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Part Number and Description Price
CM01017 (Dietz)
Folk Melodies of the Orient (9 songs in pentatonic mode) / SA Medium
CM01030 (Burakoff, Strickland)
NOEL, NOEL arranged by Burakoff and Strickland, a collection of 11 favorite carols For Soprano and Alto or Sop,Alto/Tenor with optional voice, Lower Intermediate
CM01034 (Hedrick)
Three Thirteenth Century Dances (polyphony ex.)/ score - SA - TB Medium
CM1030 (Burakoff-Strickland)
NOEL, NOEL arranged by Burakoff and Strickland, a collection of 11 favorite carols For Soprano and Alto or Sop,Alto/Tenor with optional voice, Lower Intermediate
DER1033 (Kasemets)
12 Easy Duets (well-known folk songs) / score - SS - SA Easy
DER1043 (Northwood)
Fantasia on a Minuet / score - SA Medium
DER1700 (Coles)
28 Classical Duets (Mozart, Haydn +) / score - SA Medium
DER1709 (Coles)
Classical Duets, Vol. 2 / score - SA Medium
DER1711 (Coles)
Medieval Duets (10 pieces) / score - SA - SS Medium
DOL0116 (Bernstein)
THE MEDIEVAL COLLECTION arranged by Larry Bernstein 24 pieces from the 13th -15th centuries for 2 and 3 recorders. This anthology is intended to provide and easy introduction to the some-times inscrutable world of medieval music. There are pieces in many forms, both sacred and secular from across Europe. 8 duets, 15 trios, 1 AATT quartet Various combinations of soprano, alto & tenor, Intermediate and Up. score
DOL0210 (Krahmer)
Original Potpourri, Op. 3 (lively & great fun to play) / S, A
ECS2009sa (various)
ELIZABETHAN & SHAKESPEAREAN MUSICKE FOR THE RECORDER Carefully selected and arranged for Ensembles of two, three & four players by Claude Simpson. This 'classic' recorder book was first publised in 1941 and it is still and excellent introduction to ensemble playing. It is divided into 3 parts I. Pre-Elizabethan music - Sumer is icumen in' Henry VIII's 'Pastime with Good Company, Sellinger's Round & more II. Elizabethan music - 12 selections from 'The Dancing Master (1650), William Byrd, Shakespeare, & other manuscripts III. Shakespearean music - Thomas Morley, theatre music and other mauscripts The music book is a playing score of 39 pages with excellent historical notes with lyrics to many of the tunes, it is for mixed groups SA / ST/ AT Duets, SAT / SAB Trios, SATB Quartets. The playing level is Easy to Intermediate. Photo
ED10464 (McMulle, Elli / Bergmann, Walter / arr.)
FOR CHRISTMAS DAY/ A half-size book containing 7 English carols in Easy arrangements for sop. & alto with keyboard, includes lyrics, score only
ED10594 (McMullen, Elli / arr.)
ON CHRISTMAS NIGHT/ This half size book contains 7 carols in Easy arrangements for sop. & alto with keyboard, includes lyrics, score only
ED12330 (Bonsor)
Jingle Bells / score, SA, Pf,Perc Easy
ED12330-01 (Bonsor)
Jingle Bells / set of parts, SA Easy
GH07831 ((various))
Sing und Spielmusik #9 (3 duets) / TB - SA
Shannon GSM1022 - Shannon Duos Vol. 2 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS Vol. 2 by Glen Shannon A wonderful new addition to the recorder duet literature. Glen's music is always full of life. The titles are Carefree Afternoon a fluffy dollop of spun sugar that should sound effortless when played in easy swing style, Broken Heirlooms is a klezmer-style dialoque that alternates between desolate bereavement and resigned endurance. Country Canzona views a Renaissance/early Baroque European musical form through a mountain bluegrass lens. Intermediate and Up. Duet playing score each duet is 3 pages, page turn problems have been avoided by included an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page For Soprano and Alto Photo Audio
H149 (Newman, Harold & Consoli, Marc)
JEWISH SONGS/ Contains 29 of the bestloved melodies passed down over the generations. It includes Oif'n Pripitchuk which the editor heard Cantor Yosele Rosenblatt sing in 1917. Dona, Dona, Dona presented here, became a hit tune for Joan Baez. For Duet SA, Intermediate, score
HAEE002 (Lewin (ed))
Mediaeval Dance Collection / S, A
Geisler JE05 - Come Ye Sons of Art (Purcell, Henry)
COME YE SONS OF ART by Henry Purcell (1659-1695) one of the greatest of English composers. The nature of this tune is ceremonial, processional brimming with pomp and circumstance. Arranged in a Baroque style with optional trills. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quartet SATB but SA or SAT OK
Geisler JE07 - Gloucestershire Wassail (traditional English Yuletide drinking song)
GLOUCESTER WASSAIL (Christmas)- Wassail, Wassail this is robust and contagious. This arrangements has all parts quaffing heady Yuletide rhythms and spirits. For SATB but may be played SA or SAT. Includes lyrics and four playing scores. Arranged for recorders by Richard Geisler.
