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Korg Chromatic Tuner (replaces the CA-20, you get more for the same price.) Tuning: 12 note equal-tempered. Tuning Modes: Meter (auto), Sound (manual). Calibration: 410-480 Hz. Dimensions: 4.1 in. Wide, 2.52 in. Deep, 0.6 in. High. Input jack. Includes (2) AAA batteries. Photo
Orchestra Tuner features a dual with both a VU-style meter for accurate pitch indication and an LCD screen for excellent visibility. It combines advanced functionality with easy to understand switches and dial. It provides a wide range of pitches and two tuning methods, Auto mode in which the pitch of a single note played on your instrument is detected automatically, or Manual mode in which the desired pitch can be specified in detail. A reference tone can be sounded, allowing two or more musicians to tune simultaneously and the sound output level can be adjusted in two levels - for small studios or halls. Sound Back mode detects the pitch that is input via the included contact mic to the input jack, and sounds the closest reference pitch from the built-in speaker. Since the meter also operates, you can verify the pitch by both eye and ear. The built-in mic is ideal for pitch measurement of any acoustic instrument. Provides all the functionality you need for everything from transposing instruments to historical temperaments. Calibration is from 349 Hz to 499 Hz. Photo