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Part Number and Description Price
HL00147215 (various)
6th Edition The ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS FAKE BOOK 'C' Edition for Recorder and Guitar. This spiral bound book contain over 270 Christmas Songs both sacred and secular. From Away in a Manger to I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Do You Hear What I hear? to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Go Tell It on the Mountain to A Holly Jolly Christmas and more than 260 other carols and songs. Also included are the complete lyrics and guitar chords with a 4 page guitar chord guide at the back of the book. Playable on Soprano, Alto up 8va or Tenor Recorder Level varies from Intermediate to advanced depending on the song. An invaluable resource during the Holiday season. Photo


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Part Number and Description Price
MK00659 (Hoh (ed))
Spanish Songs & Dances / Score, S,G , Easy
MK01592 (Dinescu)
Zerrspiegel I (trans: Distorting Mirror I) modern notation! / T - Gb, A - B
PRM716A (Marg Hall)
SEA BASS for TWO by Harg Hall, Five Jazzy Duets for Two Great Bass Recorders. 1. Dogfish Duo (Fast 4/4, swung eighths, finger vibrato) 2. All At Sea (Very fast 3/4, swung eighths, shifting time signature) 3. Beachcombing (Moderate 4/4, swung eighths, finger vibrato) 4. Plain Sailing (Very Fast 4/4, swung eighths), 5. Sailor's Swing (Fast 4/4). A very fun addition to this limited repertoire, written in bass clef. A treble clef version is available for two Tenors. Playing score, Upper Intermediate, Two great bass recorders Photo


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Part Number and Description Price
Arcadian AP106 (Cervantes, I.)
TANGOS FOR BASSES/ trio BBGb, 2 selections from 21 Danzas cubanas (1878-1895) by the Cuban pianist. They will add a new tonal dimension to the bass repertoire. Upper Intermediate
MK00029 (Mozart, WA)
Country Dances and Minuets / score - SSA or SS,G Medium
MK01566 (Maute)
Suitte en Trio (technical notes included) / ScP - TBGb
PP00080 (Handel)
Three Fugues / ScP - ATGb - ABGb Advanced
PP00089 (Bach, JS)
Fuga XXI from The Well-Tempered Clavier, Vol. I / ATGb Advanced
ST05050 (Draths/Lechner)
Folk Music (German edition) / SSA,G


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Part Number and Description Price
Arcadian AP113 (Mozart, W.)
EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIC - The Allegro/ quartet BBBGb, from one of Mozart's most well-known compositions. Upper Intermediate
Arcadian AP168 (Harry Von Tilzer)
THE ALCOHOLIC BLUES, 1919 by Harry von Tilzer Blues, the American art form was born in the Mississippi delta around the turn of the 19th century. Stan Davis has arranged this for recorders ATBGB, program notes, Intermediate +, score and parts
Arcadian AP199 (Bartok)
BARTOK for BASSES Suite of six Hungarian & Rumanian folk songs and dances. Arranged by Stan Davis for recorder quartet of 2 Basses, Great Bass & Contra Bass, program notes,score & parts, Intermediate & up
GSM1034 (Glen Shannon)
MISSA SUPER-BREVIS 'Ave Barry, ursus coeli',2022 by Glen Shannon Commissioned by the Washington DC Recorder Society in memory of Barry Moyer (1944-2021). Barry was a beloved participant at Early Music Workshop in the US & Europe. Barry's favorite musical style was Renaissance polyphony of the '5th & 16th centuries. Glen composed a Mass with two Kyries, a 3-part Christe, a slow requiescat in pace, and a Gloria. Barry's name appears in solmization in all parts throughout the piece. There are two settings high (GSM1035) & low. This is the low version for ATBGb recorders, It includes score and parts, Intermediate to advanced. Photo
LMP0108 (Nanino)
Abounding Grace / score & parts, ATBB-TTBGb
MK02805 (Mancini)
On The Trail of the Pink Panther / score & parts, ATBGb-ATTGb
MK02816 (Rose, Pete)
TALL P./ by Pete Rose, It was first performed at the 1990 Internationales Blockfloten Symposion in Karlsruhe, Germany. Written in Jazz idiom known as Bebop and dedicated to Paul Leenhout, a member of the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet. The heartbeat of the piece can be found in the Great Bass part. For A, T, B, GB, Upper Intermediate/Advanced, score and parts
MK02821 (Lasso, de)
Susana un Jur / score & parts, TBGbCb
MK02822 (Crequillon)
Un Gay Bergier / score & parts, TBGbCb
PP00002 (Palestrina)
Adoramus te / score & parts, TTBGb Easy
PP00094 (Handel)
Fugue in D Minor (G 163) / score & parts, SATGb
PP00096 (Handel)
Fugue in D Minor (G 17) / score & parts, ATBGb Advanced
PP00098 (Handel)
Fugue in D Minor (G 264) / score & parts, ATBGb Advanced
ST05938 (Draths)
Advent & Christmas Songs (German text) / Score & parts, SATB,G ,
ST05938A (Draths)
Advent & Christmas Songs / part, S Easy
ST05938B (Draths)
Advent & Christmas Songs / part, A Easy
ST05938C (Draths)
Advent & Christmas Songs / part, T Easy
ST05938D (Draths)
Advent & Christmas Songs / part, B Easy


