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Part Number and Description Price
Arcadian AP002 (Villoldo,A.)
EL CHOCLO/ (Tango), quartet A+N,A+N,TB, Upper Intermediate
Arcadian AP007 (Desmond, P.)
TAKE FIVE/ (Jazz Quartet), AATB, Upper Intermediate
Arcadian AP023 (Blake, E. music Sissle, N. lyrics)
I'M JUST WILD ABOUT HARRY/ quartet S+A,ATB, Intermediate and Up
Arcadian AP028 (Gabrieli, A.)
RICERCAR del DUODECIMO TUONO, SATB, Andrea was a prolific and versatile musician who developed a lasting friendship with Orlando di Lasso. He is also the uncle of his well-known nephew Giovanni. Intermediate and Up
Arcadian AP029 (Willaert, A.)
UN GIORNO MI PREGGO/ A beautiful madrigal for Quartet AATB, Intermediate
Arcadian AP039 (Arcadelt)
VOI VE N'ANDATE AL CIELO/ A beautiful madrigal for Quartet AATB, Intermediate
Arcadian AP109 (Monaco, J. music McCarthy, J. lyrics)
YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU / AATB, upper intermediate to advanced
Arcadian AP115 (G.M. Cohan)
Arcadian AP121 (Davis, Stan arr.)
A CHRISTMAS MEDLEY A Collection of Seasonal Favorites 13 carol melodies blended by Stan Davis for mellow AATB, Upper Intermediate, score and parts
Arcadian AP123 (Davis)
TWO CHRISTMAS DANCE CAROLS arranged by Stan Davis Ding dong! Merrily On High! & Fum, Fum, Fum for AATB Intermediate, score and parts
Arcadian AP125 (Hanley, J.F. music Clarke, G. lyrics)
SECOND HAND ROSE/ AATB, Intermediate and Up Yes, It's the 1921 tune re-made famous several years ago by Barbara Streisand
Arcadian AP128 (Berlin, Irving)
ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND/ quartet A+S,ATB Upper Intermediate Berlin's first 'maga-hit' and the tune that launched a national dance craze.
Arcadian AP130 (Henderson,R music Dixon, Mort lyrics)
BYE BYE BLACKBIRD/ AATB, intermediate and up A perennially favorite standard. Has a wonderful swinging bass line.
Arcadian AP131 ((various))
FLAPPER DAYS - A Medley of Hits from the Twenties/ AATB, Upper intermediate 'When My Sugar Walks Down The Street', 'Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue', 'Ma, He's Makin' Eyes At Me!', 'For Me and My Gal' Folks will be singing along with these 'oldies'
Arcadian AP132 (Berlin, Irving)
PLAY A SIMPLE MELODY/ AATB, Upper intermediate Less swing than the others, this catchy tune, with its several counter melodies, has been around a long time. Fun for all.
Arcadian AP133 (Cannon, Hughie)
BILL BAILEY, WON'T YOU PLEASE COME HOME? / AATB, Upper Intermediate - Advanced Disarmingly simple, the tune breaks into a 'double-time' feel that will make all sit right up and dig in.
Arcadian AP137 (Muir, L., Gilbert, W.)
WAITIN' FOR THE ROBERT E. LEE/ (Barbershop Ragtime), quartet S+A,ATB, Upper Intermediate
Arcadian AP139 (Rossini, G.)
