful arrangement by R. Geisler for recorder quintet - SATTB.
Geisler JE67 - Beautiful Star of Bethlehem (Boyce,R)
BEAUTIFUL STAR of BETHLEHEM by R. Fisher Boyce/Adger McDavid Pace (1882-1959) A wonderful American hymn to add to your Christmas repertoire. Shaker song, Gospel tune from Appalachia, One of the last shape note pieces from the 1940s. A lilting, catchy, tune, very much of Appalachia, one you will play and hum with pleasure. Arranged by Richard Geisler for SATB, score and parts, verses included. Photo
Geisler JE68 - Gesu Bambino (Jesus, Little Child) (Yon, Pietro A. 1886-1943)
GESU BAMBINO (Jesus, Little Child) a lovely Italian Christmas carol by Pietro A. Yon (1886-1943) Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quintet SATBB with optional 3rd bass or cello. score and parts, lyrics included in both Italian and English.
Geisler JE69 - Silver Bells (Livingston & Evans)
SILVER BELLS- a popular song for the Christmas season from the 1950s. First sung by Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell in the movie 'The Lemon Drop Kid'. Along with the familiar seasonal melody included is a jazzy rendition derived from piano jazz. A fun challenge for the sopranino and soprano players Arranged by R. Geisler for recorders, Nine parts NSSAATTB, five page score, nine parts with lyrics printed on the cover.
Geisler JE70 - Let It Snow / It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Styne, Jule Cahn, S)
LET IT SNOW (1945) & IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS (1951) It's an upbeat, light-hearted twosome with a bit of soft shoe mixed in. Two popular songs you hear every year, why not play them too! Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet - N/SATB, 4 playing scores Lyrics for both songs printed on the cover.
Geisler JE71 - Ave Maria / Nino Dios d'amor Herido (Guerrero,Francisco (1528-1599))
AVE MARIA & Nino Dios d'amor Herido by Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599) the pre-eminent Spanish composer of his generation. His perfection of form often smoothes over an emotionally complex an demanding soul. These two Christmas carols combine the Spanish love for compelling and catchy rhythmic melodies. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score and parts, Latin and English lyrics for Ave Maria, Spanish and English lyrics for Nino Dios d'amor herido.
Geisler JE72 - In Dulci Jubilo Medley (Bach / Praetorius)
IN DULCI JUBILO MEDLEY, the Ultimate Jubilation...a medley of a Christmas favorite ranging from the 14th century German tune harmonized by Bartholomew Gesius to a setting by J.S. Bach, then Praetorius and finally to the jaunty version we all know, Good Christian Men, Rejoice. Includes two pages of historical background notes and text. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder octet-high and low choirs SATB & TBGbCb, score and parts
Geisler JE73 - Pentatonic Songs of Winter & Advent (Lebret, Elisabeth)
PENTATONIC SONGS of WINTER & ADVENT Elisabeth wrote these lovely seasonal melodies for the children of Waldorf Schools. The songs are November Song, Chickadee, Winter Song & Advent Song. The traditional Advent carol People Look East is added as the finale to the medley. R, Geisler has artfully arranged them for recorder quartet SATB + optional voices, 13 page score, 4 parts, plus hymnal-like page of People Look East
Geisler JE74 - good People All, This Christmas Time (traditional Irish)
GOOD PEOPLE ALL, THIS CHRISTMAS TIME (also known as the Wexford Carol) A refreshing, fun-to-play Irish carol. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score and parts, includes vocal part with six verses for singing.
Geisler JE75 - Mary's Little Boy Child (Jester Hairston / Arry Belfonte)
Mary's Little Boy Chile (Child) composed by Jester Hairston in 1956 and recorded that same year by both Harry Belfonte and Mahalia Jackson. Jester Hairston (1901-2000)was one of the most beloved arrangers of Negro spirituals in the western musical world. The song tells the familiar Christmas story in a melody reminiscent of the music Hairston wanted the world to remember, the Negro Siritual. A calypso spritual based on West-Indian rhythms. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder septet SATTTBB with optional cello or contrabass and vocal part.
Geisler JE76 - Glad We Be This Day (Wolfe, Phillis Aleta)
GLAD WE BE THIS DAY composed in 1960 by Phillis Aleta Wolfe. A Renaissance-like Ayre in the Dorian Mode originally a trio for choir. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, four playing scores.
Geisler RGMD01 (Weelkes)
TO SHORTEN WINTER'S SADNESS by Thomas Weelkes c.1575-1623 'To shorten winter's sadness and lift up spirit's gladness, To mask the season's grey...Come, let's musick play!' Originally an English Madrigal for 5 voices, arranged by Richard Geisler for quintet of SSATB recorders. Five playing scores with lyrics, Intermediate. Photo