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Part Number and Description Price
Arcadian AP078 (Vivaldi)
SARABANDA/ for low quintet ATTBGb, a lovely slow dance movement. Intermediate
HAEE005 (Scheidt)
Canzon super Cantionem Balgicam / ScP - SSTTB - SSTTGb
MK00572.3 (Marinovici)
Folk Dances of Eastern Europe & Asia II / Score, SSAA,G , Medium
RFS0041 (Bryan - Edwards)
In My Merry Oldsmobile (1905) / ScP - SATBGb Easy


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Part Number and Description Price
Arcadian AP012 (Ferrabosco, A.)
DI SEI BASSI/ sextet BBBBBGb, from the English Renaissance, Intermediate
EML0136 (Anonymous)
3 Instrumental Pieces from Durham - set of scores / SSATTGb
HACO008 (Touchin)
Staffordshire Festival / Score & parts, NSATBGb
HARA055 (Purcell, H)
Symphony / Score & parts, NSATBGb
HARA115 (Lewin)
Lincolnshire Poacher / Score & parts, SAATBGb
HARB030 (Alyson Lewin)
THREE WELSH PORTRAITS by Alyson Lewin to the Woodland Consort on the 75th Anniversary of The Clearing in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin. A trio of Welsh folksong settings - Y Mynach Du (The Black Monk) An elderly Benedictine monk listens to the bells as he goes about his day, and muses on their message. Dafydd y Garreg Wen (David of the White Rock) Dafydd the bard sets his affairs in order and bids farewell to those he loves. Rhyfelgyrch Capten Morgan (Captain Morgan's March) A stirring call to arms. Sextet: S,A,T,T,B,Gb, Intermediate, Score and parts
LMP0015 (Whitney)
Gamut - 4 scores / NSATBGb Easy
LPMRB18 - Alma Redemptoris Mater (Ludwig Senfl)
ALMA REDEMPTORIS MATER by Ludwig Senfl Music from the Copenhagen Wind Collection. The basic plainsong is in the tenor part with the other lines playing leaborate counterpoint around it. Sextet, Score and parts. 1. Parts in orginal key-Alto up 8va,Alto up 8va,Tenor, Bass,Bass,Great Bass 2. Parts transposed, SSTTTB Photo
MK02137 (Fortin)
Lambsborner Nusse / Score, SSATBGb
MK02137P (Fortin)
Lambsborner Nusse - parts each / S-S-A-T-B-Gb
PP00076 (Black)
Paper Doll (classic swing tune) / Score & parts, SATTBB-SATTBGb Medium
PP00125 (Goldstein)
Isaiah 2: 2-5 / Score & parts, NSATBGb
PP00142 (Chopin)
Etude, Op. 10, No. 3 / Score & parts, NSATBGb Advanced
PRBCCS62 (Harald Owen)
IN NOMINE FANTASIA (2008) by Harold Owen American composer, Based on the 16th century English composer Taverner's chant 'Gloria tibi Trinitas' from his mass of the same name. The In Nomine theme is presented in several ways. 1. in a quick, rhythmic version by the Alto and Bass recorders 2. by the lowest lines in long notes 3. another quick version in the soprano & tenors 4. a chorale-style version. It is a well-composed contemporary work for recorders & viols. FOR: SATB Recorders with Tenor & Bass Viols, works equally well with Great Bass Recorders on the viol lines. Includes Score and Parts, Intermediate and Up. It has a companion piece called 'Prelude' Photo
PRBCCS68 (Harold Owen)
PRELUDE (2009) by Harold Owen this piece is a companion piece to 'In Nomine Fantasia' also by Owen. Both can stand alone but make a lovely paring. The Prelude is a free-flowing piece in the manner of a baroque prelude and should be played in a relaxed gentle manner. For: SATB Recorders and Tenor and Bass Viols or works very well with two Great Bass Recorders. Intermediate and Up. Score and Parts. Photo


