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Part Number and Description Price
AM31402 (traditional)
SONGS AND DANCES OF IRELAND A collection of songs and dances from Ireland's rich musical heritage. Includes 40 songs like Begorrah, Cockles and Mussels, Mick McGuire, the Mountains of Mourne, My Wild Irish Rose, The Wearin' O' the Green, The Irish Rover and many more. All are arranged for voice and soprano or tenor recorder or any suitable C instrument. Each is complete with full lyrics, chord symbols and guitar chord diagrams. 80 page book Photo
Arcadian AP083 (Herbert, Victor)
GYPSY MEDLEY/ from 'The Fortune Teller', quartet N or S,ATB, Intermediate and Up An Irish-American's idea of what authentic Romany music is like. The songs are lyrical, musical, alive with gypsy verve and passion.
BRM0001 (Rosenberg)
Irish Air / score, SATB
DOL0407 (Robinson (ed))
Irish Traditional Music (jigs, reels, polkas & more) / S, A, T
ED13360 (traditional Irish)
IRISH FOLK TUNES arranged by Patrick Steinbach. Jigs, reels, polkas, hornpipes, Carolan Tunes and slow airs. 52 pages. Includes guitar chord shymbols, explanatory notes on each tune with supplementary notes on harmony and ornamentations. Demonstration of all tunes played on accompanying CD. Intermediate, Soprano or tenor Photo
Geisler FR01 - Shule Aroon (Irish Folk)
SHULE AROON - Irish Ballad 'Come, oh Love come quickly and softly.Come to the door and away we'll flee, And safe for aye my darlin' be.' One of the most widely sung songs in the Irish repertoire. Robert Louis Stevenson refers to the song twice in his novel 'The Master of Ballantrae' In 'Ulysees', James Joyce had Stephen Dedalus sing the song to Leopold Bloom in Bloom's kitchen.The old American song 'Buttermilk Hill' shares similar lyrics. Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quartet SATB. Four playing scores. Intermediate Photo
Geisler FR02 - The Butterfly (Irish Folk)
THE BUTTERFLY - a Traditional Irish Slip Jig A fun arrangement. It starts with 3 instruments playing solo with their own melodies, first Bass followed by Alto then Tenor and when Soprano enters it becomes a full hrmonized quartet. Arranged by Richard Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score and parts, Intermediate Photo
HARA027 (Clark)
Irish Suite / ScP - SATTB
Geisler JE10 - Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake (traditional Irish)
MISS FOGARTY'S CHRISTMAS CAKE - An Irish folk tune full of Irish wit! Here's a funny musical comedy experience with optional hatchet, saw and dramatic vocals. 'You see... the crust was nailed on with glue'. SATB but may be played SA or SAT Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler, includes lyrics and score and parts.
Geisler JE74 - good People All, This Christmas Time (traditional Irish)
GOOD PEOPLE ALL, THIS CHRISTMAS TIME (also known as the Wexford Carol) A refreshing, fun-to-play Irish carol. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB, score and parts, includes vocal part with six verses for singing.
MB20665 (arr. James Tanguay)
A CELTIC RECORDER CHRISTMAS/ by James Tanguay A treasury of 24 Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English holiday carols suitable for Soprano & Tenor. Easy duets, a round for 3 and arrangements for solo recorder with guitar chords. Large type adorned by Celtic calligraphy, easy to read. From the hauntingly beautiful melodies of the Hebrides, to the ancient airs of Ireland, to the familiar Yuletide tunes of Wales, England and Scotland These songs are sure to warm you heart this Holiday Season the way only music can. Lower Intermediate, 32 pages. Photo
O'NEILL'S MUSIC of IRELAND 1,850 Airs, Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Long Dances, Marches Etc., Collected and Edited by Capt. Francis O'Neill arranged by James O'Neill first published 1903. Contains Irish Airs - songs, O'Carolan's compositions, Double Jigs, Slip Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Long Dances, Marches and Miscellaneous 349 pages A book all lovers of I22rish Music must have! FACSIMILE EDITION Photo
O'CAROLAN'S TUNES for ALTO RECORDER 44 tunes arranged for Alto Recorder by Richard Voss Some tunes are: John Drury, Carolan's Night Cap, Carolan's Welcome, Dr. John Stafford, One More bottle, Mrs. Maxwell, Sheebeg and Sheemore, Planxty Burke, George Reynold's Advice, Ode to Whiskey, All alive, Kitty Magennis, Captain Dudley, Planxty Drew, Baptist Johnston. The playing book is 33 pages includes historical notes and a fingering chart for ALTO RECORDER. Intermediate
MK00607 (Heller)
Five Irish Dance Tunes / Score, S or A, Pf Easy
N2537 (Czeslaw Kroczek)
IRISH FOLKLORE/ As music from Ireland continues to enjoy unabated popularity this edition contains 4 'traditionals' each of unknown origin. The arrangements came about as a result of practical work with mixed ensembles at a school of music and are intermediate and up in difficulty. For Sop. Recorder, Violin, Guitar and optional Bass Guitar and percussion. The guitar part contains both chord symbols and written notation. 28 page score and parts (no page turn problems)
N4535AT - Greensleeves (Celtic traditional)
GREENSLEEVES - 25 Irish, Scottish and English Folk Songs arranged by Heilig & Heger for two recorders. Nine are for ALTO & TENOR only, 6 are for two ALTOS, and 10 can be ALTO & either ALTO or TENOR. Irish tunes are: Carrickfergus, Cockles & Mussels, Sally Gardens,Dingle Regatta,The Galway Piper, Skibbereen, Roddy M'Corley, Londonderry Air, Sheebeg & Sheemoore, The Last Rose of Summer, Planxty Irwin, Foggy Dew, East Neuk O'Fife Scottish tunes: Amazing Grace, Auld Lang Syne, Annie Laurie, The Blue Bells of Scotland, Loch Lomond, Scotland the Brave, Aiken Drum. I'm A Rover. For intermediate to advanced players English tunes: Greensleeves, Portsmouth, The Ashgrove, Early One Morning Photo
N4700 (Willibald Lutz, editor)
THE GREAT FOLK SONG COLLECTION/ 55 mostly American folk songs - There's A Yellow Rose In Texas, Way Down Upon the Swanee River, Skip To My Lou with numerous Spirituals & American Hymns like Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Go, Tell It On The Mountain, Michael, Row The Boat Ashore, Oh When The Saints, Amazing Grace. English, Irish & Scottich like A Londonderry Air, The Hunt is Up, Annie Laurie, I've Been A Wild Rover, Greensleeves, Auld Lang Syne. Arranged in close harmony.Lower Intermediate to Intermediate, 59 page playing score has no page turns and is arranged so it can be played by any of these combinations: SATB / SSTB / SSTB / SAAB Recorders Photo
OK63206 (Krassen, M. ed.)
