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Part Number and Description Price
0571505066 - THREE FANTASIAS (Orlando Gibbons)
THREE FANTASIAS by Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) A reprint of the Faber Edition of 1974. This 'barless' edition visually allows the players to experience the flow and interplay of the two melodic lines with no interference from bar lines. Truly beautiful music from the English Jacobean period, fun and challenging to play. For two Alto Recorders, Intermediate and Up. Photo
Arcadian AP015 (Daquin, L.C. Rameau, J.P.)
TWO 'BIRD' DUOS/ 'Le Coucou' & 'Le Rappel Des Oiseaux' sweetly arranged for AA or TT. Intermediate
CM01016 (Serly)
Menuet in Bi-Modals (interesting; contemporary) / score - AA Advanced
DE1 (DeLoach)
JOYEUX NOEL 12 French carols arranged by Jonathan DeLoach in the Baroque style. The carol is nestled in the middle of a movement from Sonatas by Loeillet or Chedeville. A welcome addition to the repertoire. Two Altos, Upper Intermediate Audio
DE3 (DeLoach)
A BAROQUE CHRISTMAS 12 English Carols arranged by Jonathan DeLoach. Here each carol is nestled in duet movements by William Croft (pub. 1704) and Robert Valentine (pub. 1720). Well done! -Clever & Entertaining Two Altos, Intermediate & Up Audio
DOL0109 (Bernstein)
The Duo Collection (35 pieces; 13th-19th C.) - sc. / AA
DOL0701 (Telemann, GP)
Six Duos, 1752 (bolder & more original than Op. 2 works) / AA
DOL0702 (Quantz)
Six Duetti, Op. 2 (1759) / 2 part books w - commentary - AA
DOL0703 (Krahmer)
Originalstucke, Op. 25 / score - SS - AA - TT
DOL0704 (Barre, de la)
Complete Duos, Vol. 1: Suites 1-4, 1709 / score - AA Advanced
DOL0705 (Telemann, GP)
The Berlin Duos (25 pages w - commentary) / score - AA
DOL0706 (Hotteterre)
Complete Duos (Op. 1, 4, 6 & 8) / score - AA
ED11759 (Bach, JS)
SHEEP MAY SAFELY GRAZE by J.S. Bach the beautiful aria from the Birthday Cantata as originally score for two Alto recorders & Basso Continuo, score and parts
SCHOTT RECORDER LIBRARY-The Finest Sonatas & Suites for 2 Alto Recorders edited by Elizabeth Kretschmann A selection of the loveliest works from the popular series 'Original Music for Recorder' published by Schott for over 50 years. A wide variety of composition from the Baroque Era. Duets in the elegant beauty of the French style, English composers inspired by the Italians and of course music by Telemann who succeeded in combining the passionate sounds of Italy with the natural style of France. Complete works by Jacques Paisible, Gottfried Finger, Daniel Purcell, William Croft, Robert Valentine, Georg P. Telemann, J.B. Loeillet de Gant, Phiibert Delavigne, J.B. Boismortier. 123 pages for Two ALTOS Photo
GH07982 (Moser - Muller)
Sing und Spielmusik, #15 (Kanon, Op. 57, No. 2) - sc. / AA
GH08751 (Schoch)
Hirtenrufe und Volkstanze / score - SS - AA - TT
GH10674 (Bachinger)
Folkdances (17 - German) / score - SS - AA
Shannon GSM1024 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS for ALTO RECORDERS, VOL 4 (pub. 2014) by Glen Shannon The newest in this series, 3 duets each 3 pages long with a extra loose page to avoid page turns. 1. 'Gin Rickey' drives its name from the classical cocktail. Fun passages in unison alternate with dance-like sections, the players take turns being the melody and the accompaniment. This refreshing duet is not to be played in a swing style. 2. 'Canonic Sonata' is an homage to Georg Philipp Telemann. In the traditions of canons it is written on one staff with an * indicating when the 2nd player starts. The plaintive middle movement with ornaments is in French Baroque style. 3. 'Pentasm' is a high energy piece in 5/8. The uneven meter adds variety to an already varied series. Tension and anxiety drive the music, with close hocket-y interplay between the parts.