Geisler JE08 - God's Blessed Son today Is Born (Michael Praetorius)
GOD'S BLESSED SON TODAY IS BORN - Michael Praetorius (1571-1621) This is a Christmans lullaby rich in harmony. It begins as a SA duet, proceeds to a SAT trio, then fully blossoms by adding the bass. Arranged for recorder by Richard Geisler. Includes lyrics and four playing scores
Geisler JE24 - While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (Handel, George F.)
WHILE SHEPHERDS WATCHED THEIR FLOCKS (Christmas)- You can't help but admire Handel's artful integration of stately form and joyful content. Includes four playing scores and lyrics.R. Geisler arranged it for recorder quartet SATB but may be played SA or SAT
Geisler JE28 - Kling Glockchen (traditional)
KLING GLOCKCHEN a traditional German Christmas Carol. This delightful arrangement passes the melody between tenors and soprano while the other parts provide harmonies & bell-like interludes. Score with English lyrics and recorder parts. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quintet SATTB plus glockenspiel and bells. May be played SA or SAT Audio
LCC16 (Clemens)
CHRISTMAS TREASURY by James E. Clemens Involved variations on traditional carols with the melody moving from line to line. For Sop. & Alto, Upper Intermediate Audio
CHRISTMAS DUOS by James E. Clemens A collection of traditional carols interesting and spirited duets. Clemens draws on styles from the Medieval to Contemporary. The melody flows between the two lines. For Sop. & Alto, Upper Intermediate Audio
LMP0054 (Eyck,van)
Boffons (1646) / S, A Advanced
LMP0058 (Eyck,van)
Den Nachtegael (1646) / S, A Advanced
LMP0071 (Eyck,van)
Phantasia (1646) / S, A Advanced
LMP0101 (Evans,M)
Tone Rows / S, A Medium
LMP0104 (Billings)
Wake Ev'ry Breath (1770) / S, A Easy
LPMIM04 (Guami)
7 Ricercari (1588) / score - SA
LPMIM23 - Contrapunti a due voce (Vincenzo Galilei)
CONTRAPUNTI A DUE VOCE (1594) by Vincenzo Galilei, father of the great astronomer Galileo Galilei. Vincenzo was a singer, lutenist and an important musical theorist. He was part of a group of musicians in Florence who were interested in reviving the music of the ancient Romans which lead to the development of the recitative in Italian opera. These are a very interesting set of well-constructed duets probably used in teaching. It includes a five part round in the bass clef. Of the 29 duets - 23 are for Alto 8va and Tenor, 17 for Soprano and Tenor, 6 are for Soprano and Alto. Sample audio of duos 1,2 & 3 Photo Audio
LPMRM4 (Giamberti)
Duo Tessuti Con Diversi Solfeggiamenti (1657) / score - Various Audio
LPMRM6 (Lasso)
MOTETTI ET RICERCARI A DUE VOCI / (1577) by Orlando di Lasso Almost certainly the finest duos of its kind. Originally intended as educational material for his pupils they quickly spread throughout Europe. They provide excellent opportunities for learning how one musician interacts with an-other by means of phrasing, articulation, dynamics etc. 12 are settings of religious texts and 12 are purely instrumental - all are gems! Recorders of various combinations SA, TB, ST, SS or TT, Intermediate & Up Audio
LPMRM8 (Morley)
FIRST BOOK OF CANZONETS to two voices (1595) by Thomas Morley for two voices or instruments for Recorders it is various combinations - SS, TT, SA & ST Contents include not only12 canzonets but 9 instrumental fantasies. This is another book that everyone should have in their collection. A beautiful edition by London Pro Musica of this masterpiece. Intermediate and Up.
