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511022430 (Matharel, Philippe)
THE ART OF DIMINUTION Vol. I Authentic ancient formulae for Recorder / (In the 16th & 17th cen.) 'This method is intended to enable acquiring solid experience in realizing instrumental or vocal diminutions. It has been conceived more for supple, practical and creative use, rather than as strictly historical musicological documentation ... .This work contains more than a thousand formulae that have been selected from the works of seven Italian or Spanish composers. For easier use, the intervallic diminutions, here in order of complexity, have been reduced to semibreve length and have no clef, as they can all be transposed into several tones. In the same way, the cadenzas are presented in four main categories ... .Later on, after obtaining a certain ease and a personal style, the artist in quest of invention can always return to this catalogue for inspiration, just like a poet looks through his dictionary of rhymes ... ' Philippe Matharel
ED12150 (Hauwe, Walter van)
THE MODERN RECORDER PLAYER Vol. I / 'The aim of this and the following volumes is not in the first place to tell you about the interpretation of old or modern music. Instead, it will concentrate on the less subjective aspects of recorder playing: essentially the technique, and how that technique can be used in a musical way ... The art of playing and performing is basically a composite of three kinds of skills: a) The purely musical one: the personal 'abstract' emotion b) The technical one: the purely physical aspect c) The so-called 'musically-oriented' technique: how to transform a musical idea into the corresponding sound ... It is mainly about the 2nd & 3rd aspects of playing that I will write. These writings are not intended only for pure amateurs: they are strongly addressed to their instructors, for whom it is important to know how to teach the recorder properly, so that children or amateurs who wish to develop their abilities on the instrument more than 'just for fun', don't have to start all over again later ... Beginning with the purely technical subjects. There are four basic sections: 1. How to hold the recorder--'balanced' playing 2. How to move the fingers-- the relaxed 'machine' 3. How to breath
ED12261 (Boeke, Kees)
THE COMPLETE ARTICULATOR / ' ... intended to provide a training program for the perfect control of articulation syllables on the recorder and other wind instruments. I have chosen single and double articulation forms as the building blocks of the system, using either repeated single syllable (t or d), or a mixture of strong and weak syllables (t-d, t-r, t-k, d-g, d-r, etc.) in any combination, in order to achieve complete freedom of diction ... .' Kees Boecke
ED12270 (Hauwe, Walter van)
THE MODERN RECORDER PLAYER Vol. II / This volume deals with some of the more aggravating problems experienced by the recorder player. Part I: About Scales and Arpeggios
ED12361 (Hauwe, Walter van)
THE MODERN RECORDER PLAYER, Vol. III / ' ... It is clear that we cannot speak about a single contemporary style; on the contrary, it is easy to get lost in the complex, and potentially frightening, labyrinth of different styles, forms, kinds of expression, emotions, and so on ... As with all good music, contemporary music also needs and has to develop its own 'grammar', and it is up to each generation, including that coming up now, to try to understand this contemporary musical grammar ... I hope this volume will help you to a feeling of the future of the recorder.' Walter van Hauwe Part I: The Fingers
EM2084 (Bennetts, Kathryn/ Bousted, Donald/ Bowman, Peter)
THE QUARTER-TONE RECORDER MANUAL / This book applies itself to the increasing use of quarter-tones in new repertoire for the recorder through the development of a suitable fingering system; It is presented as a graded tutor with specially written studies, which provide practice material. Written for the Alto recorder the principle can be applied to all other sizes. The exercises and studies demand a rapid advancement intended for the experienced player. Most quarter-tone intervals are no more difficult in themselves than the usual 12 chromatic notes. The player will be surprised at how quickly the ear attunes to the smaller distances of the intervals. It is hoped, therefore, that even a player of modest technical accomplishment may 'dip-in', perhaps learning one new fingering at a time. Includes music list and fingering chart. 43 pages
EM4009 (Vetter, Michael)
IL FLAUTO DOLCE ED ACERBO / Instruction and Exercises for Players of New Recorder Music (text in German & English). Contents: Extensive Fingering Charts
PRBES3 (Blaker, Frances)
THE RECORDER PLAYER'S COMPANION / 'is a compendium of technical exercises for recorder players; it is meant to be a daily companion. It is divided into four parts: breathing, blowing, fingers and tongue. The exercises in each part are arranged in order of increasing difficulty, but can be used in any order by players already familiar with them. My intention in writing this book was to provide a selection of exercises that players of all levels can use for daily technique work ... I hope that each one of you will find enjoyment in working with technique. Feeling (and hearing) one's improvement is very rewarding ... ' Frances Blaker 41 pages