LPM0206 (Thomas (ed))
Eight Duos from the Cancionero de Uppsala / score - 2=
MK00312 (Poser)
Variations / score - AA Medium
MK00409 (Luchterhandt)
Four Duos / score - AA Advanced
MK00443.4 (Buterne)
Sonata in C Minor (Lasocki ed.) / score - AA Medium
MK00565 (Barre, de la)
Seventh Suite, 1713 / score - AA Medium
MK00589 (Kernbach)
Duets / score - AA Easy-Medium
MK00636.7 (Anonymous)
Sonata in F Major (Illiew ed.) / score - AA Medium
MK00673 (Anonymous)
Italian Duets, (about 1730) Vol. 3 (Ewerhart ed.) / score - AA Medium
MK00685 (Friedrich, M)
Florin Dixie, Op.17 & Trewince Stomp, Op. 18 / score - SA - AA Medium
MK01007 (Finger)
2 Sonatas (Ms. 229) - 2 scores / AA
MK01100 (Daniels (ed))
Villancicos de diversos Autores aus dem Cancionero / score - AA
MK01529 (Stockmeier)
Konversation / score - AA
MK01531 (Nobis)
Per Due / score - AA
MK01571 (Jacob - Tobias)
Fixe Idee - 2 scores / AA
MK02036 (Wolter (ed))
Old Folksongs (German text) / score - SS - AA - TT
MK02071 (Hechler (ed))
Duet Book for Altos, Vol. 1: Masters of 17 & 18 Century / AA
MK02072 (Hechler (ed))
Duet Book for Altos, Vol. 2: Contemporary Composers / AA
MK02529 (Monteclair)
Three Suites / score - AA Medium
MK02535 (Barre,de la - Danican-Philidor+)
French Duets from the Early 1800's / AA Medium
MR00053 (Telemann, GP)
Sonata No. 1 in F / score - AA Medium
N2055 (Boismortier)
FOUR CONCERTOS Op. 38 #1,2,3,5 by Joseph Bodin de Boismortier First published Paris, 1732 for two recorders, flutes, oboes or violins without bass. Boismortier was one of the most versatile and prolific composers of his day. These duets are unique because they are composed in the Italian Concerto style. Here two players act as both orchestra and soloist. In the quick movements the parts start in unison like the string section of an orchestra then the top line breaks away as the soloist, there are also nice duet sections. Some of the adagios are very beautiful. For two altos, Intermediate & Up, 31 page book, with clear easy-to-read print. Audio samples: Concerto #1 Allegro, Adagio, Allero
CONCERTO in G MINOR (original d minor)BWV 1043 by J.S. Bach arranged for two recorders by Jean-Claude Veilhan. This is the famous Concerto for two violins and orchestra. Later Bach arranged it for two harpsichords BWV 1062. In this transcription for recorders special consideration has gone into preserving the orginial phrasing and ornamentation. A beautiful challenge for advanced players. This includes only the recorder parts. To play with accompaniment you need to buy the score and use an electronic keyboard that can adjust the key to G Minor.
N2509 (Georg F. Handel)
ARIAS AND DANCE MOVEMENTS from OPERAS and ORATORIOS/ edited by Gerhard Braun. Handel's music was extremely popular in 18th century England. This was evident by the numerous arrangements that appeared. The source for this collection was an album of Select Aires or Duets for two German Flutes or two Violins published about 1740 by John Walsh of Lon-don. 23 pages of 15 selections. 2 Altos, Upper Intermediate, score
N3501 (Telemann)
SIX SONATAS,1722 Bk 1 #1-3 by Georg P. Telemann Some of the finest and most popular duets every written. Telemann was a master at creating wonderful interplay between the players. Both parts are equally interesting, both players alternate between melodic line and accompaniment. For two Alto Recorders, Intermediate & Up, beautifully printed edition, with three 3rd page fold-outs to obviate page turns. Type is clear, easy-to-read, 35 page book. Audio: Sonata 1 Dolce, Allegro, largo Vivace
N3502 (Telemann)
SIX SONATAS, 1722 Bk 2 #4-6 by Georg P. Telemann Some of the finest and most popular duets every written. Telemann was a master at creating wonderful interplay between the players. Both parts are equally interesting, both players alternate between melodic line and accompaniment. For two Alto Recorders, Intermediate & Up, beautifully printed edition, with three 3rd page fold-outs to obviate page turns. Type is clear, easy-to-read, 39 page book. Book 1 & 2 should be in every recorder players library.