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Part Number and Description Price
Arcadian AP067 (traditional)
A FRENCH NOEL (Traditional) / NSATTBGb
Shannon GSM1005 (Glen Shannon)
SUSPICION by Glen Shannon published 2012. Commissioned by Alexandra Terhoff of Dortmund, Germany for two of her recorder ensembles. The music is intended to be energizing, accessible for intermediate players, and most importantly FUN for both the players and audience. Throughout the piece, threads of staccato eighth-notes infuse the music with anxiety, play these passages impatiently, with super-light tonguing. In the development the main theme alternately undergoes fragmentation, stretchy rhythmic distortion, and finally replacement with a new theme floating in the highest parts. The collective mood brightens which begins a brief conference of solo statements in the upper parts answered by chromatic gestures in the basses. This little chat ends with a series of 'bell-tone' arpeggios that run downward through the whole ensemble. After a final climactic moment the piece ends with a quite recap. For recorder septet: sopranino,Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Great Bass, Contrabass, score and parts, Intermediate and Up.
HARA035 (Beethoven)
Allegretto Scherzando / Score & parts, SSATTBGb
PP00147 (Grieg)
Ave Maris Stella / Score & parts, SAATTBGb


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Part Number and Description Price
Arcadian AP105A (Haydn, F. J.)
ORLANDO PALADINO/ OVERTURE (1782), N,SS,AAA,TT,B,Gb,Cb, Complete and dramatic arrangement of the opera's Overture. Upper Intermediate.
Arcadian AP119A (Holst, G.)
SECOND SUITE IN F FOR MILITARY BAND/ N,SS,AAA,TT,B,Gb,Cb. Stan has made an excellent arrangment of the complete work of 1922. Originally for wind band. 1. March, 2. Song Without Words, 3. Song of the Blacksmith, 4. Fantasia on the Dargason. Intermediate to Advanced (depending on part played). Score & 2 sets of parts
Arcadian AP134A (Sousa, J.P.)
THE LIBERTY BELL/ N,SS,AAA,TT,B,Gb,Cb, March composed in 1893. Upper Intermediate. Score and 2 sets of parts
Arcadian AP139A (Rossini, G.)
L'ITALIANA in ALGERI/ N,SS,AAA,TT,B,Gb, Cb. The Italian Girl in Algiers - OVERTURE. A sparkling concert piece. Upper Intermediate. Score and 2 sets of parts.
Arcadian AP167A (Vaughan Williams)
ENGLISH FOLK SONG SUITE by Vaughn Williams arranged for recorders by Stan Davis. After spending years researching the folk songs of Norfolk, Essex and Somerset in England and with inspiration from his friend Gustav Holst, this work is the crowning result. A 'standard' of the concert band idiom. FOR Recorder Orchestra: N,S1,S2,A1,A2,A3,T1,T2,B, GB,CB Recorders Score and Parts, Upper Intermediate.
Arcadian AP181A (Cole Porter)
NIGHT AND DAY by Cole Porter arranged for recorder orchestra by Stan Davis. Cole Porter was one of the few top lyricists who composed his own music. A 'classic' Twentieth century popular song. For' N,S1,S2,A1.A2,A3,T1,T2,B,GB,CB Score and Parts. Upper Intermediate
Arcadian AP197A
UNDER THE DOUBLE EAGLE by Josef Franz Wagner the most famous Austrian march Arranged for Recorder Orchestra N,S,S,A,A,T,T,B,Gb,Cb, score and parts