MB97752 - THE SPRING GARDEN (arranger, Patricia M. O'Scannell)
THE SPRING GARDEN arranged by Patricia M. O'Scannell. Scottish & English Country Dances from Playford (17th cen.) to the 20th century for recorders. Patricia arranged these dances for workshops, balls and dances at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Included are her insightful comments about style & technique. There are 45 tunes arranged for various recorders from Sopranino to Bass Recorder. 27 Duets, 16 Trios, 2 Quartets. For Intermediate and Up, some selections are appropriate for beginners. 63 page book. Most pieces playable on Soprano and Alto Recorder. Photo
MK00018 (Lasso)
Bicinien (1577) / score - SA Medium
MK00038 (Telemann, GP)
Eleven Pieces / score - SA Easy
MK00051 (Schreyer)
Christmas Music / score, SA,3vo, narr. Easy
MK00060 (Mozart, L)
12 Pieces / score - SA - ST Easy-Medium
MK00076 (Handel)
Nine Duets from Pieces for Harpsichord / score - SA Easy-Medium
MK00129 (Bach, JS)
9 Pieces from the Anna Magdalena Bach Book / score - SA Medium
MK00165 (Anonymous)
Early French Duets / score - SA - SS Easy
MK00170 (Siebert)
Old Christmas Carols (German text) / score, SA Medium
MK00341 ((various))
Polish Folk Dances in 2, 3 and 4 parts / score - SSAT Easy
MK00388 (Paporisz)
Eight Two-Part Miniatures / score - SS - SA Advanced
MK00397 (Paporisz)
Scherzetti (8 two-part miniatures) / score - SS - SA Advanced
MK00398 (Jenkins)
Four Two-Part Suites / score - SA Easy-Medium
MK00413 (Anonymous)
Old English Masque Dances (Monkemeyer ed.) / score - SA Easy-Medium
MK00448 (Hechler (ed))
German Dances from England (about 1600) / score - SA Easy-Medium
MK00487 (Othmayr, Caspar)
CHRISTMAS BICINIA/ 8 pieces from a collection titled Bicinia Sacra, Schone geistliche Lieder vnnd Psalmen mit zwo stimmen lieblich zu singen published by Othmayr in Nuremberg, 1547. For various duet combinations using SAT, Intermediate. We've used them often in Church.
MK00505 (Nobis)
Contrasts / score - SA Medium
MK00527.8 (Anonymous)
Italian Duets (about 1730), Vol. 1 (Ewerhart ed.) / score - SA Easy-Medium
MK00570.1 (Werdin)
Christmas Songs / score, SA Easy
MK00604 (Rottler)
Ferien auf dem Lande / score - SA Easy
MK00631 (Praetorius)
CHRISTMAS DUOS/ For SA(8va) and SS, Intermediate, score
MK00648.9 (Medek)
Striving Apart, 6 duos (contemporary) / score - SA Advanced
MK00685 (Friedrich, M)
Florin Dixie, Op.17 & Trewince Stomp, Op. 18 / score - SA - AA Medium
MK00694 (Sanders)
Spirituals / score - SA
MK00746 (Telemann, GP)
Five Duets (from 3 Dozen Keyboard-Fantasias) / score - SA Medium
MK02032 (Rodemann)
Pieces of Old Masters for Christmas & Advent / score, SS - SA, Pf
MK02060 ((various))
NINE PASTORALES OF OLD MASTERS beautiful music for Advent or Christmas composed by Handel, Vivaldi, Keiser, Locatelli, Giardini, Corelli, Pez and Haydn. For Soprano & Alto (up 8va) & Basso Continuo or guitar, Intermediate, Keyboard score, two recorder scores, guitar part and cello part
MK02065 ((various))
Classical Dance Tunes from Haydn to Schubert Vol. 1 / SS-SA, Pf
MK02066 ((various))
Classical Dance Tunes from Haydn to Schubert Vol. 2 / SS-SA, Pf
MK02067 (Unger (ed))
Classical Dances from Haydn to Schubert, Vol. 1 / score - SA - SS
MK02068 (Unger (ed))
Classical Dances from Haydn to Schubert, Vol. 2 / score - SS - SA
MK02083 (Weber)
Christmas Music (German text) / score, mostly SA,G ad lib
MK02208 (Martini)
Das Verruckte Schaf Mathilde (Crazy Sheep)-modern / A, S
MM00019 (Gruskin)
Western Folk Songs (12 reversible duets) / score - SA (vo) Easy-Medium
MM00020 (Bixler)
Ho Boys, Ho (8 American sailing songs) / score - SA Easy
MM7 (Wasner, Franz)