N3569 (Johann Mattheson)
FOUR SONATAS from Op. 1 by Johann Mattheson (1681-1764) A German composer, singer, writer, diplomat and music theorist. A life-long friend of G.F. Handel(whom he almost killed with a sword after a quarrel). In his book of 1739 he comments on duets as follows: 'I consider this kind of duet without instruments (accompaniment), if performed well, to be more artistic than the custome widely prevalent nowadays of massive accompanimental backing...' In these four lovely sonatas he incorporates both German and French styles. The range is comfortable. Duet book is 30 pages with third-page fold-out so no bad page turns. Easy to read type. Audio sample: Sonata #1 Prelude-Allegro-Adagio-Gigue Audio
WE PLAY DUETS Vol. I Bk 1 MUSIC OF OLD MASTERS arranged by W. Lutz A progressive duet series,this is the first of 4 books for two altos. The range used is f' - g' (the first octave) with low B, Bb and Eb Indicated at the beginning of each piece is the new note and rhythmic pattern used. Tunes are Baroque and Classical by composers such as Telemann, Bosimortier, Chedeville an Mozart. 38 page book, with large, clear type.
WE PLAY DUETS Vol. A Bk 2 Music of Old Masters arr. W. Lutz The 2nd book in a series of progressive duet books for two altos. Range f'-b' with Bb, Eb, C#, D#, F# & Ab. Included is a expanded range material from the late Renaissance, Baroque and Classical. Composers: Buxtehude,Demantius,Aubert,Bach,Boismortier,Chedeville, Handel,Haydn,Mozart,Telemann and more. Rythmic patterns for each selection included in table-of-contents. Above each piece new note and rhythmic pattern indicated. 38 page book, with clear easy-to-read type.
WE PLAY DUETS Vol A Bk 3 MUSIC OF OLD MASTERS arr. by W. Lutz The third book in a series of progressive duets for two altos. Range: f'-c'''new accidental is high Bb. Ties,slurs,repeat signs, first & second endings & grace notes introduced. Music is from the late Renaissance, Baroque and Classical. Composers include: Bach,Couperin,Devienne,Finger,Handel,Hayden,Morley,Mozart and more. Same rhythmns as book 2. 39 page book, clear, easy-to-read type.
WE PLAY DUETS Vol. A Bk 4 MUSIC OF OLD MASTERS arr. by W. Lutz Book 4 in a progressive duet series for two altos. Range: f'-D''', new accidentals,high Ab/G#, low C#, high C#, Db,Gb New indications: legato and staccato marks, longer slurs, ornamentation: trills, grace notes, turns Music is late Renaissance to Classical. Composers: Morley, Bach, Handel, Hyden, Telemann, Mozart. 42 page book, with clear, easy-to-read type.
CHRISTMAS FOR TWO- by Uwe Heger. The same arrangements as N3768 for two sopranos, now in a comfortable key for two altos. 30 European and American carols. The easy to play melody is in the top part with an interesting accompaniment in the second part. The second part is intermediate & up. Guitar Chords are written in the score, also a separate part. 34 page full size book. The type is large & easy to read. German lyrics.