3 CHORALE PRELUDES and CHORALES by JS Bach arranged by Bart Spanhove for recorder orchestra, may also be played as a quartet. The 3 chorales are Herzlich tut mich berlangen, Jesu, meine Freude, herr Christ, der ein'ge Gottes-Sohn. The German text is included in all parts,an English translation is included in the score. The score is 12 pages with background notes. The nine parts are for SATTBBGbSb and they may be legally copied. For Great Bass 2 parts are given one in treble clef, one in bass clef. May be played as a quartet SATB. Score and parts Photo
EML0226 (Taeggio)
Tota Pulchra Es - set of scores / SATB-SATGb x 2
HARA066 (Debussy)
Golliwogg's Cake-Walk (Children's Corner, 1908) / Score & parts, NSAATTBGb
HARA149 (Rogers)
Two-Tone Rag (Gabrieli meets Scott Joplin!) / Score & parts, SATB & ATBGb
Geisler JE72 - In Dulci Jubilo Medley (Bach / Praetorius)
IN DULCI JUBILO MEDLEY, the Ultimate Jubilation...a medley of a Christmas favorite ranging from the 14th century German tune harmonized by Bartholomew Gesius to a setting by J.S. Bach, then Praetorius and finally to the jaunty version we all know, Good Christian Men, Rejoice. Includes two pages of historical background notes and text. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder octet-high and low choirs SATB & TBGbCb, score and parts
JR00021P (Tschaikowsky, PI)
March from The Nutcracker - set of parts / NSSAATTB(Gb)
PAN0788 (Fankhauser)
Ein Scherz mit Kleinen Terz / Score, NNSSATGb
PP00063 (Hilling)
Midsummer Meadow Suite / Score & parts, NSAATTBGbCb Medium
PP00079 (Schwartz)
Chinatown / Score & parts, SSAATTTBBGb Medium
PP00082 (Mozart, WA)
Minuet, from Serenade for 13 Wind Instruments/ Score & parts, NSSAATTBBGbCb Advanced
PP00087 (Handel)
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba / Score & parts, NSSAATTTBGbCb Advanced
PP00092 (Mussorgsky)
Gopack, from Sorochintsy Fair / Score & parts, NSAATTBGb Advanced
PP00093 (Farnaby)
The Lord Zouche's Maske / Score & parts, NSSAATTBBBGbCb Medium
PP00106 (Glinka)
Overture to Russlan and Ludmila / Score & parts, NNSSAATTBGbCb Advanced
PP00112 (Bloodworth)
A Suite of Early English Keyboard Music / Score & parts, NSSAATTBBGbCb Medium
PP00117 (Creamer / Layton)
After You've Gone / Score & parts, SSAATTTBBGb
PP00124 (Warlock)
Capriol Suite / Score & parts, NSSAATTBBGbCb Medium
PP00138 (Bloodworth)
Popular Renaissance Dances (6 dances) / Score & parts, NSSAATTBBGbCb Medium
PP00145 (MacDowell)
Midsummer / Score & parts, NSAATTBGbCb
PP00146 (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Dance of the Tumblers / Score & parts, NSAATTBGbCb
PRM0244 (Bloodworth)
CHANSON DE NUIT by Edward Elgar arranged for large recorder ensemble by Denis Bloodworth. For Sn,SI,SII,AI,AII,TI,TII,BI,BII,GB,CB Score & Parts, Intermediate
Shannon SMM400 (Glen Shannon)
'LA FOLLIA' VARIATIONS for RECORDER ORCHESTRA by Glen Shannon Based on the well-known 'La Follia ground' pattern. In this new work the basic chord progression in its unadorned entirety begins the piece, then come 14 variations ranging from high drama to light fluff to schmaltzy kitch. Different sections of the orchestra are featured. The piece builds in intensity to the exciting climax. Intermediate to Advanced. For Si,SS,AAA,TTT,B,Gb,Cb recorders Score & parts