L'ITALIANA IN ALGERI/ The Overture, AATB, Advanced
Arcadian AP141 (Ager & Yellen)
AIN'T SHE SWEET / by Milton Ager & Jack Yellen - lyricist who wrote hits for Broadway, Shirley Temple, Sophie Tucker and the Democrats (FDR's campaign song Happy Days Are Here Again) Arranged by Stan Davis for Quartet AATB, Upper Intermediate, score and parts
Arcadian AP142 (traditional)
WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHIN' IN / Traditional American Gospel artfully arr. by Stan Davis for Quartet AATB,Intermediate and Up,score & parts
Arcadian AP143 (Romberg)
LOVER, COME BACK TO ME / music Sigmund Romberg, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II In partnership with Richard Rogers they became one of the most commercial successful collaborations in American musical history. This fast-paces swing tune is arranged by Stan Davis for Quartet AATB, Upper Intermediate, score and parts
Arcadian AP144 (DeSylvia, Brown & Henderson)
BUTTON UP YOUR OVERCOAT / B.G. DeSylvia, Lew Brown & Ray Henderson-a famous songwriting trio. Their work epitomizes the jaunty, easy style of the late twenties and early thirities. This well-known hit is arranged by Stan Davis for Quartet AATB, Intermediate and Up, score & parts
Arcadian AP145 (Woods, Harry)
SIDE BY SIDE, 1927, words and music by Harry Woods. A hit-maker of the twenties and thirties whose songs would be rediscovered decades later. Arranged by Stan Davis for Quartet AATB, Intermediate and Up, score and parts
Arcadian AP146 (McHugh & Fields)
I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE / music by Jimmy McHugh, words by Dorothy Fields. Field's was America's most brillian and successful woman lyricist. After a career spanning 45 year of hit shows and songs she ended up on the face of an American postage stamp. Arranged by Stan Davis for Quartet AATB, Intermediate and Up, score and parts
Arcadian AP166 (Bob Carleton)
JA-DA,1919 music and lyrics by Bob Carleton. A spirited swing arranged by Stan Davis for recorder quartet AATB, Lyrics, Upper Intermediate, score and parts.
Arcadian AP170 (Davis)
HANDFUL OF KEYS by Thomas 'Fats Waller arranged by Stan Davis with extensive notes on Waller. For AATB Score & Parts, Intermediate and Up
Arcadian AP172 (Davis)
TIS THE SWINGIN' SEASON (Fa,la,la,la,la and all that stuff) arr. Stan Davis. A 'Swing Band' treatment of an old Holiday stand-by. Fun to work out, this song is sure to get the kinks out of most staid groups. It will reward listeners and players alike with a 'hip' take on a 'square' tune. Upper Intermediate, AATB score and parts
Arcadian AP173
BEI MIR BIST DU SCHOEN (By Me, You Are Beautiful) original music and lyrics by Sholom Secunda & Jacob Jacobs
Arcadian AP175 (Gershwin)
EMBRACEABLE YOU by George & Ira Gershwin arranged for recorders by Stan Davis AATB Score & Parts, Program notes, Intermediate and Up
Arcadian AP176 (Sheldon Brooks)
SOME OF THESE DAYS composed by Sheldon Brooks in 1910 Cab Calloway and Sophie Tucker recorded this early swing 'standard'. Arranged by Stan Davis AATB Score & Parts, Program notes, Intermediate and Up
Arcadian AP178 (Vincent Youman)
HALLELUJAH! music by Vincent Youmans, lyrics by Leo Robbin & Clifford Grey. The popular feel good song from the movie 'Hit the Deck,1927. refrain: 'Sing Hallelujah! Hallelujah!' And you'll sing the blues away; When cares pursue ya, 'Hallelujah!' Gets you through the darkest day.' A wonderful swing arrangement by Stan Davis for recorders AATB, program notes, Upper Intermediate, score and parts
Arcadian AP179 (A. Hoffman)
HEARTACHE music by A. Hoffman and lyrics by J. Klenner A swing arrangement by Stan Davis for Recorders AATB, program notes, Intermediate, score and parts
Arcadian AP187 (Cozad)
EATIN' TIME RAG by Irene Cozad arranged by Stan Davis for his 'Women Composers of Ragtime Series' for recorders AATB, program notes, Intermediate and Up, score and parts.