N4470 - Street Music for Two Book 1 (Uwe Heger)
STREET MUSIC FOR TWO,Bk 1 by Uwe Heger This is definitely fun music! The styles include Blues,Kezmer, Ragtime, Tango, Samba, Latin-folk. 22 pieces with titles like Cappuccino Rag, Shopping Blues and Tango Santiago. Play these and syncopation and swing style will become second nature. 24 page playing score, For 2 Altos or Alto & Tenor. Intermediate Audio
N4535 - Greensleeves (Celtic traditional)
GREENSLEEVES - 25 Irish, Scottish and English Folk Songs arranged by Heilig & Heger for two recorders. Nine are for ALTO & TENOR only, 6 are for two ALTOS, and 10 can be ALTO & either ALTO or TENOR. Irish tunes are: Carrickfergus, Cockles & Mussels, Sally Gardens,Dingle Regatta,The Galway Piper, Skibbereen, Roddy M'Corley, Londonderry Air, Sheebeg & Sheemoore, The Last Rose of Summer, Planxty Irwin, Foggy Dew, East Neuk O'Fife Scottish tunes: Amazing Grace, Auld Lang Syne, Annie Laurie, The Blue Bells of Scotland, Loch Lomond, Scotland the Brave, Aiken Drum. I'm A Rover. For intermediate to advanced players English tunes: Greensleeves, Portsmouth, The Ashgrove, Early One Morning
OFB0005 (Boismortier)
6 Easy Duets (Suites, Op. 17), Vol. 1 #1-3 / score - AA Easy-Medium
OFB0006 (Boismortier)
6 Easy Duets (Suites, Op. 17) , Vol. 2 #4-6 / score - AA Easy-Medium
OFB0017 (Courtville)
Six Sonatas / score - AA Medium-Advanced
OFB0020 (Ruf, Hugo / editor)
TWO DUOS OLD ENGLISH MASTERS / Sonata in F Major, 1707-Daniel Purcell and Sonata in F Major-William Williams Intermediate and up, 2 altos, score and parts.
OFB0022 (Graf zu Erbach, Friedrich Karl)
DIVERTISSEMENT MELODIEUX / The composer (1680-1731) wrote these 3 pleasing works in the style of a French Suite. Keys are Bb major, D major, F major. Intermediate and up, 2 altos, score and parts.
OFB0024 (Genzmer)
European Folksongs, Vol. 2 / score - AA Easy
OFB0026 (Finger)
FOUR SONATAS by Gottfried Finger born in Moravia ca. 1660 he was is England by about 1686 and remained there about 15 years composing for the theatre & opera along with his contemporaries Daniel Purcell, Godfrey Keller etc. These very charming, imitative early Baroque duets were written during this period. 2 Altos, Intermediate & Up
OFB0034 (Genzmer)
Tanzstucke, Vol. 1 / score - AA Advanced
OFB0055 (Loeillet de Gant)
SIX DUETS, Vol I by Jean Baptiste Loeillet de Gant born 1685 in Ghent his duets have be-come some of the most popular duos in the recorder repertoire. Vol I contains the beloved Sonata in a minor. Both melodic and interesting. 2 Altos, Intermediate & Up Audio
OFB0056 (Loeillet de Gant, Jean Baptiste)
SIX DUETS VOL II by Jean Baptiste Loeillet de Gant 1680-1730 his music lives on as some of the most popular selling recorder duets ever written. Three Sonatas in G Major, F Major, & d minor. Two altos, Intermediate and Up, score
OFB0066 (Naudot)
Babioles, Op. 10, Vol. 1 #1-3 (C, G & C majors) / score - AA Easy- Medium
OFB0067 (Naudot)
Babioles, Op. 10, Vol. 2 #4-6 (C, G & C majors) - score / AA Easy- Medium
OFB0068 (Paisible)
Six Sonatas, Op. 1, Vol. 1, #1-3 (d, F & c) / score - AA Medium
OFB0069 (Paisible)
Six Sonatas, Op. 1, Vol. 2, #4-6 (g, C & e) / score - AA Medium
OFB0076 (Petz, Johann Christoph)
SUITE II / Petz- English composer (1664-1716) Suite is in C Major with 5 movements. Intermediate, 2 altos, score and parts
OFB0092 (Schultz, Johann Christoph)
SUITE / A composer from Berlin who lived from 1733-1813. This is a lovely piece in F Major with 7 movements. Intermediate and up, 2 altos, score and parts.