A RECORDER CHRISTMAS EVE with the TRAPP FAMILY SINGERS, 13 European & American carols with English text for 2 recorders (various duo combinations of SAT) and voice or for a trio - tenor recorder can also play the voice part. Intermediate and lower, score
N3200 (Frotscher, Gotthold)
DALMATIAN SHEPERD'S BOOK/ from a manuscript dated December 1, 1830. Beautiful arrangements of Dalmatian Christmas music with folk elements from Italy and Croatia as well. There are 7 movements of substantial length and involvement, three are for 2 recorders - SA and four are for 3 - SSA. Upper Intermediate. score
N3608 - LES FLEURS (Philbert de Lavigne)
LES FLEURS by Philbert deLavigne He was a celebrated musette virtuoso in Paris in the first half of the 1700s. He composed his Op. IV in the 1730s to be played by players of the musette, recorder, oboe, flute or violin. The book is dedicated to one of his patrons, the Duchess De Biron. There are 22 pieces, each with the title of a flower. The Rose, Pansy, Daffodil, Prime Rose, Tulip, Violet Morning Glory, Iris, Carnation & 11 more. Each flower has a special meaning. This edition is for SOPRANO & ALTO RECORDERS to make this music accessible to more players. The playing level is Intermediate to /Advanced depending on the flower. A 40-page book. Wonderful 17th cen.duets Richie & Elaine love to play! Photo
CHRISTMAS FOR TWO - by Uwe Heger 30 European & American Carols for soprano & alto. The same carols as N3768 listed above but the harmonization for the 2nd part is different. The easy to play melody is in the top part with an involved accompaniment in the second part. The second part is intermediate & up. Guitar Chords are written in the score, there is also a separate part. The type is large & easy to read, 43 page, 8' h x 11.5' w book. Lyrics to the many verses are in German.
N3939 (Willibald Lutz)
THE GREAT CHRISTMAS CAROL COLLECTION - DUOS/ for 2 recorders SA or ST, 96 carols mostly European carols from the 16th century to the present. Table of contents is in categories for St. Nickolaus Day, Advent, Songs of Mary for Advent, Shepherd Carols etc. Text is in German. Lower Intermediate to Intermediate, Melody is in the top line but the 2nd line harmony is more challenging.
N817 (Chedeville)
16 OLD FRENCH CHRISTMAS CAROLS/ French carols, popular in the Baroque, with doubles (variations), SA, Intermediate
OFB0023 (Genzmer)
European Folksongs, Vol. 1 / score - SA Easy
OFB0130 (Genzmer)
11 Duets / score - SA Medium
OFB1007 (Tippett)
Four Inventions / score - SA Medium-Advanced
Omega3 (Katz)
FIRST RECORDER DUET BOOK arranged by Erich Katz, FIFTEEN PIECES FROM THE 16TH TO THE 18TH CENTURIES. Short duo selections by composers such as Josquin des Pres, Ludwig Senfl, Orlando di Lasso, Sweelinck, Rossi, Praaetorius, and Scheidt. An excellent introduction. Sop. & Alto duets, some guitar chords,Intermediate
Omega4 (Katz)
SECOND RECORDER DUET BOOK arranged by Erich Katz, DANCES FROM THE RENAISSANCE TO THE CLASSICS Thirteen short duo selections by composers such as Praetorius, Purcell, Lully, Bach, Handel, Leopold Mozart, Hayden and more. Soprano and Alto duets, with guitar chords included, Intermediate
PAN0223 (Biedermann-Weber)
Lieder und Tanze (Songs & Dances) / score - SA
PAN0224 (Biedermann-Weber)
Duos / score - SA
PAN0243 (Ruegg)
Baroque and Classical Dances / score - SA
PAN0246 (Keller-Lowy)
Alala / score - SA
PAN0249 (Biedermann-Weber)
Zum Frohlichen Spiel / score - SA
PAN0268 (Playford)
The English Dancing Master, Vol. 2 / S, A
PAN0741 (Petri (ed))
Musik aus Indonesien (Indonesian folk songs) / score - SAT combos
PAN275 (Muller-Reuter, Brigitte / arr.)
