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Part Number and Description Price
Mollenhauer 6401
'Zu Bethlehem geboren', Christmas music for 2 recorders Photo
Arcadian AP010 (Mozart, W. Gabrieli, D.)
TWO CANONS FOR BASSES/ 1 duo by Gabrieli for BB, 1 trio by Mozart for BBB/ Intermediate and Lower
DOL151 (Bernard Thomas, arr.)
THE RENAISSANCE DUET BOOK - Eighty-five PIECES fOR MIXED COMBINATIONS of TWO RECORDERS edited and arranged by Bernard Thomas. A plethora of duets from the 14th to 16th centuries. Section I: SA, Section II: AT, Section III: ST, Section IV: AA More than 20 composers such as: Lassus, Giamberti, Gastoldi, Gardane, Guami, Morley, Rhaw, Troilo, Phalese, Walter. 125 pages, spiral bound with an Introduction, list of sources, and Index. Photo
Shannon GSM1025 - Shannon Duos Vol 5 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS Vol. 5 by Glen Shannon Easy Breezy is a light bebop swing, to be played in a very relaxed but deliberate manner with the tenor acting like the double bass in a jazz duo. Two on a Raft a fun bluegrass-inspired song with bits of ragtime feel thrown in. The most technically challenging piece in the duet series. Papillons a two-part invention in quasi-Baroque style, evocative of frolicking butter flies flitting about in a game of tag. Upper Intermediate to Advanced Duet playing score each duet is 3 pages, page turn problems have been avoided by included an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page For Alto and Tenor Photo
Shannon GSM1026 (Glen Shannon)
SHANNON DUOS Vol 6 by Glen Shannon EAST BAY RAG revisits the sounds of a Gold Rush saloon as imagined by Hollywood moviemakers, SHEYNE MEYDELE is a Klezmer-inspired story following three moods of a beautiful young girl- one is slow and sobbing, begging for poignant, wailing ornamentation, another is sparkly and petulant and a third mood might be a happy wedding dance, CARNAVAL is a rumba evoking imagery of a Cuban festival Intermediate & Up. Duet playing score each duet is 3 pages, page turn problems have been avoided by included an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page For Sop & Bass Photo Audio
Shannon GSM1027 - Shannon Duos Vol 27 (Glen Shannon)
Shannon Duos Vol 7 by Glen Shannon ALEGRIA is a fun Latin-inspired song, starting with the Bass laying down the 3+3+2 rhythm them the Alto joins in an floats a catabile melody above. This duet expresses joy. SONATINA INVENZIONE is a quasi-Baroque two-part invention. DUDE RANCH conjures up an image of lazy weekend cowboys in the sunshine with blue-grass infuse chord changes. Intermediate and Up. Duet playing score each duet is 3 pages, page turn problems have been avoided by including an extra loose page containing the 3rd page. For Alto and Bass. Audio
Shannon GSM1028 - Shannon Duos Vol. 8 (Glen Shannon)
Shannon Duos Vol 8 by Glen Shannon SCREEN DOOR RAG evokes imagery of a youthful summer with warm breezes through the house, pies cooling on the windowsill, and daydreams of the country fair next week. Storm clouds may rumble through, but the gentle rain will soon give way to sun once more. LA TRISTESS is a slow dialogue, in a moody setting reminiscent of a Baroque-style ground bass. As the players search for meaning in tragedy, they console each other with the comforting resonance of their low notes. CANNED YAMS invites flippancy and thinly veiled conceit. Swing the 8ths and be sure to observe the staccato marks to add levity and cotrast to the swing. Take the repeat to prolong the fun! Intermediate and up. Duet playing score, each duet is 3 pages , page turn problems have been avoided by including an extra loose folio containing the 3rd page. Duet for tenor and bass recorders. Photo Audio
HAEE004 (Danican-Philidor, P)
Three Suites for Two Flutes (1717) / score - TT
HAEE006 (Lewin (ed))
MEDIAEVAL CHRISTMAS CAROLS / 13 carols from 15th cen. England. The text is in Old English - many of the carols also contain some Latin or French. A Glossary of difficult or obsolete words is included.Various duo combinations of SATB recorder or voice Audio
IRCS012 (Mancinus)
8 Bicinia (from Duum vocum cantiuncularum, 1597) / ST
IRCS023A (Frescobaldi)
Canzoni a due bassi, Vol. 1 (Il primo Libro...1628) / ScP - BB
IRCS023B (Frescobaldi)
Canzoni a due bassi, Vol. 2 (Il primo Libro...1628) / ScP - BB
Geisler JE06 - Cradle Song (traditional Flemish Carol)
CRADLE SONG - Traditional Flemish Christmas carol. Based on the choral arrangement by John Rutter with permission of Oxford Univ. Press. This lullaby begins with the melody in the soprano then it passes to the tenor and bass, concluding in 5 parts SSATB. Arranged by R. Geisler for recorder quintet SSATB, may also be played SA, SAT or SATB. Includes lyrics and five playing scores.