OFB0094 (Staeps)
REIHE KLEINER DUETTE by Hans Ulrich Staeps One of the great set of recorder duets of the twentieth century. Published in 1950, early in the 20th cen. recorder revival. Musical poems - 12 minature works that cover a wide emotional range with harmonic and rhythmic complexity.12 page playing score - for two alto recorders, Advanced
OFB0098 (Telemann, GP)
SIX CANONIC SONATAS, OP 5 by Georg Philipp Telemann The most beautiful and elaborate canons every composed. Two altos, Upper Intermediate, score
OFB0099 (Telemann, GP)
Duet / score - AA Medium-Advanced
OFB0107 (Telemann, GP)
SONATA IN G MINOR by Georg Philipp Telemann in four movements: Affettuoso, Vivace, Andante and Presto 2 altos and basso continuo, score and three parts, Intermediate & up
OFB0112 (Valentine)
FOUR DUETS, OP 6 by Robert Valentine born 1680 in England, he achieved his fame living in Italy. A diligent and talented composer who was fond of the flute (the name for recorder in the 1700s). The music is melodic, rhythmically interesting with a comfortable playing range (from low F to high D). Very pleasing music to listen to. 2 Alto recorders, Intermediate and Up
OFB0123 (Chedeville)
Simphonies - Three Easy Duets / score - SS - AA Easy-Medium
OFB0129 (Genzmer)
Tanzstucke, Vol. 2 / score - AA Advanced
OFB0142 (Telemann, GP)
SIX SONATAS VOL I, OP 2 #1 & 2 by Georg Philipp Telemann Probably the most popular duets every written. First published by Telemann in 1727, they were considered masterpieces in his own lifetime. Excellent edition - no page turn problems. Keys: F major & Bb Major, Two altos, Upper Intermediate, score
OFB0143 (Telemann, GP)
SIX SONATAS, Vol II #3-4 (1727) by Georg Philipp Telemann These sonatas were held in great esteem during the composer's lifetime. The great flutist J.J. Quantz described them as' masterpieces' in which the 'galant style' is combined with counterpoint. Sonata 3 is in C Major, Sonata 4 is in g minor. Attached extra pages to obviate page turns. 2 Altos, Upper Intermediate
OFB0144 (Telemann, GP)
SIX SONATAS, Vol III #5-6 (1727) by Georg Philipp Telemann The source for these 3 vol-umes is the first edition. (Hamburg 1727) published by Telemann himself and he probably did his own type setting too. Sonata 5 is in d minor, Sonata 6 is in G Major. Attached extra pages to obviate page turns. 2 Altos, Upper Intermediate
OFB0163 (Mouret)
Six Sonatas / score - AA Medium
OFB0178 (de La Vigne)
4 Suites, Op. 1, Nos: 1, 2, 5 & 6 / score - AA
OFB0219 - 42 DUETTE (Johann Christian Schickhardt)
42 DUETTE from 'Principes de la Flute' by Johann Christian Schickhardt (ca 1680-1762) A professional recorderist, composer and teacher who worked in Holland, Germany and Sweden (teacher & musician for the King of Sweden's family). Newly published original duets for two alto recorders. A fabulous addition to the recorder duet repertoire. Schickhardt is the composer of the beautiful 'Six Concert' for four alto recorders and continuo. In this collection there are seven Suites of moderate difficulty arranged in a progressive order, the playing book is 47 pages. Intermediate and Up. Photo
OFB1028 - SIX SONATAS (Croft)
SIX SONATAS Op. 3,1704 by William Croft very pleasing early Baroque duos written for an instrument (recorder) that he was very fond of. For 2 Altos Recorders, Intermediate & Up
PAN0211 (Keller-Lowy)
Von Der Volta zur Polka / score - AA
PAN0213 (Handel)
Pieces for a Musical Clock / A
PAN0240 (Ruegg)
Landuuf * Landab / score - AA
PAN0244 (Keller-Lowy)
Erste Duette (First Duets) / score - AA
PAN0248 (Keller-Lowy)
Dances and Airs from Appenzell / score - AA
PAN0302 (Campagne)
Suite for 2 Alto Recorders / score - AA
PEL0759 (Ruegg)
29 Folksong Duets / score - AA
PEL0878 (Keller-Lowy)
Huscht und Hott (Gee-Up!) / score - AA
RCE0009 (Katz)
A Miniature Suite / score - AA
RCE0015 (Waitzman)
Practice Set of Pieces / score - SS - AA
RCE0028 (Margolis)
Bugle Call Suite / score - AA
SP02326 (Burakoff, S)
Duets for Alto Recorder (10 folk songs) / score - AA Medium
SP02345 (Burakoff, S.)
