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Use our order form over a secure connection.Instruments: wood and plastic recorders, historical percussion, and folk instrumentsRecorder music for solo or ensemble playing. Also viol, play-along CDs, and keyboard music.Recorder workshops held in the beautiful Adirondack region of New York - often including historical dance and percussion instruction.Bass Pegs, Books, Cases, Cork Grease, Note Cards, Music Stands, Thumbrests, etc.Tips and advice for the beginner and not so beginner recorder enthusiast! FREE trill chart!Who we are and how we came to be perfomers and teachers of the recorder - and proprietors of Courtly Music Unilimted
THE CHARLTON METHOD FOR THE RECORDER. A Manual for the Advanced Player - 3rd EDITION - HOT OFF THE PRESS! Bernard J. Hopkins in the November 1982 issue of The Ameri-can Recorder reviewed the first edition. The review started: "If a serious and determined recorder player is seeking a guide for his ascent of Parnassus, he will find it in this volume. Andrew Charlton…has produced this 'Compleat Recorder Player' to fill a long-felt need for a comprehensive adult tutor" Content include" Finering and trill charts, 63 basic technique exercises, 69 articulation & coordination studies, 39 scale & arpeggio studies, 16 studies for bass, Vibrato, 16 Renaissance duos, Renaissance & Baroque ornamenta-tion, Clefs- including 17 exercises and 2 duets, double and triple tonguing, 22 characteristic etudes for various recorders, 15 duos for various recorders by a variety of composers & MORE! 180 pages Spiral bound music book $32.50

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HRW3 DEXTERITY EXCERCISES AND DANCES  for C Recorders by G. Rooda. A classic! Every recorder player should have this half-size, handy book. It is divided into 4 sections:
  1. Intervals - exercises covering 8 major scales working on intervals 2nds to 5ths.
  2. Little etudes: there are two exercises & two songs for each of the various keys.
  3. Articulation - slurring & legato playing with songs & execises in various keys.
  4. Rhythms: sixteenths, dotted notes, 6/8 & 3/8 using English Country, Morris & Sword Dance music. Definitely builds dexterity.
HRW4 DEXTERITY EXERCISES AND DANCES the same material as the book listed above except it is for F Recorders.


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