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Part Number and Description Price
Mollenhauer 7601
linnen bag for soprano one-piece Photo
Mollenhauer 7701
Cotton bags for soprano, 2 pc. Photo
Mollenhauer 7701R
Cotton bags, rainbow, for soprano, 2 pc. Photo
Mollenhauer 7702
Cotton bags for alto, 3 pc. Photo
Mollenhauer 7703
Cotton bags for tenor, 3 pc. Photo
Mollenhauer 7721
Bag for soprano with leather lining, 2 pc Photo
Mollenhauer 7722
Bags with leather lining alto recorder, 3 pc. Photo
Mollenhauer 7723
Bags with leather lining tenor recorder, 3 pc. Photo
Mollenhauer 7710
Cotton bags for soprano/alto Photo
Mollenhauer 7735
roll bag cotton for 5 pcs. (length: 35 cm / 13,8 inches) Photo
Mollenhauer 7100
hard case for sopranoino recorder Photo
Mollenhauer 7100G
hard case for garklein
Mollenhauer 7101
hard case for soprano (descant) Photo
Yamaha YRC300
Attache-like soft case (foam interior) that holds 4 instruments each remaining together in one piece - sopraninio, soprano, alto and tenor.
Mollenhauer 7102
hard case for alto (treble) Photo
Mollenhauer 7103
hard case for tenor Photo
Mollenhauer 7200
hard case for soprano (descant) and alto (treble) recorders Photo
Mollenhauer 7104
hard case for bass Photo
Mollenhauer 7300
hard case for sopranino/soprano/alto/tenor Photo
Mollenhauer 7400
hard case for sopranino/soprano/alto/tenor with bass in f Photo