SINGT, SPIELT und JUBILIERT!/ 20 old & new German, Swiss & Czech carols in Easy to Intermediate arrangements for sop. & alto (up 8va) & keyboard, score and part
PEL0743 (Monkemeyer)
Masters of 16th & 17th Century, Vol. 4 / score - SA - ST
PEL0751 (Lerich)
Tuneful Duos / score - SA
PEL0758 (Ruegg)
Gay Baroque / score - SA
PEL0865 (Locke)
Six Suites in Two Parts / score - SA
PEL0869 (Eustachius)
18 Pieces in Two Parts / score - SA - TB
PEL0880 (Keller-Lowy)
Easy Duets from Old Masters / score - SA
PEL0881 (Ruegg)
Folk Songs & Dances (German text) / score - SA
PP00155 (Goldstein)
Goodbye, Sweetheart / ScP - SA
PRM0194 (Hall)
RAZZJAZZ for TWO by Marg Hall Three jazzy works Spooky Swing, January Blues, Sticky Fingers For Soprano & Alto, Playing score, Intermediate
RCE0017 (Bergmann)
THREE STUDY DUETS for SOPRANO & ALTO RECORDER by WALTER BERGMAN Composed for a recorder workshop on Mercer Island, Washington, 1970. Three excellent melodic duet exercises. I. Study in F Major - Allegro moderato in 3/8 time provides practice of scales and thirds. The alto part uses two full octaves. II. Chromatic Study - Andantino in 3/8 uses all flats & sharps in various chromatic patterns. III. Study in C - Allegro in 3/4 time uses dotted rhythms, sixteenths, slurring, and grace notes, the range is two full octaves for both instruments. For SOPRANO & ALTO RECORDERS, a 7-page playing score.
RCE0029 (Owen)
Villancicos - Spanish Songs / score - SA - TB
RCE0030 (Owen)
Favorite Folksongs from Germany / score - SA - TB
RFS0001 (Koulman (ed))
Four Folksongs / score - SA Easy
RM00003S (Muro, Don)
Capriol's Caper / score - SA
RM0003EP (Muro)
CAPRIOL'S CAPER/ An arrangement of 3 famous dances tunes from Arbeau's Orchesographie. A blend of old and new. For Intermediate with four performance options: S, SA, SAT, SATB - economy pack 10 scores /
RM0003K (Muro, Don)
CAPRIOL'S CAPER/ An arrangement of 3 famous dances tunes from Arbeau's Orchesographie. A blend of old and new. For Intermediate with four performance options: S, SA, SAT, SATB 2 Scores & cassette accomp. - performance
RM0003S (Muro, Don)
CAPRIOL'S CAPER/ An arrangement of 3 famous dances tunes from Arbeau's Orchesographie. A blend of old and new. For Intermediate with four performance options: S, SA, SAT, SATB 1 recorder score
RM003EP (Muro, Don)
CAPRIOL'S CAPER/ An arrangement of 3 famous dances tunes from Arbeau's Orchesographie. A blend of old and new. For Intermediate with four performance options: S, SA, SAT, SATB 10 pack of recorder scores
SP02303 (Burakoff,G - Strickland)
Ten Songs and Dances / score - SA Easy
SP02304 (Burakoff,G - Strickland)
Music of Three Centuries / score - SA Medium
SP02306 (Gastoldi)
Six Duets / score - SA Medium
SP02347 (Burakoff, S.)
