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Part Number and Description Price
1.2545 (Goldstein, David)
CHANUKAH SUITE - A piece in 3 movements - 1. Attack and Mourning in the Temple 2. Prayer #.Dance of Triumph composed in 1974 for trio SAT, Upper Intermediate, two playing scores
Arcadian AP084 (Davis, Stan/ arranger)
CHANUKAH MEMORIES/ A medley of artfully arranged songs - Chanukah, O Chanukah, Maoz Tzur, Mi Y'Malel, very nice introduction and key changes leading into each song. Arranged by Stan Davis for quartet SATB, Upper Intermediate, score & parts
Arcadian AP085 (Davis, Stan/ arranger)
CHANUKAH DELIGHTS/ a medley of songs - Y Ladim, Chanukah Begins Tonight, The Dreidel Song, Raisins and Almonds, Those Were The Days' traditional favorites put together in a substantial and challenging work. Arranged by Stan Davis for Sn (or sop.),A,T,B, Upper Intermediate to Advanced, score and parts
Arcadian AP100 (Davis, Stan arr.)
HAVA NAGILA/ The popular Israeli folk dance artfully arranged for SATB, Upper Intermediate
CM1038 (Burakoff, G/ & Strickland)
FIVE SONGS FOR CHANUKAH/ Traditional songs with lyrics - O, Chanukah, Dreydel Song, Chanukah, Spinning Top & Rock of Ages. For duet SS with optional alto recorder and voice, Elementary and lower intermediate players, score.
EM317 (Irnich, Herbert)
IMPROVISATIONS ON A HEBREW MELODY BY EMANUEL AMIRAN / Theme and variations composed in 1964. For Sextet SSAATT, Intermediate, score
EM705/706 (Tenta, Philipp/ arr.)
THREE YIDDISH WEDDING DANCES/ These beautiful energetic tunes are arranged for trio - 2 sopranos and alto, Upper Intermediate, score with extra sheet to avoid page turns.
H149 (Newman, Harold & Consoli, Marc)
JEWISH SONGS/ Contains 29 of the bestloved melodies passed down over the generations. It includes Oif'n Pripitchuk which the editor heard Cantor Yosele Rosenblatt sing in 1917. Dona, Dona, Dona presented here, became a hit tune for Joan Baez. For Duet SA, Intermediate, score
HE1 (Ehn, Hope / arranger)
THE KLEZMER RECORDER BAND/ 17 popular Yiddish selections for quartet SATB, Intermediate, score Currently Unavailable
HL00175099 - SEFARAD (arranged by Velvel Paternak)
SEFARAD Sephardic Traditional and Ladino Songs compiled edited and arranged by Velvel Pasternak. Sephardic music is neither sad nor plaintive. It reflects the joy and happiness from Temple times and from the glorious period of the sojourning of the Sephardim on the Iberian Penninsula. The custom of singing table songs (Zemirot) on shabbat and holidays is said to be more than two thousand years old. The Sephardim, are proud of this tradition, and they adhere to their simple, but beautiful tunes with great precision. The same can be said of the may sacred synagogue hymns, which, in the course of the centuries have become an inseparable part of the Synagogue-liturgy. 198 pages Lyrics in both Spanish & English Some songs have piano or guitar accompaniment. For voice, playable on Soprano, Alto up 8va and Tenor Recorders. Photo
HL00191474 - The Complete Chanukah Songbook (various)
THE COMPLETE CHANUKAH SONGBOOK a unique collection of Chanukah songs from many traditions. Featuring over 80 pieces in piano/vocal/guitar format. The contents include songs from Jewish folk traditions, all the Chanukah standards and many new songs by today's best Jewish songwriters. A wonderful resource for all! Vocal lines are playable on Soprano, Alto up 8va and Tenor recorders. Photo
JFS1 (Lepow, arr.)
FESTIVAL SONGS/ For SATB, Intermediate, score and part
MK00317 (Irnich, Herbert)
IMPROVISATIONS ON A HEBREW MELODY BY EMANUEL AMIRAN / Theme and variations composed in 1964. For Sextet SSAATT, Intermediate, score
PAN0743 (Petri (ed))
Musik of Israel / score - mostly SAT
PRM412 - Hava Nagila: 4 Jewish Songs and Dances (Marg Hall)
HAVA NAGILA: 4 Jewish Songs and Dances arranged by Marg Hall 1. NIGUN ATIK 'Ancient Melody' known as a wedding dance, the couple stands in the center while the guests dance in a circle around them. 2. ORIENTAL HORA - a traditional middle European Klezmer tune 3. MAYIM MAYIM 'Water, water' is an Israeli folk tune with words taken from Isaiah 12:3 'With joy you shall draw water from the springs of salvation'. 4. HAVA NAGILA 'Let's Rejoice' us probably the best-known tune of the four, the melody is taken from a Ukrainian folk-dance song. Photo
PRM512 - KLEZMER COLLECTION (arranger, Marg Hall)
KLEZMER COLLECTION excellent arrangements by Marg Hall for recorder quartet. There are five tunes: 'Valodya's Farewell to Odessa', 'Dobranotsch', 'Odessa Bulgar', 'Papirosn'. Marg includes background notes on each piece. Both fun to play and listen to. Includes Full Score and SATB Recorder parts, level is Intermediate and Up. Photo
SECOND KLEZMER COLLECTION arranged by Marg Hall. Marg Hall is one the finest arrangers for recorder. Here are four more great Klezmer arrangements: 1. 'Na Rasvete' (At dawn), 2. Bublitschki (Bagels), 3. 'Sol Sayn Gelebt' (You should have lived) 4. 'Yikhes' (Heritge, or lineage) Includes background notes on each tune. Full Score and SATB RECORDER Parts, Intermediate and Up. Photo
SP2343 (Burakoff, Sonya/ arranger)
HANUKAH HOLIDAY/ A collection of six traditional Hanukah songs elementary and lower intermediate players. For duet SS and optional small percussion instruments. parts are of equal difficulty. No lyrics. score