O'NEILL'S MUSIC OF IRELAND compiled by Miles Krassen. over 1,000 fiddle tunes A revised and corrected collection of the dance music of Ireland: jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Long Dances and Marches. An Introduction on the history of Irish Music. Tips on playing with an authentic feeling. Settings from the playing of Michael Coleman and the Sligo Fiddle Master. Tune Index. Tunes are playable on Violins, Recorders and other C Instruments. Contains 254 pages.
OMB139 (McCullough, L.E.)
SAINT PATRICK WAS A CAJUN 61 New Irish Traditional Compositions by L.E. McCullough, keeping the Irish tradition alive and fresh. A Prize winning Tin Whistle player and ethnomusicologist, he is the author of The Complete Irish Tin Whistle Tutor and other books. He has performed on film and television soundtracks including The West, Lewis and Clark. Conveniently arranged in sets. For Whistle, Recorder or any C Instruments with chord indications. See below for CD.
OMB144 (Carolan)
CAROLAN, The Life and Times and Music of an Irish Harper compiled by Donal O'Sullivan. This is a new 2001 edition combining a work originally published in two parts. PART ONE: The Life and Times - writings on all aspects of the famous harper's life. PART TWO: The Music - Tunes for Patrons, Tunes without Titles, Miscellaneous Tunes, Laments. Followed by The Notes to the Tunes, The Memoirs of Arthur O'Neill, Appendix- contributed by Bonnie Shaljean which contains recently discovered O'Carolan compositions and other unpublished material and then the Indexes of tunes, persons, places, first lines, of tunes mentioned in text and notes, General index. Tunes are playable on Harp, Violin, Recorders or any C Instrument. Contains 378 pages
PAR0101 (Robinson)
TRADITIONAL IRISH MUSIC FOR ALTO RECORDER edited by Andrew Robinson, Includes information on ornaments, slurs & breathing 21 pieces, Intermediate
SUITE - COUNTRY FAIRS arranged by Christopher Ball A collection of Irish and English traditional tunes: Trottin'to the Fair, Scarborough Fair, Strawberry Fair, Brigg Fair, Come to the Fair. Another group of recorders that needed new material like this. It will make you want to dance! Interesting, varied arrangements for Quartet - two Sopranos, Alto & Tenor. Intermediate, score and parts Photo
CHIEF O'NEILL'S FAVOURITE & OTHER GREAT IRISH TUNES arranged by Marg Hall Five tunes artfully arranged for SATB Quartet. The tunes are: 'Chief O'Neill's', 'Old Maids of Galway', 'The Silkedy Scissory Happy Little Song', 'The Big Airy Hill and the Little Fairy Hill', 'Gareth's Wedding. Composed for the Scottish Recorder Festival of 2010. Includes background notes for each tune. Comes with Score and SATB Recorder parts, Level ins Intermediate. Fun music to play. Photo
PRM581 (Marg Hall)
SIX IRISH AIRS by Marg Hall The 6 Airs are: 1. 'An Ghaoth Aneas' (The South Wind) 2. 'An Choisir' (The Party), 3. 'Roisin Dubh' (Little Black Rose), 4. 'Mo Mhaire (My Mary), 5. 'The Curragh of Kildare', 6. 'The Leprahaun' Arranged for trio:SAT RECORDERS, score and parts, Intermediate Photo
SP02346 (Harrington)
Irish Airs and Dances / score - SAT Medium
SP02378 (Hettrick)
Airs of the Emerald Isle (11 traditional Irish tunes) / score, SATB
ST07105 (Bazilewski - Sikora)
90 Irish Tunes / S, A
CELTIC RECORDER arranged by Florian Brambock who says 'The true secret of Celtic Music lies in the emotion - it's an instinctive kind of music. Melodies and lyrics are inseparably linked and reach out to the soul of every listener.' It's diverse with mysticism, catchy tunes and accentuated dance rhythms. The Golden Jubilee, The Foggy Dew, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, John Riley, The Wild Rover, Tax Free Should Be All the Music, Danny Boy, Molly Malone, The Old Triangle, The Great Silkie, Drink Your Mighty Lemonade, The Minstrel Boy, Auld Lang Syne, Slievnamon, My Luv is Like a Red, Red Rose, Dance on the Shannon, Loch Lomond. The arrangement are interesting for both lines with the melody passing between them. Intermediate and Up 33 page playing score. For Two Sop. or Tenors Photo Audio