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Phone: 1-800-2-Richie (1-800-274-2443) Fax: 1-518-623-2869

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Bass Recorder Floor Rest with Single Peg
bass rest
Takes all weight off of the neck and arms - Makes playing bass a breeze! Attaches with Velcro. Fits either rounded (plastic basses) or Flat (many wooden basses) foot joints. No muting of the lowest tones. The center rod inserts conveniently into the bass and the cover over the end of the foot joint is perforated with large holes. With the single peg on the floor, the player has greater freedom of movement and stability. $68.95

Cases by Cavallero made from 100% waterproof nylon duck on the outside, inside is double-sided thick polyester shearling to provide padding and protection against condensation. Handles guaranteed not to pull or tear. All have little slot for cork grease.
70SR soprano roll – 2 slots


72AR1 alto roll – 2 slots


73TR tenor roll – 3 slots


72AR3 soprano/alto roll – 5 slots


74RRD soprano/alto/tenor roll – 5 slots


74RRE soprano/alto/tenor/bass roll – 7 slots


Attache-like soft case (foam interior) that holds 4 instruments each remaining together in one piece - sopraninio, soprano, alto and tenor. (special price)


Cork grease (in lip-stick like tube) for wooden recorders

$ 2.00

YAMAHA RECORDER CRÈME – for plastic recorders, in small round container


Duponol anti-clogging solution for recorder windways


Humidifiers small sponge in plastic tube to be kept in hard cases to help prevent the wood from cracking


Fingering Chart ED9613 Schott Deluxe Recorder Laminated Fingering Chart for all recorders opens to 16" folds up to 4"so you can take it with you. On one side is fingering chart with various fingering choices used by the pros, other side is a complete trill chart 


Stand Lights     clip-on
MIGHTY BRIGHT The ultimate light! Nine LEDS (which never require replacing) illuminates up to 4 pages. Easy access power switch controls 2 brightness levels. Flexible gooseneck allows for precise adjustment. Integrated fin on back keeps light from bothering others. Includes: 3 AA batteries, an AC adapter for plugging in & a carrying case


  MIGHTY BRIGHT DUETS 2 flexible gooseneck arms with heads - each contains 2 LED Lights and independent switches that provides 4 brightness levels. Includes an AC adapter and 3 AAA  batteries $36.95

Maintenance Kit  by Mollenhauer - contains everything you need to keep your wooden recorders in excellent condition. Anti-condensation solution, recorder oil, cork grease, 1 each-wooden and plastic cleaning rod, large and small brushes, pipe cleaner and instructions. All fit into a a small zippered case with pockets for each item. $18.00
QT3 Qwik Time quartz, louder speaker and click, 200+ settings, A=440 earphone jack, accurate, uses 9 volt battery


QT7 Qwik Time quartz, "wood block " click, "bouncing ball" for rhythm, 200+ settings, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 times, accented beat, A=440, earphone jack, uses two AAA batteries



Wittner Wittner digital quartz, nice wood block clic, LED light so sound can be turned off, A440 tuning note, earphone jack & earphone included. Analog tempo selector 40-20mm $29.95
SEIKO         Clips on to stand DM-50: small digital metronome clips onto music stand. Tempo settings from 30-250mm adjusts up or down, Beat/Rhythm setting from 1-7 eights, triplets, sixteenths, four volume levelsL loud, medium, soft, no sound light only. Funtions: memory backup and clock. Battery included Voted most favorite metronome by our students! $34.95

Music Clips M1200 Manhasset – the transparent clip that holds music securely in place, attaches to the bottom of the desk


MCL Trophy – wooden clip with clear plastic front, attaches to the top or side of the stand desk


Music Stands (click the hyperlinked item numbers to see a picutre)
The sturdy black metal stand used by schools and orchestras worldwide. Fully adjustable tilting desk and height extension.


   M1100 Accessory shelf for Manhasset stand


   M1700 Floor protectors for Manhasset set of 3 rubber feet to protect floors against scratches. (Looks like patent leather shoes.)


   M91 stand desk extenders Maestro standouts, a pair of black plastic extenders that slide onto the shelf and top of a Manhasset style stand or the desk of a standard folding stand. They add 16" of width to the desk. Great! for those music pieces that are four pages long.


Black, chrome folding stand, single rod, extends to 52", FREE carrying bag


   Strukture S3MSBK Light weight Aluminum stand. Designed to be a light a possible with out sacrificing strength and sturdiness. Tripod base, 2 adjustable rods, easy turning screws, flexible, locking desk with folding page extenders. FREE nylon carrying bag


   Wittner one piece, black folding stand, very popular because it is so compact


Wittner music stand case – made of vinyl, study handle


Yamaha         MS-303AL Light weight aluminum stand. It is one full pound lighter than traditional folding stands. Black Color, sturdy feet, 2 adjustable rods with large easy turning screws, flexible desk. May be conveniently carried in one piece. $76.95
Yamaha Stand Case $16.00

Nose flute Polynesian folk instrument, comes is various cheerful colors


Oil woodwind bore oil


Recorder Stands Hand crafted in the Adirondack mountains
  4 peg safely holds 2 sopranos / alto / tenor, narrow base that opens into a cross for stability when in use. Cherrywood with 2 brass and 2 oak dowels.


  5 peg safely holds 2 sopranos / alto / tenor/ bass, wide base that opens into a cross for stability when in use. Cherrywood with 2 brass and 3 oak dowels.


Swabs soprano micro fiber (lint free)


alto        micro fiber (lint free)


tenor      micro fiber (lint free)


bass      micro fiber (lint free)


plastic clip-on thumbrests for plastic recorders INCREDIBLY POPULAR (not suggested for woods)






Massage Tool to enhance the power of your thumbs – played too much tenor or bass recently and your hand aches– massage out the soreness with these great little tools. Colorful plastic thumb shoes that enhance the power of your thumbs. We always carry A pair in a pocket for use between lessons and rehearsals




Korg Chromatic Tuner (replaces the CA-20, you get more for the same price.) Tuning: 12 note equal-tempered. Tuning Modes: Meter (auto), Sound (manual). Calibration: 410-480 Hz. Dimensions: 4.1" Wide, 2.52" Deep, 0.6" High. Input jack. Includes (2) AAA batteries.


OT-12M Orchestra Tuner features a dual with both a VU-style meter for accurate pitch indication and an LCD screen for excellent visibility. It combines advanced functionality with easy to understand switches and dial. It provides a wide range of pitches and two tuning methods, Auto mode in which the pitch of a single note played on your instrument is detected automatically, or Manual mode in which the desired pitch can be specified in detail. A reference tone can be sounded, allowing two or more musicians to tune simultaneously and the sound output level can be adjusted in two levels - for small studios or halls. Sound Back mode detects the pitch that is input via the included contact mic to the input jack, and sounds the closest reference pitch from the built-in speaker. Since the meter also operates, you can verify the pitch by both eye and ear. The built-in mic is ideal for pitch measurement of any acoustic instrument. Provides all the functionality you need for everything from transposing instruments to historical temperaments. Calibration is from 349 Hz to 499 Hz.


Phone: 1-800-2-Richie (1-800-274-2443)
Fax: 1-518-623-2869

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