Arcadian AP200 (Gershwin)
THEY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME - George & Ira Gershwin From the 1937 film Shall We Dance with Astair & Rogers.Arranged by Stan Davis for recorder quartet AATB, program notes,score & parts, Intermediate & up
AP201 - CAROLS รก LA SWING (Stan Davis)
CAROLS A LA SWING A Christmas medley of three traditional carols- It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, The Coventry Carol, Angels We have Heard on High in a jazz swing style. Includes background notes and lyrics. Three key changes. Arranged by Stan Davis For ATTB Upper Intermediate, score and parts
Arcadian AP203 (Traditional English Christmas Carol)
GOD REST YE MERRY, GENTLEMEN A traditional English Christmas carol The bass player get a nice 'riff' in the introduction. A rousing arrangement by Stan Davis for recorders AATB, program notes with several centuries of lyrics, Intermediate,score and parts
Arcadian AP206 (Harry Warren)
LULLABY OF BROADWAY - music by Harry Warren, lyrics by Al Dubin Academy award winning song from the movie Gold Diggers, 1935 and the musical 42nd Street, 1980. Numerous key changes E,C,F & Ab major,with lots of chromatics and syncopation. Demands players with enthusiasm! Well worth the effort. Arranged by Stan Davis for recorder quartet AATB, score & parts, Advanced
Arcadian AP210 (Felix Bernard)
WINTER WONDERLAND music by Felix Bernard, lyrics by Dick Smith. Often associated with Christmas it was written as song about an idyllic winter setting in the country. First recorder is 1934 it has been recorded by a long list of performing artists over the decades. Arranged (with four key changes) by Stand Davis (complete with the sounds of a sleigh) for recorder quartet AATB, program notes, Upper Intermediate, score and parts.
Arcadian AP212 (S. Simons, G. Marks)
ALL OF ME Lyrics by Seymour Simons, Music by Gerald Marks arranged for recorders by Stan Davis. Medium Swing 'All of me, why not take all of me? Can't you see? I'm not good without you' Recorder quartet AATB, program notes,Upper Intermediate, score and parts.
Arcadian AP213 (Turner Layton & Henry Creamer)
AFTER YOU'VE GONE Lyrics by Turner Layton, music by Henry Creamer arranged for recorders by Stan Davis. First recorded July 22, 1918 by Marion Harris. It was used as the theme song for the British sitcom of the same name 'After You've Gone'. For Recorder quartet: AATB Recorders. Includes score with program notes and parts Intermediate to Advanced
AP215 (Billy Strayhorn)
TAKE THE 'A' TRAIN composed by Billy Strayhorn for Duke Ellington and his band the Delta Rhythm Boys. Ray Nance, trumpeter, was also the vocalist who often performed the song with the band enhancing the lyrics with scat singing. Arranged by Stan Davis for Recorder Quartet: A,T(or A),T,B. Includes score with background notes and recorder parts. Upper Intermediate to Advanced.
Arcadian AP217 (George and Ira Gershwin)
OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY by George and Ira Gershwin written for the movie 'The Goldwyn Follies' (1938). It made the pop charts in 1938 but it was not until Gene Kelly sang it in 'An American in Paris' in 1952 that the song became a pop and jazz standard. Arranged by Stan Davis for Recorder Quartet: AATB recorders. Includes score with background notes and lyrics,and parts. Intermediate to Advanced
Arcadian AP219 (Louis 'Louie' Prima)
SING,SING,SING! (With A Swing) composed by Louie Prima. In March 1936 Prima recorded 'Sing,Sing,Sing!' which subsequently became a hit for Benny Goodman. Louie was larger that life: a trumpeter, singer, composer, humorist, band leader and dynamic entertainer. His musical career spanned from 1920-1970. Arranged by Stan Davis for Recorder Quartet: AATB Recorders. Includes score with background notes and lyrics, and recorder parts.Upper Intermediate to Advanced.
Arcadian AP224 (Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart)
BEWITCHED, BOTHERED and BEWILDERED music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Lorenz Hart written for the Broadway musical 'Pal Joey' (1940) The original 1940 production was directed by George Abbott and starred Vivienne Segal and Gene Kelly. Arranged by Stan Davis for Recorder Quartet: AATB Recorders. Intermediate to Advanced.
