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Part Number and Description Price
DER1013 (Duschene, Mario)
STUDIES IN SOPRANO RECORDER PLAYING by Mario Duschenes 79 daily exercises encompassing all scales
DER1217 (Mario Duschenes)
12 ETUDES by Mario Duschenes for Soprano Recorder. Excellent first etude book for the intermediate player. A good follow up to the Rooda. Each etude is a full size page long and works on specific interval or rhythmic patterns in a pleasing melodic exercise
HL50510420 (Gabor Kallay)
KEY EXERCISES for SOPRANO RECORDER/ This book is for students who have acquired the fundamentals but are not ready to master the major repertoire yet. Each major & minor key is worked through in 3 parts 1. A scale & arpeggio study 2. An exquisitely beautiful etude composed in various styles, with challenging rhythms, articulations & phrasing 3. Next, there are selected movements from Sonatas by Picchi (1620, JS Bach, Handel, L.de Caix d'Hervelois, JB Loeillet,Pepusch, Telemann and Vivaldi. Includes Soprano/Tenor Recorder part (31 pages), with separate keyboard part (30 pages)and separate keyboard part Playing level is Intermediate to Advanced An excellent book with wonderful music, satisfying to work on. (30 pages)for the Sonata movements. Photo
HRW3 (Rooda)
DEXTERITY EXCERCISES AND DANCES for C Recorders by G. Rooda. A classic! Every recorder player should have this half-size, handy book. It is divided into 4 sections: I) Intervals - exercises covering 8 major scales working on intervals 2nds to 5ths. II) Little etudes: there are two exercises & two songs for each of the various keys. III) Articulation - slurring & legato playing with songs & execises in various keys. IV) Rhythms: sixteenths, dotted notes, 6/8 & 3/8 using English Country, Morris & Sword Dance music. Definitely builds dexterity.
JRCM (Charlton, Andrew)
THE CHARLTON METHOD FOR THE RECORDER A Manual for the Advanced Player. Bernard J. Hopkins in the November 1982 issue of The American Recorder reviewed the first edition. The review started: 'If a serious and determined recorder player is seeking a guide for his ascent of Parnassus, he will find it in this volume. Andrew Charlton ... has produced this 'Complete Recorder Player' to fill a long-felt need for a comprehensive adult tutor.' Contents include: Fingering & trill charts, 63 basic technique exercises, 69 articulation & coordination studies, 14 interval studies, Alternate fingering studies and exercises, 39 scale & arpeggio studies, 16 studies for bass, Vibrato, 12 studies and 16 duos from the works of Bach, Renaissance embellishment, Baroque embellishment, double & triple tonguing, Clefs-including 17 exercises and 2 duets, 22 characteristic etudes for various recorders, 15 duos by a wide variety of composers for various recorder combinations. 180 pages. For both C & F recorders (This is not specifically a bass method, but it contains a wealth of bass material.) Photo
UE21515 - 12 Melodious Exercises (Joannes Collette)
12 MELODIOUS EXERCISES by Joannes Collette Wonderfully expressive exercises, the soprano equivalent of the 'Modern Exercises' for alto. They work on legato & portato with expression, interval leaps and triads, various types of tonguing, thumb movement, slurring, chromatic movement, mixed rhythms etc. Now in a new large page format with measure numbers, 15 pages. For SOPRANO or TENOR players Every musician serious about recorder should have these exercises. Photo