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Part Number and Description Price
Geisler AE05 - Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen)
OVER THE RAINBOW music by Harold Arlen lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. Judy Garland's signature song from the movie The Wizard of oz, 1939. An absolutely beautiful arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler. The harmonies are candy for the ears. Intermediate & Up Includes lyric sheet, score and parts. Photo
Geisler AE08 - Ashokan Farewell (Jay Ungar)
ASHOKAN FAREWELL by Jay Ungar arranged by Richard Geisler for recorder quintet. It is the musical theme for Ken Burns' documentary movie on the American Civil War, the only contemporary tuned used in the film. This is a mellow arrangement, of what has become a beloved American folk tune, for two altos, two tenors and bass recorders (no soprano) - AATTB. Included are a score with background notes and parts. Photo
Arcadian AP042 (Dering, R. Okeover, J.)
TWO PAVANS/ Slow and stately dances for Quintet AATTB, Intermediate
Arcadian AP050 (Giblin, Irene)
CHICKEN CHOWDER RAG/ quintet NSATB, Intermediate and Up
Arcadian AP066 (Traditional Christmas)
HOLIDAY CELEBRATION A joyous Stan Davis medley of Christmas favorites Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, God Rest Ye Merry...Good King Wenceslas, Hark the Herald...Jingle Bells & O Come All Ye...for quintet SnSATB, Upper Intermediate & Up, score and parts
Arcadian AP068 (Mendelssohn, F.)
WEDDING MARCH/ ('Midsummer Night's Dream'), quintet NSATB, Intermediate and Up
Arcadian AP069 (Alford, K.J.)
COLONEL BOGEY/ (Theme: 'Bridge On the River Kwai'), NATTB quintet, Upper Intermediate
Arcadian AP074 (Pezel, J.)
SONATA NO. 1/ Quintet NSATB, from 'Hora decima, Leipzig, 1670. A Highly esteemed late-Renaissance German town musician. Intermediate
Arcadian AP078 (Vivaldi)
SARABANDA/ for low quintet ATTBGb, a lovely slow dance movement. Intermediate
Arcadian AP216 (Richard Rodgers)
MY FUNNY VALENTINE music by Richard Rogers, lyrics by Lorenz Hart composed in 1937 for the musical 'Babes in Arms'. It became part of the Great American Songbook, there are may recordings of it and is a popular jazz standard, its simple classic structure makes it easy for jazz musician to improvise over the chords. Arranged for Recorder Quartet: AATB recorders by Stan Davis. Includes score with background notes and parts. Intermediate to Advanced.
Geisler ARSBSQ07 - Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (Willard & Knight)
ROCKED IN THE CRADLE OF THE DEEP, ca 1840 Words by Emma Hart Willard, Music by J.P.Knight. Emma wrote this poem while on an ocean voyage in 1829. It was included in her book of poetry 'The Fulfillment of a Promise'. J.P. Knight set the poem to music which became a very popular song of faith and hope. It was included in many hymnals from 1850 until the 1940s. Ozzie Knight arranged a barbershop version in 1935, Richard Geisler arranged it for Recorders in 1989. For QUARTET A,S or T,A,T or QUINTET A,Sor T,A,T,B four playing scores, lyric sheet with historical information. Intermediate Photo
Geisler ARSEPS07 - Peg O' My Heart (Arranged by Richard Geisler)