LPMIM03 (Guami)
10 Ricercari (1588) / score - AT
LPMIM06 (Lupacchino - Tasso)
9 Fantasies (16th Century) / score - Var:AT
MK00431 (Rotenbucher)
Bergkreyen 1551 (Monkemeyer ed.) / score - AT Easy-Medium
MK00469 (Maasz)
Flauto Solo, 3 little suites / S, T Easy
MK00499 (Scheidt)
Magnificat & Hymns (Monkemeyer ed.) / score - ST Medium
MK00518.9 (Bresgen)
Seven Pieces / score - AT Medium
MK00643 (Scheidt, Samuel)
A SOLIS ORTUS CARDINE/ Hymnus de nativitate Christi, from Tabulatura Nova, 1624 3 settings duet ST, trios ATB & SAT, Intermediate, score
MK00659 (Hoh (ed))
Spanish Songs & Dances / Score, S,G , Easy
MK00660.1 (Anonymous)
Italian Duets, (about1730) Vol.. 2 (Ewerhart ed.) / score - SB - AB Medium-Advanced
MK00701 (Handel)
Vier Duette (4 Duets) with editors notes / score - AT
MK00707 (Autenrieth)
5 Canons / score - ST
MK00716 (Autenrieth)
Divertimento / score - ST
MK00737 (Cottom)
Miniature Suite in the Olden Style / score - SB
MK01526 (Lechner)
Tracks in the Sand (contemporary) / S, T
MK01558 (Corbett)
Songs & Melismas (contemporary) / S, T
MK01565 (Maute)
Lamento (AT) & Dornroosje (BB) / ScP - AT,BB
MK01592 (Dinescu)
Zerrspiegel I (trans: Distorting Mirror I) modern notation! / T - Gb, A - B
MK02127 (Roelcke)
12 Sacred Songs (12 Geistliche Lieder) / score - SSA - SAT
MK02804 (Hoogwegt)
Loeki Stardust Quartet's Tekanemos / score - ST
N4535AT - Greensleeves (Celtic traditional)
GREENSLEEVES - 25 Irish, Scottish and English Folk Songs arranged by Heilig & Heger for two recorders. Nine are for ALTO & TENOR only, 6 are for two ALTOS, and 10 can be ALTO & either ALTO or TENOR. Irish tunes are: Carrickfergus, Cockles & Mussels, Sally Gardens,Dingle Regatta,The Galway Piper, Skibbereen, Roddy M'Corley, Londonderry Air, Sheebeg & Sheemoore, The Last Rose of Summer, Planxty Irwin, Foggy Dew, East Neuk O'Fife Scottish tunes: Amazing Grace, Auld Lang Syne, Annie Laurie, The Blue Bells of Scotland, Loch Lomond, Scotland the Brave, Aiken Drum. I'm A Rover. For intermediate to advanced players English tunes: Greensleeves, Portsmouth, The Ashgrove, Early One Morning Photo
OK64881 (Carlin, Richard)
The Gow Collection of SCOTTISH DANCE MUSIC compiled and edited by Richard Carlin. An essential addition to the dance tune library. Includes almost 600 strathspeys, jigs and reels. Compiled from the original collections published between 1784 and 1822 by Niel and Nathaniel Gow, father and son violinist/composers. Niel Gow revolutionized Scottish music by inventing a new style of bowing, known as the 'up-driven' technique, that accented the unique strathspey rhythm. Also included are other important Scottish composers such as William Marshall and Donald Dow and tune from the traditional Scottish repertoire. This collection features detailed notes on the life and times of the Gows, and analysis of the bow technique, the origination of the strathspey as well as a complete discography and bibliography. Tunes are playable on Violins, Recorders and other C Instruments.