Arcadian AP226 - Ben Oakland and Milton Drake
JAVA JIVE a song written in 1940 by Ben Oakland and Milton Drake. The lyrics speak of the singer's love of coffee. Hit the pop charts in 1941 with a recording by the Ink Spots. The songs has been extensively recorded over the years. Arranged by Stan Davis for Recorder Quartet: AATB Recorders. Includes score with background notes and lyrics, and recorder parts. Intermediate to Advanced
Arcadian AP233 (H. Warren, A. Dubin)
FORTY SECOND STREET Music by Harry Warren and lyrics by Al Dubin. 'Forty Second Street' is the title song from the 1933 Warner Bros. musical film 42nd Street. The song was published in 1932. The song was published in 1932. It is the finale of the film, where it was sung by Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell and ensemble. It was used again in 1980 when the film was adapted as a long-running Broadway musical. Arranged by Stan Davis for Recorder Quartet:AATB Recorders,Intermediate to Advanced
AVP0047 (Wagner / Mendelssohn)
Wedding Music (Bridal Chorus, Wedding March +) / SATB- AATB Easy
DER1058 (Lobaugh)
Ten Renaissance Dances / score & parts, AATB-ATTB Medium
DOL0311 (Lupo)
Five Fantasias (relatively short, colorful pieces) / score & parts, AATB
DOL0335 (Legrenzi)
Sonata a 4, Op. 10, No. 18 (1673) / score & parts, AATB
EML0133 ((various))
2 Popular Italian Songs 15th C. - polyphonic setting / ATTB
EML0160 (Cavaccio / Taeggio)
2 Canzoni / set of scores, SAAT-ATTB
EML0175 (Senfl)
4 Tenorlieder / set of scores, ATTB
EML0231 (Franck)
4 Pavans / set of scores, ATTB-SATB
EML0247 (Banchieri)
2 Canzoni da Sonar (La Feliciana, L'Alcenagina) - 4 / score, ATTB
EML0252 (Tallis)
Sancte Deus a 4 / set of scores, AATB-TTBB
EML0265 (Cavaccio)
Pavana & Saltarello / set of scores, ATTB
EML0290 (Caurroy, du)
2 Fantasies a 4 / set of scores, ATTB-SATB
EML0307 (Anonymous)
Pange lingua (5 settings c. 1500) / set of scores, ATTB
EML0356 (Brumel, Antoine)
REGINA CAELI LAETARE / A Marian antiphon after Petrucci's Motetti A, numero trentatre,1502. The plainsong melody is mostly in the tenor with considerable imitation in all 4 parts. Text included in score. Intermediate, Four playing scores.
HARA024 (Bach, JS)
Sinfonia No. 2 / score & parts, ATTB
HARA041 (Goss / Bennett)
Two Victorian Part - Songs / score & parts, AATB-SATB
HARA143 (Willaert)
Two Motets (2nd edition of Liber Primus, 1545) / score & parts, ATTB Easy-Medium
Geisler JE18 - Noel Nouvelet/Now the Green Blade Riseth (traditional old French carol/ English Easter carol)
NOEL NOUVELET/NOW THE GREEN BLADE RISETH - A traditional French Christmas carols or English Easter Carol. This arrangement requires much finesse and feeling to play well. Worth the effort. Arranged by Richard Geisler (after an arrangement by Alastair Cassels-Brown) for recorder quartet AATB score & parts. Includes English Easter lyrics and French Christmas lyrics (in French and English). Audio
Geisler JE19 - There Is a Season (Seeger, Pete)
THERE IS A SEASON (...for everything under heaven), tune by Pete Seeger, verse from Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. This four-part arrangement by Richard Geisler passes the Seeger melody through out the ensemble. For recorder Quartet AATB. score and parts, lyrics included.