Peg O' MY HEART, 1913 music by Fred Fischer, lyrics by Alfred Bryan '...Peg O' My Heart, Your glances with Irish art entrance me, Come, be my own, Come, make your home in my heart.' Arranged by Richard Geisler for Recorder Quintet: sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass with a vocal part included. To be played with an easy-going oh-so-fun swing! Score and parts Can also be played as a Quartet: SATB Photo
DOL0107 (Bernstein)
The Consort Collection, Vol. II (36 pieces) / score - 5 r
EML0273 (Finck (ed))
Christ ist Erstanden (2 settings) / set of scores - rrrrr
EML0284 (Willaert (ed))
Two Motto Motets from the Copenhagen MSS - set of sc. / rrrrr
EML0285 (Gistou)
Paduana and Galliard (1609) / set of scores - rrrrr
HACO001 (Baker)
Quintet, Op. 4 / ScP - SAATT
HAEE005 (Scheidt)
Canzon super Cantionem Balgicam / ScP - SSTTB - SSTTGb
HAEE007 (Parsley - Johnson)
Parsley's Clock - Johnson's Knell / ScP - rrrrr
HARA002 (Saint-Saens)
Fossiles (Carnival of Animals) / ScP - NSATB
HARA012 (Bizet)
Toreador's Song from Carmen / ScP - NSATB - NAATB
HARA039 (Pennick)
First Folk Song Suite / ScP - NSATB
HARA073 (Pres, des - Cavazzoni)
Faulte d'Argent (1500) / ScP - AATTB
Geisler JE06 - Cradle Song (traditional Flemish Carol)
CRADLE SONG - Traditional Flemish Christmas carol. Based on the choral arrangement by John Rutter with permission of Oxford Univ. Press. This lullaby begins with the melody in the soprano then it passes to the tenor and bass, concluding in 5 parts SSATB. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quintet SSATB, may also be played SA, SAT or SATB. Includes lyrics and five playing scores.
Geisler JE57 - Sans Day Carol (Traditional English)
SANS DAY CAROL (Now the holly bears a berry), Traditional Cornish Christmas carol, arranged to take the joyous melody through all parts. Arranged by R. Geisler for Quintet SATBB, score and parts
Geisler JE68 - Gesu Bambino (Jesus, Little Child) (Yon, Pietro A. 1886-1943)
GESU BAMBINO (Jesus, Little Child) a lovely Italian Christmas carol by Pietro A. Yon (1886-1943) Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quintet SATBB with optional 3rd bass or cello. score and parts, lyrics included in both Italian and English.
LMP0030 (Anonymous)
Paduana Bona Speranza / score - BBBBB Easy
LMP0061 (Miller)
Gnome Assembly Music - 2 scores / NSATB - NATTB Medium
LMP0100 (Boismortier)
Concert, Op. 15, No. 4 / score - AAAAA Medium
LMP0100P (Boismortier)
Concert, Op. 15, No. 4 / parts each - A - A - A - A - A Medium
LMP0115 (Anonymous)
Summer Is Icumen In, 1310 (from Harleian Mss) / score - SSSSS - AAAAA Easy
LPM0511 (Wilbye)
Weep, Weep, Mine Eyes / ScP - rrrrr
LPM1023 (Holborne)
Pieces 5-6 (Pavan:The Cradle & Galliard:New-Yeeres...) / 5 recs
LPM1047 (Holborne)
Pieces 55-58 (Almaines: Night Watch, Fruit of Love...) / 5 recs
LPM1048 (Holborne)
Pieces 59-62 (The Choise, Honeysuckle, Wanton...) - scores / 5 recs
LPM1049 (Holborne)
Pieces 63-65 (Fairie-round, Fell on Hollie Eve, Heigh.) / 5 recs
LPMRB01 (Alamire)
T'Andernaken / ScP - ATTBB
LPMRB03 (Pres, des)
La Spagna / ScP - ATTBB - SAATT
LPMTM54 (Franck)
Seven Intradas (1608) / Score & parts, 5r, Bc - L ,
MBF0566 (Cowan)
Consort in Concert (53 folk & classic songs) / 3-5 recorders
MK00280 (Staeps)
Rondelli (contemporary) / score - SSAAT Medium
MK00458.9 (Schein)
Suite No. 7 in E Major & Suite No. 17 in A Major / sc. - SSTTB
MK00503.4 (Werdin)
Yugoslavian Dance Suite / score - NSATB Medium
