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Part Number and Description Price
ED10752 (Simpson, Kenneth)
DESCANTS IN CONSORT / Seven pieces in 2, 3, and 4 parts for sopranos. Range is up to high G, only F# is needed. Breaths and articulation are indicated. lower intermediate.
ED8758 - Classic Hits for Three Soprano Recorders (Rainer Butz)
CLASSIC HITS for 3 SOPRANO RECORDERS (or Tenors) arranged by Rainer Butz. Original for classroom teaching it is excellent for students of any age. The easily remembered melodies open up the rich varied world of classical music. Fun for players of varied abilities. The pieces move chronologically Charpentier, Vivaldi, Handel, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Schumann, Wagner, Verdi, Smetana, Brahms, Bizet, Tschaikowsky ,Dvorak & Grieg 25 page playing score (no page turn problems) Photo
LPMPC09 ((various))
7 Chansons (Mouton, Crecquillon, de Sermisy+) / score - 3 equal recs
MK00037 (Hohn)
Suite for 3 Recorders in C / score - SSS - TTT
MK00045 (Purcell, H)
Fourteen Catches / score - SSS - TTT Easy-Medium
MK00370 (Monkemeyer)
Eight Italian Folksongs / score - SSS - AAA Easy
MK00457 (Bresgen)
Mongolian Folk Music / score - SSS Medium
MK00481 (Maasz)
Flauto Trio / score - SSS - TTT Advanced
MK00509 (Rebscher)
Little Table Music for 3 instruments of equal pitch / SSS - 3 equal Easy-Medium
MK00577 (Guzowski)
Eight Polish Songs / score - SS, SSS Medium
MK00623.4 (Laburda)
Suite in G / score - SSS Medium
PASTIME WITH GOOD COMPANY arr. by Monika Mandelartz Early music from the 16th and 17th century British Isles arranged for recorder trio. Selections include: Pastime with Good Company by Henry VIII, Come, Let Us Have a Merry Heart by William Lawes, The Queen's Dolour and Rigadoon by Henry Purcell, Saraband & Jig by Matthew Locke, tunes from Playford's The Dancing Master and the anonymous work Aria di Camera. Lyrics are included for the four songs. Historically informed performance practice is not the main concern here, but instead the joy of private music-making. The instrumentation is flexible sometimes SAT,SAA,SSS,AAA or, whatever combination you prefer. The arrangements can be enjoyed at an intermediate or advanced level. The book is a playing-score of 28 pages with 18 pieces. A beautiful music book. Photo
N4727 (Uwe Heger)
CHRISTMAS STREET MUSIC for 2 or 3 SOPRANO/TENOR RECORDERS - Fifty American and European carols arranged in a canon format to be played in a swing style. The basic carol melody is followed by two harmonized swing accompaniments. This canon book works for ensembles with various levels of ability, beginners may play the melody (1st part) with more advanced players playing the 2nd & 3rd harmonized parts. As is usual with a canon (round) the music starts over & over again until after an agreed-upon signal it ends at the fermata. Chord symbols above the 1st part allow for the addition of a guitar or keyboard, adding percussion is also encouraged. Compatible w/ Alto Recorder book Photo
PAN0252 (von Kulm)
Two Suites in Old Style (German text) / score - SSS
PAN0261 (Harras)
English Rounds, Book 1 / score - SSS
PEL0765 (Lau)
Dance Melodies (8 dances) / score - SAA - SSA - SSS
PEL0884 (Ruegg)
Swiss Folksongs from Im Roseligarte / score - SSS - TTT
PP00001 (Purcell, H)
A Viol Round / ScP - SSS Easy
SP2369 (Bonner, Bradley)
MASTERWORK THEMES for 3 Sopranos arr. by Bradley L. Bonner. The music of Haydn, Beethoven, Rossini and Tchaikovsky. For beginning to advanced elementary players, Director's score, 3 student parts, and CD accompaniment
ST02701 (Schreyer)
Schone Musikanten, spielet auf / SSS
ST02703 (Guericke)
Festliche Musik & Deutsche Tanze / score - SSS - AAA
ST02707A (Giesbert)
First Ensemble Book (German text) / score - SSS - TTT, G
ST02709 (Giesbert)
Songs & Dances (German text) / score - SSS
ST02713 (Bauren, von)
Rustic & Pastorale Songs (German text) / score - SSS - AAA
ST02733 (Korda)
Easy Pieces and Dances / score - SSS - AAA Easy
ST02736 (Giesbert)
Little Dances / score - SSS - 3 equal
ST02750 (Matthes)
Miteinander / score - SSS Medium
ST04877 (Runge)
Folksongs 2 (German) / score - SSS Easy
ST04879 (Proebst)
Easy Pieces / score - SSS Easy
ST05585 (Giesbert)
Ensemble Lessons (72 graded pieces; German text) / SSS
ST05585A (Giesbert)
Ensemble Lessons, Part 1 / SSS
ST05585B (Giesbert)
Ensemble Lessons, Part 2 / SSS
ST05585C (Giesbert)
Ensemble Lessons, Part 3 / SSS
ST05585D (Giesbert)
Ensemble Lessons, Part 4 / SSS
ST07317 (Delius)
52 Catches (Purcell, Blow, Clarke...) / S
ST08758 ((various))
Classic Hits (20 pieces by Bach, Haydn+) / score - SSS Easy
ST10051 (Mattheson)
Suite in G Major / score - SSS Easy-Medium
ST10101 (Cates)
Canons & Rounds II / score - SSS Easy-Medium
ST10187 (Davies)
Three Welsh Tunes / score - SSS
ST11514 (Turner)
13th Century Pieces / score - SSS Medium