LCC05 (Arcangelo Corelli)
THE CHRISTMAS CONCERTO (ca. 1710) by Arcangelo Corelli from concerto Grosso Op 6, #8 Concerto fatto per la notte de Natale Four movements including the lovely pastorale. For AATB, Intermediate, score and parts
LMP0007 (Whitney)
The Carnival Suite, Part 1: The Carousel / score & parts, AATB
LMP0008 (Whitney)
The Carnival Suite: Part 2: The Tunnel of Love/ score & parts, AATB
LMP0009 (Whitney)
The Carnival Suite: Part 3: The Roller Coaster / score & parts, AATB
LMP0027 (Hassler)
Cantate Domino / score & parts, AATB Easy
LMP0040 (Farnaby)
Lady, The Silly Flea / score & parts, AATB Easy
LMP0074 (Morley)
Fire, Fire (1595) / score & parts, SSTB-AATB
LMP0078 (Handel)
Air Con Variazione (Harmonious Blacksmith....) / score & parts, AATB-ATTB
LMP0083 (East)
Ayerie Fancies (7th Set of Bookes, 1638) Vol. 1 / score & parts, AATB Easy-Medium
LMP0084 (East)
Ayerie Fancies (7th Set of Bookes, 1638) Vol. 2 / score & parts, AATB Easy-Medium
LMP0085 (East)
Ayerie Fancies (7th Set of Bookes, 1638) Vol. 3 / score & parts, AATB Easy-Medium
LMP0086 (East)
Ayerie Fancies (7th Set of Bookes, 1638) Vol. 4 / score & parts, AATB Easy-Medium
LPMAD01 (Attaingnant)
9 Basse Dances (1530) / score, SATB-ATTB
LPMAN02 ((various))
4 Instrumental Pieces of the Late 15th Century / score & parts, ATTB
LPMEM08 (Ashton)
Hugh Ashton's Maske (most satisfying) / score & parts, ATT(B)
LPMMA01 (Arcadelt)
8 Madrigals / score, Var.:ATTB
LPMPC01 (Attaingnant)
14 Chansons (1533) / score, ATTB
LPMRB04 ((various))
12 Chansons (1530) / score, ATTB
LPMRB08 ((various))
German Songs of the Early 16th Century (Othmayr,Senfl+) / ATTB
LPMVM09 (Canali)
4 Canzoni (1600) / score & parts, ATTB
LPMVM19 (Canali)
Battaglia Francese / score & parts, ATTB
MK00355 (Cabezon)
Versos de Magnificat (1578) / score, ATTB-AATB Medium
MK00464.5 (Werdin)
Four Examples (1547, Monkemeyer ed.) / score, STTB-AATB Medium
MK00581.2 (Henry VIII)
Consorts in 4 parts / score, AATB-ATTB-SATB Medium
MK00596 (Tasker)
Four Moods / score, SATB-AATB Medium
MK00674 (Maute)
Tanto-Quanto (contemporary) / score, AATB Medium
MK01138 (Volkhardt, Ulrike / editor)
ENGLISH MUSIC OF THE 13TH & 14TH CENTURIES / Vol I in a series of Music of the Middle Ages by MOECK. This calming music is a welcome addition to the ensemble repertoire. Verse is in German. Quartet-various combinations of AT & B's. Intermediate, Two playing scores.
MK01596 (Ishii)
Black Intention IV / score & parts, AATB
MK02801 (Vivaldi)
Concerto in C Major / score & parts, AATB
MK02801P (Vivaldi)
Concerto in C Major/ parts each, A-A-T-B
MK02811 (Boismortier)
Sonata 5 in D Minor & Sonata No. 6 in C Minor / score & parts, ATTB-AAAB
MR00056 (Pres, des)
Three Chansons / score - AAT Medium
SUITE 20 from Banchetto musicale by Johann Herman Schein (1586-1630) Padouana, Gagliard, Courente, Allemande & Tripla arranged by Joris Van Goethem for the Flanders Quartet Series Vol 9 (recorded on their latest CD) AATB Score & Parts, Intermediate & Up
OFB0168 (Linde)
Suite / score & parts, AATB
PAN0803 (Harras)
Polish Music - 16th Century, Vol. 3 / score, SATB-AATB
PAN762 (Fink, Roland / arranger)
MUSIC for the ADVENT from POLAND and other EUROPEAN COUNTRIES/ arranged for quartet of AATB the melodies pass from line to line and for textural variation it becomes a duet or trio for a while then goes back to the quartet. The six pieces are from Poland, Holland, Flanders, Germany and Andalusia. Intermediate and up. 24 pages. Score only
PP00007 (Mozart, WA)
Ave Verum Corpus / score & parts, AATB Medium
PP00008 (Anonymous)
Bass Viol Bleu / score & parts, ATTB Medium
PP00014 (Beethoven)
Drei Equali / score & parts, ATTB Easy
PP00035 (Bach, JC)