Equally Easy / score - SA Easy
SP02353 (Buckton)
Medieval to Modern Musical Cameos / score - SA Easy-Advanced
ST02361 (Giesbert)
German Folk Dances, Vol. 1 / score - SA (G ad lib) Easy
ST02362 (Giesbert)
German Folk Dances, Vol. 2 / score - SA (G ad lib) Easy
ST02704 (Handel)
Pieces and Dances, Book 1 / score - SA Easy
ST02726 (Purcell, H)
15 Short Duets / score - SA Easy
ST02729 (Corelli)
Little Pieces / score - SA (G ad lib) Easy
ST02738 (Mozart, L)
Minuets for Nannerl Mozart / score - SA Easy
ST02742 (Handel)
Pieces and Dances, Book 2 / score - SA Easy
ST02743 (Telemann, GP)
Little Pieces (German text) / score - SA Easy
ST02744 (Mozart, L)
Notebook for Wolfgang / score - SA Easy
ST02746 (Telemann, GP)
Menuette / score - SA Easy
ST02748 (Bach, JS)
From Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook / score - SA Easy
ST04261 (Lerich)
Im Hagedorn / score - SA
ST04353 (Anonymous)
Folksongs & Dances, Vol. 3 (German text) / score - SS - AA Easy
ST04354 (Draths)
German Christmas Songs (German text) / score, SA Easy
ST04374 (Kaestner)
Little Duets of Old Masters, Book 2 / score - SA Easy
ST04375 (Rein - Lang)
German Folksongs (German text), score / r Easy Special Import
ST04803 (Kaestner)
A Collection of Minuets (Handel, Telemann+) / score - SA Easy
ST04804 (Runge)
Alte Musizierstucke (dances by Handel, Purcell+) / score - SA Easy
ST04807 (Hook)
Easy Pieces (11 short pieces) / score - SA Easy
ST04845 (Anonymous)
Folksongs & Dances, Vol. II (German text) / score - SA
ST04851 (Roehr)
12 Little Pieces / score - SA Easy - Medium
ST05221 (Bendik)
Chorales & Hymns / score - SA
ST06358 (Rohr - Lehn)
Beginning Book for Ensemble Playing (German text) / SA
ST06388 (Reichelt (ed))
Musical Forms: Middle Ages to Classical Period / score, 2-4: SATB
ST06753 (Haus)
European Dances & Songs / score - SS - SA Easy
ST07105 (Bazilewski - Sikora)
90 Irish Tunes / S, A
ST08878 (Hook)
Easy Duets (18 various pieces) / score - SA Easy
ST10019 (Hunt)
12 National Airs / score - SA or SAT, Easy
ST10024 (Telemann, GP)
12 Short Duets / score - SA Easy - Medium
ST10049 (Hunt)
All in a Garden Green (23 folk dances) / score - SA Easy - Medium
ST10081 (Loeillet, John)
Airs and Dances (8 selected pieces) / score - SA Easy-Medium
ST10358 (Bennett)
English Duets of 17th & 18th Century / score - SA Medium
ST10556 (Hook)
Duettinos (nos. 1-3 from 12 Duettinos, Op. 42) / score - SA Medium
ST10594 (McMullen)
On Christmas Night, 7 carols / score, SA, Pf,vo Easy
ST10856 (Bergmann)
Duets from Many Lands / score - SA Easy
ST10879 (Arne)
Short Duets, Vol. 1 / score - SA Medium
ST10880 (Arne)
Short Duets, Vol. 2 / score - SA Medium
ST10962 (Dinn)
10 Dovetail Tunes / score - SA Easy
ST11642 (Handel)
Sonata and Allegro / S, A Medium-Advanced
ST11652 (Hotteterre)
Duo and Rondeau / Score, SA-SAT, Pf Medium
ST11822 (Dolmetsch (ed))
Polonaise, from Magdalena Bach Book / score - SA - ST Easy - Medium
THIRTEEN STARS Music of Colonial, Revolutionary and Federalist America arranged by John S. Kitts-Turner. Thirteen Early American Tunes, each harmonized three times and arranged for Recorder Duet, Trio and Quartet. The Music and texts were taken from Kate Van Winkle Keller,'George Washington:Music for the First President'. From the Colonial Music Institute in Maryland. Duets are for Soprano & Alto Recorders, Trios:Soprano, Alto and Tenor Recorders, Quartets:SATB 47 page Playing Score, Easy - Moderate. Photo
UE31222E (Fortin, Viktor editor)
RECORDER MUSIC FOR YOUNG PLAYERS / This collection taken from the extensive catalogue of Universal Editions is meant to arouse curiosity, by providing a musical bite from various styles and eras. There are 6 soprano solos, 6 alto solos, 17 duets, 26 pieces for 1 recorder & keyboard or guitar. Ranging in periods from medieval to the 20th century, composers include Handel, Mozart, Pete Rose, Dieupart, Chedeville, Hans Ulrich Staeps and many more. An excellent way for teachers to introduce many styles of music to their students or the amateur who wants to experience this also. Intermediate to upper intermediate, score & part.