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Richie & Elaine Henzler, Proprietors
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Dear Customers, Students, Friends of CMU, and Website Visitors:

We continue to recover from the car accident in January, our healing has come a long way as we are getting stronger every day. Richie has PT twice a week and works out in the gym three days a week. With our renewed energy we are making plans for Fall, Winter and Spring.

Richie and Elaine Henzler

There will be workshops in November and February, a holiday performance, and a free “recorder play-in” of Christmas music in December. We will also inaugurate a recital series held in the Courtly Music Studio with a fall and spring recitals. Be sure to check our Come learn Recorder with us sidebar for our latest teaching schedule.

Also check our New & Noteworthy Flyer for sheet music, books with new suggestions for Christmas, and stimulating books about music and playing.

Richie and Elaine

Please explore our new Mobile-Ready website on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. It is designed to simplify the location and purchase of the instruments, music, and accessories which will expand your musical world. We hope to hear from you soon!

We are Richie and Elaine Henzler, two recorder players and teachers who are passionate about recorder and music.

We both started playing recorder as young children and have never stopped. In our teen and college years we both played bassoon, graduating from The Juilliard School with BM & MM degrees and all the while, continuing to play (and teach) our true musical love, the recorder. Our goal is to help as many people as possible experience the same joy from playing recorder and making music with others. We are not just out to sell you something. With our depth of knowledge we can advise you about method books, all styles of music, instruments and general musical question you may have. Recorder is a melodic wind instrument that can play any period or style of music from medieval to contemporary.

More about us...

Need a teacher? Consider a Skype lesson with Elaine or Richie, two of the most patient Juilliard grads around, with over 25 years of experience with all age groups. Our rates are reasonable and the scheduling is flexible. Consider joining us at one of our workshops. If you are vacationing in the Adirondacks, stop by the store for a live lesson.

We may not have the financial resources to keep a large inventory of recorders in stock but it is worth the wait and here's why - we provide value added service. Because wood is a dynamic material, every wooden recorder is slightly different; so, before sending a recorder out it is checked for speaking and tuning by Elaine with any necessary adjustments made. When you receive an instrument from us you'll be well satisfied. And remember, if you can't find what you are looking for here on our website, please contact us and let us find it for you.

Here is our late summer WOOD RECORDER SALE !!!
Click here for more details and ordering.

5006 Mollenhauer Denner pearwood Sopranino Recorder - (2 pieces, curved windway, double holes G#/G, F#/F , turnings, A sweet sound! $205.00 SALE PRICE $184.50

5206 Mollenhauer Denner pearwood Alto Recorder– 3 pieces, curved windway, double holes G#/G, F#/F, Baroque turnings $340.00 SALE PRICE $306.00

5222 Mollenhauer Denner boxwood Alto Recorder – 3 pieces, curved windway, double holes G#/G, F#/F, Baroque turnings $499.00 SALE PRICE $449.00

5123 Mollenhauer Denner olivewood Soprano Recorder – 3 pieces, curved windway, double holes D#/D, C#/C, Baroque turnings Lovely $410.00 SALE PRICE $369.00

5203 Mollenhauer Denner olivewood Alto Recorder – 3 pieces, curved windway double holes G#/G, F#/F, Baroque turnings Lovely to look at! $750.00 SALE PRICE $675.00

4119 Mollenhauer Dream natural pearwood Soprano Recorder – 2 pieces, curved windway, double holes D#/D, C#/C, dark stained trim $135.00 SALE PRICE $121.50

4318 Mollenhauer Dream Edition plumwood Alto Recorder – 2 pieces, double holes G#/G, F#/F, bone colored trim $530.00 SALE PRICE $477.00

4008 Mollenhauer Kynseker plumwood sopranino Recorder – 2 pieces, single holes, Renaissance design, A strong full bodied sound $499.00 SALE PRICE $449.00

4208 Mollenhauer Kynseker plumwood Alto Recorder in G - 2 pieces, single holes, Renaissance design, A pleasing sound-not as low as an alto & not as high as a soprano, a nice resonance to plumwood $725.00 SALE PRICE $652.50

5926E Mollenhauer Modern pearwood Alto Recorder with low E/F/F# keys, double holes D#/D, curved windway. The larger bore creates a strong, full sound which combined with the added keys extends the range (both high & Low) - this really opens up a whole new world of repertoire $1302.00 SALE PRICE $1171.80

1210 Moeck School maple Soprano Recorder – 2 pieces, simple design, double holes D#/D, C#/C $ 78.00 SALE PRICE $70.20

4202 Moeck Rottenburgh pearwood Soprano Recorder – 3 pieces, Baroque turnings, double holes D#/D, C#/C , hard case $211.00 SALE PRICE $189.90

2400 Moeck Rondo maple Tenor Recorder – 3 pieces, double holes D#/D, C#/C, simple modern design. Designed as a small bored tenor with no keys it has a remarkably comfortable stretch between the fingers. $343.00 SALE PRICE $308.50