Sinfonia No. 3 / score & parts, AATB Medium
PP00038 (Dornel)
Sonate en Quatuor / score & parts, AATB Advanced
PP00044 (Tschaikowsky, PI)
Waltz of the Flowers / score & parts, AATB Advanced
PP00060 (Mozart, WA)
Dona Nobis Pacem / score & parts, AATB Medium
PP00118 (Vivaldi)
Allegro, from Opus 3, No. 12 / score & parts, AATB
RFS0002 (Koulman (ed))
A Londonderry Air / score, ATTB Easy
RFS0005 (Koulman (ed))
Annie Laurie / score, SATB-AATB Easy-Medium
RFS0006 (Koulman (ed))
Cockles & Mussels / score, AATB Easy
RFS0007 (Koulman (ed))
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0011 (Koulman (ed))
Loch Lomond / score, SATB-AATB Easy-Medium
RFS0012 (Foster,S)
My Old Kentucky Home / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0013 (Foster,S)
Old Folks at Home / score, AATB Easy
RFS0014 (Barnby)
Sweet & Low / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0015 (Westendorf)
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0016 (Koulman (ed))
Two German Folksongs: An Den Mond + / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0017 (Work)
Grandfather's Clock / score, SATB-AATB Easy-Medium
RFS0018 (Koulman (ed))
Deep River / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0019 (Ward)
The Band Played On / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0020 (Koulman (ed))
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes / score, SATB-AATB Easy-Medium
RFS0021 (Koulman (ed))
Home on the Range / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0022 (Koulman (ed))
Careless Love / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0023 (Bayly)
Long, Long Ago / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0024 (Koulman (ed))
Rose of Tralee / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0025 (Barnard)
Come Back to Erin / score, SATB-AATB Easy-Medium
RFS0028 (Koulman (ed))
Juanita / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0029 (Koulman (ed))
Den Store Hvite Flokk / score, SATB-AATB Easy
RFS0030 (Koulman (ed))
Du Alter Stephansturm / score, SATB-AATB Easy
ST02435 (Susato)
Danserye (1551) - Book #1 / score, SSSA- AATB+ Easy-Medium
ST02436 (Susato)
Danserye (1551) - Book #2 / score, SSSA- AATB+ Easy-Medium
ST11500 (Bach, JS)
22 Choral Preludes, Vol. VI (Little Organ Book) / score, AATB Medium-Advanced
ST11501 (Bach, JS)
22 Choral Preludes, Vol. VII (Little Organ Book) / score, AATB Medium-Advanced
ST12389 ((various))
Recorder Consort Anthology, Vol. 3, Italian Music
TR00026 (Byrd)
Selections from Mass for Four Voices / score & parts, ATTB
UE171189 (various)
QUARTETS FOR RECORDER VIL 1 - VOCAL MUSIC OF THE RENAISSANCE The 16th-century composers are John Dowland, John Farmer, Thomas Morely, Gioseffo Zarlino, Juan Vasquez, Passereau, Guillaume Costeley, Clement Jannequin, Josquin des Prez, Lukas Osiander. The music score is 48 pages, 8 selections are for SATB Recorders, 5 for AATB Recorders and 3 for ATTB Recorders. Playing level is Intermediate. A wonderful collection of secular and sacred vocal music arranged for recorders. Photo
UE17119 (various)
QUARTETS FOR RECORDERS VOL 2 INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC OF THE RENAISSANCE for RECORDERS. The works are Fanfare by Josquin des Pres, Fantasias by Thomas Lupo, Adriano Banchieri, and William Byrd, Canzona by Jean Japart and Florentio Maschera, Sellenger's Round by William Byrd, La Mi La Sol by Heinrich Isaac, Tiento VII, X and Fuga al contrario by Antonio de Cabezon. Seven pieces are for SATB recorders, two for AATB Recorders, two for SAAT Recorders, 1 for SSAT Recorders. The score is 47 pages. Playing level is Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate. Photo