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Part Number and Description Price
Qwik Time QT3
Metronome - quartz, louder speaker and click, 200+ settings, A=440 earphone jack, accurate, uses 9 volt battery Photo
Wittner MT-50
Metronome - digital quartz, nice wood block clic, LED light so sound can be turned off, A440 tuning note, earphone jack & earphone included. Analog tempo selector 40-20mm Photo
Seiko DM-51
small digital metronome clips onto music stand. Tempo settings from 30-250 mm adjusts up or down, Beat/Rhythm settings from 1-7 eights, triplets, sixteenths, four volume levels: loud, medium, soft, no sound just light. Functions: memory backup, clock. Battery included Voted most favorite metronome by our students! Photo