MK00547 (Hollfelder)
Two Small Partitas - Advent / score, SATBB Easy
MK00572.3 (Marinovici)
Folk Dances of Eastern Europe & Asia II / Score, SSAA,G , Medium
MK00619 (Staden)
Galliards and Pavans (Monkemeyer ed.) / score - NSATB Medium
MK01523 (Braun)
Minimal Music II (modern) / score - NSATB
MK01550 (Kaser)
Dupuy Tren / ScP - 3-6 r
MK01568 (Poth)
1 - f (contemporary) / ScP - rrrrr
MK02549 (Linde)
Browning : The Leaves Be Green / ScP - TTTBB Advanced
MP01000 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - bound score / 3-5 Various
MP01001 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Cantus all instr
MP01002 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Medius all instr
MP01004 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Altus, recorder
MP01006 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Tenor recorder
MP01007 (Tye)
Complete Consort Music - part book / Bassus all instr
MP04000 (Senfl)
Complete Instrumental Music (11 pieces) / score & parts, Var.:3-5 r
MP05000 (Schein)
Banchetto Musicale (1617) - score & perf. notes / 5 Various
MP05001 (Schein)
Banchetto Musicale (1617) - part book / Canto all instr
MP05002 (Schein)
Banchetto Musicale (1617) - part book / Quinta all instr
MP05006 (Schein)
Banchetto Musicale (1617) - part book / Tenor wind
MP07000 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621 / Score, 4-5 r (Bc)
MP07002 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book / Quinta
MP07003 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book / Altus wind
MP07004 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg,1621 - part book / Altus string
MP07005 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book / Tenor wind
MP07006 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book / Tenor string
MP07007 (Scheidt)
Ludi Musici (Prima Pars) Hamburg, 1621- part book / Bassus
MR00056 (Pres, des)
Three Chansons / score - AAT Medium
MR00057 (Handl)
Trahe Me Post Te / score - TTTTB Medium
PAN0305 (Maasz)
Flauto a Cinque, Book 5 / SSAAT
PAN0760 (Harras)
Chorales by Old Masters / score - SSTTB
MUSIC FOR A BANQUET by Christoper Ball Composed in a renaissance style the movements in this celebratory piece are: 1. Jester 2. Minstrel's Song 3.Roundelay 4. Revellers' Jig for Quintet Sopranino,SATB, Intermediate, 17 page score and parts
PDL0002 (Loeillet, John)
Quintet in D Minor / ScP - AAAAB
PEL2037 (Monteverdi)
Five Madrigals / score - AATTB
PP00050 (Gibbons)
Dainty Fine Bird / ScP - SSTTB Easy
PP00059 (Bach, JS)
Presto, from Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 / ScP - AAATB Very Advanced
PP00066 (Gibbons)
Trust Not Too Much, Fair Youth / ScP - SSTTB Easy
PP00144 (Gottschalk)
Polka de Concert: Ses Yeux / ScP - NSATB
PP00151 (Purcell, H)
Chaconne from Dioclesian / ScP - AATTB
RFS0041 (Bryan - Edwards)
In My Merry Oldsmobile (1905) / ScP - SATBGb Easy
RMS1140 (Dinn)
Playing for Pleasure: 5 Folksongs, Book 2 / ScP - SAATT
ST11805 (Pennick)
4 Sea Songs / score - SSSAT Medium
ST11833 (Franck)
Intrada, Pavane & Galliard / score - SSSAT Medium
TM00111 (Kear)
Impressions / ScP - SAATT - NSATT
TR00023 (Palestrina)
Madrigals & Motets for 5 Voices Vol. 1 / ScP - ATTTB Medium
VDGS033 (Simpson)
Four Pavan-Galliard Sets / ScP - SSTTB
WB00001 (Brade)
Pavans, Galliards & Canzonas (1609)/ boxed set - Various