PAN0264 (Prelleur)
The Modern Musick-Master, Book 1 / N, A
PAN0265 (Prelleur)
The Modern Musick-Master, Book 2 / S, T
PAN0266 (Prelleur)
The Modern Musick-Master, Book 3 / S, T
PAN0756 (Harras)
Chorales by Old Masters, Book 1 / score - ST - AT
PAR0103 (Robinson)
AIRS DE DANSE by Michel Pignolet Monteclair from Nouvelle Method pour Apprendre la Musique,1709 In the treatise Montclair writes that 'Nothing improves the understanding of the different tempos and metres than (playing) dance tunes.' This is the first modern publishing of the complete tunes. Edited by Andrew Robinson - Soprano/Tenor, Intermediate - 42 pages
PP00061 (Goldstein)
Duets for Basses / ScP - BB Easy-Medium
PP00069 (Beethoven)
Duet No. II / ScP - AT Advanced
PP00120 (Bach, JS)
Two Part Inventions (15 fine examples to amaze) / score - SB Advanced
PRM443 (Marg Hall)
TWO ON THE COOL SIDE composed by Marg Hall Four duets for Alto & Tenor Recorders These four pieces are 'companion' pieces to the trios 'On the Cool Side' and are similarly a bit more challenging than the 'RazzJazz' series. 1.Mississip Hop (moderate 4/4 swung eighth notes, finger vibrato), 2.Rush Hour (fast 4/4 swung eighth notes, 3. Blues for Moira (slow 4/4 swung eighth notes, finger vibrato), 4. Take Five and Six (fast 5/4 & 6/4 time, swung eighth notes) Duets for Alto and Tenor Recorders fun and challenging, 1 Playing score, Upper-Intermediate to Advanced. Photo
PRM658 (Marg Hall)
SWING LOW by MARG HALL Five Jazzy duets for TENOR and BASS RECORDERS. Marg says they were written for players of bigger instruments who would like a challenge and a chance to 'play the tune'! 'Show and Tell', 'Ready to Go', 'Moon-boot Waltz' 'Only Joking', 'Swing and Slide' Duet Playing score with 11 pages. Photo
PRM716A (Marg Hall)
SEA BASS for TWO by Harg Hall, Five Jazzy Duets for Two Great Bass Recorders. 1. Dogfish Duo (Fast 4/4, swung eighths, finger vibrato) 2. All At Sea (Very fast 3/4, swung eighths, shifting time signature) 3. Beachcombing (Moderate 4/4, swung eighths, finger vibrato) 4. Plain Sailing (Very Fast 4/4, swung eighths), 5. Sailor's Swing (Fast 4/4). A very fun addition to this limited repertoire, written in bass clef. A treble clef version is available for two Tenors. Playing score, Upper Intermediate, Two great bass recorders Photo
RGS0002 (Reichenthal (ed))
Bach Chorales / S, T,G
SP02311 (Fonghetti)
Four Duets / score, Various Medium
SP02319 (Mancinus)
Four Duets / score - AB Advanced
ST02439 (Giesbert)
Ein Altes Spielbuch, #1 (c. 1500) / score - Var.:SATB Medium
ST02440 (Giesbert)
Ein Altes Spielbuch, #2 (c. 1500) / score - Var.:SATB Medium
ST04457 (Kaestner - Zanoskar)
Old Dances & Airs / S, T Medium
ST10406 (Fesch, de)
14 Duets / score - AT Easy -Medium
ST10539 (Murray)
Treble & Tenor Duets / score - AT Medium
ST10756 (Mendoza)
Ten French Dance Duets / score - ST Easy
UE18703 (Bartles)
CHRISTMAS CAROLS for 2 or 3 Cellos arranged by Alfred Bartles Old European Carols: 13 playable as Duets for Bass & Great Bass recorders or (2 Basses) & 4 Trios for 2 Basses & Great Bass Recorder A mellow sound for Silent Night, Intermediate
UE18741 (Mozart)
SELECTED PIECES from THE MAGIC FLUTE by W.A. Mozart after an arrangement by Wilhelm Klingenbrunner (ca. 1807) for two Csakans or Recorders. The Csakan, a recorder shaped like a walking stick, was fashionable and widely played in Vienna on the early part of the 19th century. An ideal instrument for outdoor music making. Arrangements of popular operatic melodies were a welcome and highly valued enrichment of the repertoire. 10 aria arrangements for alto & tenor or 2 tenors, Intermediate & Up
TANGO by CARLOS GARDEL arranged by Diego Collati for either two ALTO RECORDERS or ALTO & TENOR RECORDERS. The name Carlos Gardel is still inextricably linked with tango music because of his numerous compositions, his charismatic voice and acting talents. Gardel, as performer of his own works, became one of the most important musical personalities of the early 20th century. A legend far beyond his home of Argentina. Five tangos-'Melodia de arrabal', 'Por una cabeza', 'El ida que me quieras', 'Mi Buenos Aires querido' & 'Volver'. Upper Intermediate to Advanced Well worth the effort! Lots of fun! NEW! Photo
VDGS050 (East)
Two Part Fancies, or Duos (7th Set Bookes 1638) / ScP - BB
VDGS051A (Boismortier)
Petites Sonates, Op. 66, Vol. 1 - 2 scores / BB
VDGS051B (Boismortier)
Petites Sonates, Op. 66, Vol. 2 - 2 scores / BB