Alto For Two / score - AA(Perc) Easy-Medium
ST02656 (Burkhardi)
12 Fantasies (1740) / score - AA Medium-Advanced
ST02658 (Giesbert)
From the Baroque, 39 pieces (German text) / score - SS - AA Easy-Medium
ST02708 (Giesbert)
We Play Folksongs / score - AAA
ST04066 (Anonymous)
Folksongs & Dances, Vol. 2 (German text) / score - SS - AA Easy
ST04138 (Bach, JS)
Duets (15 pieces) / score - AA Medium-Advanced
ST04139 (Wohlgemuth)
Duets of Old French Masters / score - AA Medium
ST04362 (Runge)
Folksongs & Folkdances (German text) / score - AA
ST04369 (Hillemann)
Aus der Blutezeit des Barock (28 pieces) / score - AA Medium
ST07316 (Delius)
52 Catches (Kanons) / A
ST10465 (Whythorne)
15 Duos in Canon (1590) / score - SS - AA - TT Easy-Medium
ST10497 (Bergmann)
Treble's Delight / score - AA Easy
ST11616 (Paisible)
Sonata, Op. 1, No. 4 in G Minor / score - AA Medium
ST11617 (Paisible)
Sonata, Op. 1, No. 5 in C Major / score - AA Medium
ST11619 (Finger)
Sonata in G, Op. 2, No. 6 / score - AA Medium
ST11626 (Handel)
Duo in C Major (alternate version of F major) / score - AA Easy-Medium
ST11632 (Paisible)
Sonata, Op. 1, No. 2 in F Major / score - AA Medium
ST11639 (Telemann, GP)
Sonata in D Minor / score - AA Medium-Advanced
ST11645 (Mattheson)
Sonata in B Flat, Op. 1, No. 11 / score - AA Medium
ST11654 (Finger)
Sonata in C Major / score - AA Medium
ST11664 (Courtville)
Sonata in G Minor / score - AA Medium
ST11667 (Dekker)
Four Bicinia / score - AA
ST11668 (Gorton)
2 Sonatinas / score - AA Easy-Medium
TR00004 (Baton)
Suites a 2, 2nd edition - score / AA - AT Medium
UE17115 (Fumio Kitamika, ed.)
DUETS FOR TREBLE RECORDERS - French Baroque Music/ two complete works by Chedeville, three by Jacques C. Naudot, three by Michel Blavet. The largest collection of French duets available, 62 pages in all. For 2 Altos, Intermediate and Up, playing score
UE17116 (Fumio Ki-tamika, ed.)
DUETS FOR TREBLE RECORDERS - from Works by J.S. Bach/ mostly arrangements from the keyboard literature - eight movements from the English Suites, nine from the French Suites, a Canon from 'Die Kunst der Fuge', the Presto from Marcello's Oboe Concerto, 2 pieces from 'Works for Clavier' and the Allegro from Brandenburg No. 6. This is a collection you'll never tire of. 2 Altos, Intermediate and Up, playing score
UE17117 (Fumio Kitamika, ed.)
DUETS FOR TREBLE RECORDERS - Music of the Renaissance/ choice selections from England's Eliza-bethan and Jacobean periods. Works by Christopher Gibbons, Coperario, William White, William Byrd, Thomas Morley and Matthew Locke. A beautiful way to practice rhythms. 2 Altos, Intermediate and Up, 55 page playing score
UE30250 (Chedeville)
FRENCH CHRISTMAS NOELS by E Ph Chedeville (1696-1762) one of the earliest publications of Noels for instruments, each Noel has a variation. Playable on two Sopranos, two Altos, or two Tenors. Intermediate Audio
ZR00162 (Hirose)
Ode II / score - AA